Grey Panda Presents [Serious] Welcome to the World Famous Merrie Gondola Cricus

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Grey Panda Presents [Serious] Welcome to the World Famous Merrie Gondola Cricus

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Welcome to the World Famous Merrie Gondola Circus
The Merrie Gondola Circus. Ah yes that is a name that i have heard since i was a young boy on the grand line. The famous traveling circus that has said to of traveled to every corner of the world and preformed to people from the lowly homeless man to the Celestial Dragons. Acrobats, clowns, trained animals, trapeze acts, musicians, hoopers, tightrope walkers, jugglers, unicyclists and i remember every one of them from the first time that i saw them when i was a boy.

The Merrie Gondola Circus, they travel literally in a giant never ending Hurricane that travels though the Grandline, the Hurricane named 1 Million Merrie for the fact that it has been around since well.... since anyone could ever remember. The Hurricane travels though the Paradise of the Grandline moving from Reverse Mountain all the way to the Holy City and back. In the middle of it all is the Hurricane's giant eye and in it lies the Greatest Circus ever. Sailing with the Hurricane on their giant floating ships with their big Top's, its nearly a island itself. The circus is a once in a lifetime chance to see... its to Die for. Though i always wondered why the circus was in the middle of the giant hurricane, my father only said that they did because the hurricane never stooped. They followed it because that it is disaster and they were a escape for anyone that was caught near the hurricane. A getaway wile the hurricane ravaged the outside world it was a safe haven of entertainment until it moved far enough away from their home villages.

Though over the last few years things have been changing on the Merrie Gondola, ever since the new Ring Master took over. The new recruits in the big top have been getting stranger and stranger and some of their faces seemed so familiar from posters i saw on other islands though i could never put two and two together. But even so ever since the new ones came to the big top the show has gotten more and more spectacular, drawing in more and more crowds as they traveled though the Grandline. Though it was just a rumor i have heard that there may even be a Celestial Dragon going to see the show soon, if so then that show will be a night to remember for all time. I wouldn't miss it for the world..

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