Shimura Isshin

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Shimura Isshin

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Basic Information
Profile Name: Wander
Character Name: Shimura Isshin
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 165lbs
    As most could easily tell by his general appearance he normally comes off as very laid back and calm. Normally acting is some sort of comedic fashion and tends to get into arguments with people about the smallest of things even if there is nothing to argue about. Saying that the only reason why he argues with people so much is that its a entertaining time passer. When speaking to other people he speaks in a rather rude and blunt fashion though is normally all with good fun intended. Some of his friends have even explained him as one of those people who will poke a sleeping bear until it wakes up... just to see what will happen.

    Though despite what most people tend to think from first impressions he is a incredibly gifted ninja and has been stated to be one of the best of his generation. Being well known for his insightful, intelligent, and calculating nature. Tending to notice far more than the average person around him both in and out of combat. Having natural instincts that allow him to effectively perceive and react to any incoming danger in a near unprecedented calm nature as he shows unsurpassed perceptive and analytical skills. Using them in order to deduce the workings of enemy techniques and then use successful diversions in order to verify. Some have attributed that the reason why he is so successful in combat is due to the fact that he avoids direct combat by using misdirection, summons, and clones until he can determine the opponent's skills, at which point he modifies his tactics to fit the situation. As well as using his natural calm and laid-back nature in order to throw off unsuspecting opponents who then underestimate his skill.

    He is also a battle-loving individual, commenting many times during notable fights that that he has not enjoyed fighting this much since a previous fight. Even more so when the fight is actually challenging, if he does not think his opponent is strong enough he purposely holds back until it is necessary. Being rather bold and extremely aggressive in his battle tactics, while mixed with his ability to never lose his composure or excitement in nearly any battle situation. Surprisingly though he does not like to show off and if he is forced to use a powerful technique he would rather make sure that not to many people see it. Being described as being very ambitious as seen by his progress towards powerful kinjutsu.

Basic Info Continued
Rank: Wandering Kounin
Clan: N/A
Weapon(s): Kunai, shuriken, exploding tags, and numerous sealing scrolls.
Nature Transformation(s): Fire, Wind
Fighting Style: Overall he fights in a very indirect way, preferring to use his summons to fight his opponents while he stays within range of the target as a supporting role, real time tactician, or as a long ranged fighter. He tends to use powerful defensive ninjutsu and fuuinjutsu in order to protect his own body while using his summons and offensive ranged ninjutsu in order to take out opponents. Rarely even needed to move from his starting point in a fight to beat his targets. He has a notable hatred of genjutsu mostly due to that his childhood rival was a specialist in the field forcing him to learn how to fight them, including high powered ones effectively and quickly though having no skill in the art himself.
    As most could tell from watching him fight he is first and foremost a specialist in the art of summoning or rather known as 'Kuchiyose no Jutsu'. He is skilled enough with the art to the point that he is capable of summoning multiple powerful creatures simultaneously at a lesser cost to his chakra reserves when compared to the average summoner. Allowing him to save more chakra with each summon he brings to the battle field. As well as being one of the few people in the world that are capable of summoning creatures without the need of a blood sacrifice or the need to physically place their body on a surface to summon. Rather he only needs to preform a hand sign and the summoning circle will appear on a nearby surface. What makes his skill in the summoning arts even more impressive is due to the fact that he has shown the ability to summon a wide range of creatures, normally secluded by different contracts, and he has never stated how he is capable of preforming this act. Some suspecting he may be signing multiple contracts, individual ones with specific animals, or something unheard of such as using forbidden kinjutsu. Like many exceptionally skilled summoners he uses the Kuchiyose no Jutsu as the basis for a wide variety of techniques.

    Though possibly his greatest creation with the art of summoning is what he calls the Irege Kuchiyose no Jutsu ('Switch Summoning Technique'), this allows him to change one summon to another instantly while retaining their physical position and momentum. By doing this he actually conserves a large amount of the chakra initially used for the previous summon by using the chakra within the summoned creature as well as a small portion from his own pool. This allows him to quickly change his battle tactics to suit various opponents without the need of expending large amounts of chakra. Lastly he even has a deeper connection with every creature that he summons though the use of advanced Fuuinjutsu. Though this he gains a shared vision with his summons and can see through them as if they were another set of eyes, as well as being able to know the exact location of each and every one of his summons in real time. Secretly he has even dived into the usage of forbidden summoning techniques in order to increase his skill, most specifically the infamous Edo Tensei technique and even trying to discover ways to control a tailed beast as a summon.

    He is nearly as skilled in the art of seals as he is with the art of summoning, having a wide understanding of their various functions and how to use them effectively in and out of combat for a variety of effects. Ranging from using them as physical traps, to seal up incoming elemental ninjutsu or as physical barriers, to even using them to store pure chakra/elements for later and unspecified uses. One noteworthy thing is that he is one of the few people that are capable of preforming Bijuu sealing techniques safely and possibly even had a hand in one himself already at his age. Even more unheard of he is one of the few practitioners of the normally forbidden techniques known as Juinjutsu (curse seals) that are known to be used as physical shackles to torturing devices. The covered parts of his body are normally covered in various pre-made seals for combat usage.

    As being a master of the Kuchiyose and Fuuinjutsu arts he is naturally a well known practitioner of ninjutsu, capable of preforming various assorted techniques ranging from clones to sensor techniques as well as being able to preform high ranked elemental fire and wind techniques.

    Though having little to no natural skill for the art he has developed enough in the area to be able to defend himself if it came down to it. Rather if he is forced to use physical combat he uses his Fuuinjutsu to augment his lacking physical abilities though releasing chakra seals placed over his body.
Character Stats
Level: 80
Stamina: 30
Speed: 10
Strength: 10
Intelligence: 25
Chakra Control: 25


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