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Shimura, Griff

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Account Name: Griff

Name: Shimura, Griff
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140lbs
Class: D
Affiliation: Light

Physical Description: In terms of physical appearance he seems to be rather lean and un-toned, and overall does not seem like much of a challenge or even intimidating. He stands at about 5'7" and about 140 lbs. His natural hair color is black with a set of blue eyes. Overall a persons first impression of his tends to be that he is not even a mage or at least not a very formidable one.
Clothing: Griff wears a more normal set of clothing when compared to many of his mage brothers and sisters. He constantly wears a black long sleeve coat where his hands are always hidden in the sleeves,. Where it has a high white color that covers most, if not all, of his neck other than in the front opening. Wearing a normal t-shirt underneath, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of average sandals.
Accessories: N/A
Extra: N/A
He seems to be a more quiet person, usually reserved, remaining detached from the goings-on of what ever is going on, and emotionally distant to those there. Though seemingly kind he tends to care little to nothing for those around him. Where the only people he ever really cares about his himself and his parter Karasu. Though to those who become more friendly towards him he shows more concern.

Most of the time, Griff is a stoic, self-assured person who shows little emotion at anything that happens around him. Seemingly not caring about anything or anyone around him or what they are doing. He shows contempt for opponents that he considers weak, noting their characteristics (such as being a woman, man, being a child) as a factor to their weakness and scoffing at their attempts to hurt him. Even so he is a person that will acknowledge strength to those who deserve it.

Born as a orphan it is completely unknown who Griff's parents were for he was found on the front steps of the orphanage when he was just a day old without any note or indication why he was abandoned. But in all it was something that Griff never really cared about. As a kid in a orphanage he spend most of his days sitting in front of the windows half asleep, where he would watch the other kids run around like idiots without a care in the world waiting for the day they would get adopted. But Griff knew better than only 1 out of every 20 would actually get to leave the place and find a good home, less than half of the kids adopted would actually find a home that would truly love them. Though Griff would never be given a chance to find out for one day in the middle of a winter storm everything would change for himself and the rest of the town.

It was a cold day that the blizzard moved in from the north, the clouds were so dark that the even during the day it seemed like a moonless night. But the storm itself was not the thing to be feared rather it was the man that was walking with the storm, using it to cover his steps towards the town and the orphanage. The man walked into the building where the children were, the headmaster started yelling at the man that they were closed but one wave of his hand his neck snapped and she fell down to the ground dead. He moved towards the dorms, where once he walked into the dorm were the hundreds of sleeping kids slept he said a few words in a language unlike our own and creatures appeared all around him. Beast like humans... demons. With another wave of his hand a wave swept across the room as every child was placed into a trance. Griff fell into the deepest sleep he ever experienced, and it was pleasant.

Griff woke up feeling strange weights on his legs... and the cold touch of metal wrapped around his ankles. He became startled after feeling this, shooting up from the cold dirt trying to see what was around him. But where ever he was to dark to even see, but he could feel that he was chained down by the ankles to the stone below him. As he woke up he could begin to hear other voices around him. It was the other children and they were chained down as well. Though their worries would have to wait for at that moment hundreds of candle lit lamps came to life around the room.. rather around the underground prison that was in some kind of cave. In the middle of the room stood the man that had walked into the orphanage during the storm. He pointed at one of the children as demons appeared around him and dragged him away screaming in fear. The 4 left the chamber and the room went dark again.

The same thing happened every so often, the demons would return and take them away. Only a few ever returned after being taken, though they never really returned for their bodies were there but their minds were gone. Griff could only guess that they died in some horrific way for he could always remember the ghost stories she heard in the orphanage. He knew that he was probably going to die, but the hardest part about it was the waiting to be taken away by the demons. Not knowing when he was going to be taken away to what ever end.

