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Before we get down into the dirty little details this post is for me to offer my 'RPing services' to active crews out there on our jolly Grandline. Now you will ask what exactly do you mean by 'RPing Services?' well i will be getting to that so patience Danial-son. What is meant by that is i will be creating a story arc for the hopeful group of adventurous pirates/marines/etc, which in my mind this will be attempted to be something like one of the Manga story arcs being possibly lengthy though the action and story builds up to the finial climax.

Getting into the more detailed section i 'Grey Panda' will be playing and creating the story as it goes, playing more specifically the main villain(s), but more specifically the set of situations that thrust you and your crew into it. Which it going towards the manga format there will be a main villain for every member of the crew to fight. Most if not all of the characters (That are not apart of 'Hero Crew') will be NPC's controlled by me and any possible 'God-moding' is meant to further the story line of the arc.

Now you may be wondering what exactly do you and i get out of this, why would i spend my own time and my crews time in this story arc? Well the answer is Why wouldn't you want to? The captains of the crews wouldn't have to worry about controlling their own characters and their villain. Plus there is the whole 'We get a Awesome Story arc!!!'

Ok now hopefully i have peaked your interest and now wondering what exactly is this story arc going to be? and how do i get my crew into this? Well the answer to the first question will be explained below and the answer to the second you need to show some interest!!

Welcome to the World Famous Merrie Gondola Circus
The Merrie Gondola Circus. Ah yes that is a name that i have heard since i was a young boy on the grand line. The famous traveling circus that has said to of traveled to every corner of the world and preformed to people from the lowly homeless man to the Celestial Dragons. Acrobats, clowns, trained animals, trapeze acts, musicians, hoopers, tightrope walkers, jugglers, unicyclists and i remember every one of them from the first time that i saw them when i was a boy.

The Merrie Gondola Circus, they travel literally in a giant never ending Hurricane that travels though the Grandline, the Hurricane named 1 Million Merrie for the fact that it has been around since well.... since anyone could ever remember. The Hurricane travels though the Paradise of the Grandline moving from Reverse Mountain all the way to the Holy City and back. In the middle of it all is the Hurricane's giant eye and in it lies the Greatest Circus ever. Sailing with the Hurricane on their giant floating ships with their big Top's, its nearly a island itself. The circus is a once in a lifetime chance to see... its to Die for.

Though over the last few years things have been changing on the Merrie Gondola, ever since the new Ring Master took over. The new recruits in the big top have been getting stranger and stranger and some of their faces seemed so familiar from posters i saw on other islands though i could never put two and two together. But even so ever since the new ones came to the big top the show has gotten more and more spectacular, drawing in more and more crowds as they traveled though the Grandline. Though it was just a rumor i have heard that there may even be a Celestial Dragon going to see the show soon, if so then that show will be a night to remember for all time. I wouldn't miss it for the world..

Believe in The Light of the Prophet
Man with the Pika Pika no Mi creates a religion called 'The Light', uses pirates to attack villages and saves them making them follow him and his religion. People go on pilgrimages called the 'Path of Light' to the Island of of the Gods which is a Light Island on the Grandline. Hero Crew will start off by encountering a family of Pilgrims on their path of light, eventually they encounter a island that is being attacked by pirates and then are saved by the Prophet of light. The Prophet brings the hero crew and ship to the Island of the Gods where they see their 'Mass'. Though eventually the Hero crew begins to have their doubts. Afterwards the Prophet sends out his Crusaders to eliminate the Hero crew away from the island of the Gods.

The Black Land Under.
The hero crew is ambushed by a large number of marines, hero crew becomes outnumbered and out gunned and the end seems near. A man in a black suit and trench coat, like a business man, appears on their ship out of no where, all calm like, named McCoy who offers them a deal impressed by their skill in bring down the light. He will save them if they do a little something for him.

Ark of the Dragon
The World Government Cipher Pol has been creating a secret weapon in order to end the age of pirates called the Arc of the Dragon. It is a flying ship with a powerful gun based off of Pika Pika no mi powers.

Walls of sand and Shackles of Steel
Hero Crew are suddenly made unconscious by a unknown attacker, the hero crew is sold into slavery on a desert island similar to Ancient Rome. The hero crew now slaves are forced to fight in the Colosseum,.

The Manor under the Moonlight
The Hero crew encounters a strange night island that has a large manor on top of a hill, below it is a village that is fearful of it. Strange things have been happening in the town latley and that someone has taken residence in the manor. Lich.

Land of the Red Greed
Crew encounters a strange island that is covered in a wierd red mist, the mist has made the residents of the island incredibly strong and more aggressive.

Red Vs. Blue
Crew enounters a junkyard island that has two factions of robots fighting each other for unknown reasons.

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