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Nuraha Isshin

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Clan Name: Nuraha
Clan Symbol:

KG?/Name: n/a
Overview Abilities:

  • Hidden Weapons: The Nuraha are recognized for their 'Hidden Weapon' kenjutsu and are known to readily known for possessing a large number of these hidden weapons on nearly every portion of their body. Trained from the day they are able to hold a kunai in advanced Kenjutsu
  • Fūinjutsu: The Nuraha possess two types of clan Fūinjutsu one of which allows them to quickly summon more weapons at little effort, time, or cost. The second being their elemental sealing techniques which not only allow them to seal single pure elements into seals but also to be able to release them at any given time which are utilized upon their hidden weapons.
  • Poison: While this is generally unknown to most due to its nature, the Nuraha are one of the utilizes of poison within the world on par with the greatest Sunagakure masters. Due to which, and through lifelong exposure to such, the Nuraha possess a inhuman resistance to nearly any form of poison as well as possessing a great deal of knowledge on antidotes.

Name: Mutsu Hira - Six Palm
Type: Fūinjutsu
Rank: E
Range: 0m
Description: Itsutsu Hira is a original Fūinjutsu technique originally developed by Nuraha Isshin as the basis for a large portion of his Fūin/Kuchiyose techniques. This consists of a series of 6 seals are permanently inscribed on each of the users palms with each consisting of a hollow circle and a incomplete seal on each of the users fingers and 1 on the palm. When the finger seal is pressed onto the palm/thumb seal the user is capable of instantly summoning items with each finger representing a varied item. The palm seal represents the desired item to summon while the thumb seal represents the desired elemental infusion.
Chakra Cost: low.
Drawbacks: User must touch the seals together to initiate the summon. If cut/burned or otherwise damaged the seals will no longer be able to work.

Name: Senjidasu Fūin - Infusion Sealing
Type: Fuuinjutsu
Rank: E
Range: 0-10m
Description: Senjidasu Fūin is a original Fuuinjutsu technique originally developed by Nuraha Isshin as the basis for a large portion of his Fūin/Kuchiyose techniques. To perform the user must etch a specific seal onto a item then, once activated, it will begin to absorb a nearby pure element into itself. Once completed the seal will change to indicated the type of infusion performed. After a successful infusion the user is later capable of breaking/weakening the seal at any time and release the infused element into the item or surroundings.
Chakra Cost: low.
Drawbacks: Technique must be performed beforehand for any usability in combat situations.

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