His day finally came when the demons grabbed him and dragged him away, unlike the other children he did not utter a word or a sound as he was dragged out of the cavern. As he left the cavern he was dragged through cave after tunnel. He was in a immense labyrinth with seemingly nothing but caves. Though every so often they would pass a locked door, with the sounds of foul creatures on the other sides. Finally he entered a room where the man was standing over a table starting down at books and scrolls. He did not utter a word when she entered nor when the demons chained him down to the table in the middle. The table and chains were stained with blood, the smell of death fouled the very stone of the room.

As the demons left the man walked over to the table "Well well... are you going to be the one? Well we will know in a bit wont we? Lets begin." he said as he once again began muttering in the strange language and nearly instantly Griff felt like her very soul was being taken from his body. He could stand it for a while but within seconds he began screaming in pain unlike anything he ever felt... or ever would. It did not take long before he blacked out from the pain, but even his dreams would not let him escape the horror. His dreams were full of dark nightmares.

When he awoke he was back in the cavern with the rest of the other children, chained down with cold iron to the stone under him. Like the others his mind was nearly gone, unable to even create the smallest of thoughts or even process what was happening to them. As time went on he did not know how long he was there or even how many times he was brought to that room. But every time he could only feel pain... it was the only thing he could feel now. It was the only thing any of the children could feel. But every time he opened his eyes there were less and less presences around him until one day he was the only one left.

But something was different this time, the demons did not come like they usually did. Rather there were strange sound coming from the caves outside of the cavern. Different sounds than usual dark dreary voices and growls that normally filled them. When he opened his eyes again there were strange voices around him. They began talking about him and what he was going through, then they began speaking about the source of magic.. what ever that was. He did not know this but the man was a dark mage who was conducting experiments in order to find the source of magic, using children for he found that they are naturally closer than those who are older.

When he next awoke he was in a white room on a soft bed, wile there were bright lights around her. He was in a hospital, though in his current mind set he could barley process what was happening. Before he knew it days passed, then weeks and slowly he was able to figure things out and begin to move. Though what he went through was not something he could just get over and move on, the experience had changed him in more ways than he would ever know.

When he became well enough to leave the hospital he did, he did not want to be anywhere the reminded him of that place... and that room. But as said the experience changed him more than he knew as he soon realized that she was now able to use magic. For soon after he left the hospital, during his travels, he came across a abandoned raven hatching that was in the middle of the road. Sympathizing with it he took it with him and raised it until it was old enough to fly off. Though even after it was old enough it did not leave him rather it stayed with him and became something of a pet. Over time he slowly realized that he was able to talk to Karasu though his thoughts, and realized that the bird was as smart as him. It was truly then that the two's journey began.

Stats - 45
Strength: 5
Accuracy: 5
Stamina: 10
Speed: 5
Magic: 20

Stat Points Earned: 0/0
Arc Points Earned: 0/0
Jewels Earned 100,000/100,000


Skills & Disciplines:
Reader: Griff has always had the knack to being able to read other peoples emotions by their smallest facial movements, hand expressions, to the changes in voice pitch.

Knowledge - Griff having spent time with many different mages and people has learned much about most types of magic and fighting styles. Though its not extensive its enough to work off of.

Hand to Hand: Griff is considered to be very adept in hand to hand combat for his strength level, being able to fully defend herself against others that are near his own skill level. Though he is far more adept in being able to dodge and evade attacks rather than fighting toe to toe.

Tracker: Griff has honed his skills in the field of tracking over the years, being able to follow people by the most minute details they leave behind from foot prints, broken twigs, weight from imprints, even how fast they were moving, and much more depending on the specific area at hand. This is one of his greatest skills, making him more adept to tracking related missions.
Magic Name: Links of One.
Magic Type: Caster Type: Magical Link.
Tier of Magic:
Rank: 3
Magic Description: Links of One is a caster form of magic which allows the user to create links between themselves and another person or animal. This allows a free share of information and energy between those linked. Even allows those linked to cast spells between themselves, using the other as a medium. The Link can only be made if all parties involved agree to it, which is implied if the party says 'Yes'.
Techniques: (2/2)

Mind Meld - 1
Type: Supplementary
Range: 0-20m+
Effect: Mind Meld is Griff's ability to link his own mind with another, allowing a free share of information between the two parties where Griff can control what he receives or sends. There are two forms of this technique; a permanent bond that can only be formed over a long period of time therefore cannot be formed in combat, and the other is a temporary bond which can be formed in combat. The temporary bond is created when all the parties involved say 'Yes/Yea/Sure', or any other variation of the word, after the spell is prepared. Where after the user is able to able to send and receive any thoughts, body condition, exact location, or even be able to see through their eyes.
Duration = Rank*2

Mind Listen - 1
Type: Supplementary
Range: Depends on Rank
Effect: Mind Listen is a variation of Mind Meld that does not require the target to consent to the spells effects, though not at the same level. As the user is only able to hear their current thoughts and it only works one way within a specific range of the user. This allows the user to perceive the targets next move, giving them a greater reaction time, and even allows the user to track people though their mental thoughts working similar to a radar.
Durration = Standard Buff Spell Durration
Allows user to dodge attacks that have _______ than the user.
Rank 1: 5 more Speed
Rank 2: 10 more Speed
Rank 3: 15 more Speed
Rank 4: 25 more Speed
Rank 5: 35 more Speed
Rank 6: 45 more Speed
Rank 7: 55 more Speed
Rank 8: 65 more Speed
Rank 9: 75 more Speed
Rank 10: 90 more Speed
Name: Karasu
Nickname: Kara
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Race: Raven
Height: 65cm
Weight: 1.3kg
Guild: N/A
Hometown: N/A

Physical Description: Kara is a large black bird, with a blue-purple iridescence to her feathers. She are approximately 65cm long, and her wingspan doubles that. Her beak and feet are black, and the iris of her eye is brown.
Clothing: N/A
Accessories: N/A
Extra: N/A
Picture: See Character Picture.

Despite being a bird, Kara has the mind and personality nearly equal to that of a human. As such she is a highly intelligent bird and very capable of outwitting even humans before they even realize it. She tends to look down on humans in general, seeing their bad side of destroying anything around them with no care for the natural order. As such she does not get along with nearly anyone other than her master Griff.

Kara was a mere hatching when she was discovered abandoned by Griff, who was very young himself. Which over time Kara learned that she began being able to speak to Griff though thoughts, before then they merely saw each others as companions but after that they became partners. She has been with her partner Griff ever since.


Stats: 39
Strength: 5
Accuracy: 10
Stamina: 9
Speed: 15
Magic: 1

Magic Name: Raven Magic
Magic Type: Caster: Transformation
Tier of Magic:
Rank: 1
Magic Description: Among many cultures, Raven is the 'trickster' spirit where Kara's magic allows her to change her appearance.
Techniques: (2/2)

Flat Bird - 1
Type: Self
Range: Self
Effect: Flat Bird is a form of transformation magic that allows Kara to change the shape of her body and make it flat. By doing this allows her to literally be able to cut though things by flying through them. This can also be used for spying purposes, It is also possible for anyone she lands on to become flat as well.[spoiler=Ranking]Rank 1: 1 Post
Rank 2: 1 Post
Rank 3: 1 Post
Rank 4: 2 Posts
Rank 5: 2 Posts
Rank 6: 2 Posts
Rank 7: 3 Posts
Rank 8: 3 Posts
Rank 9: 3 Posts
Rank 10: 4 Posts
Double Bird - 1
Type: Self
Range: 0-20m+
Effect: Double Bird is a transformation ability used on Kara's feathers, which transforms the feathers into copy's of Kara. These copy's are capable of using any other technique Kara knows (Other than Double Bird), though at only a fraction of the originals stats.
Rank 1-3 = Half of Originals Stats
Rank 4-6 = 75% of Originals stats
Ranks 7+ 100% of originals stats
Rank 1: 1 Copy
Rank 2: 2 Copy's
Rank 3: 3 Copy's
Rank 4: 4 Copy's
Rank 5: 5 Copy's
Rank 6: 6 Copy's
Rank 7: 7 Copy's
Rank 8: 8 Copy's
Rank 9: 9 Copy's
Rank 10: 10 Copy's

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