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Lyk's next mission

Post by Lykaios on Mon 26 Jul - 13:34

Mission # 044.) {Security Check}
Commissioned By: Village Councilors
Type(s): {Battle} | {Battle}
Mission Condition(s):
– Secure the Boarder
– Terminate all Opposition
Character(s) in Use: Lykaios
Target(s): Opposing parties, their bodyguards, and anyone within the area without recognition.
Location: Fire Country
Mission XP Earned: 1250
Payment Amount: 9325 Ryo
Payment Item(s): ~
Bonus Condition(s): ~
|~|~| Mission Briefing |~|~|
Lykaios, we have gotten word of growing opposition parties who are gaining momentum. There are 5 parties that are exceptionally powerful, and we are not able of sending anyone of our own units or our mercenaries, as that would give our identity away. We were considering guerilla warfare, it's just that this would take too much time, and they would become powerful enough to rebel by then. We need a one-night on slaught. Destroy them yourself, leave absolutely no trace of your track and ensure that your legacy as the emperor continues. We the holy village council see that in the stars that it has been destined to happen. Release the shadows of the Lightning Lord. ALL HAIL LYKAIOS!
|~|~| End of Briefing |~|~|
[Base 1]
Sitting in pitch black darkness, Lykaios analyzed his missiong briefing. Lykaios's orange shade's screen flickered off as the transmittion finished. His blue print seal opened up on his shade on the right eye's upper right corner. He saw multiple moving figures. This was going to be the bloodiest night the nation would have seen in a long time. Lykaios stood up. His shade's blue print seal was the onyl source of light in the entire stake out position, it gave Lykaios an evil image as he grinned. Once more he would not claim credit for the murder of thousands, and his grin showed that this wasn't the first night he had done this sort of mission. Only a mad man would be capable of so much murder. Or a ninja. A ninja without a conscience.
This first party was especially viscious against Lykaios personally. They had said that he should be under control, that no man had the right to learn so many forbidden techniques, that no man deserved so much power. They were officially all enemies in his eyes now, no matter what past history they may have shared with him.
Something on Lyk's arm gave of a strange metalic reflection as the nearby watch tower light passed a few meters to where Lyk stood. This base was weak, it had a borrible foundation and the design was flawed. This told Lyk that this wasn't a well thought out opposition. How would they ever imagine to oppose Lykaios if their main base was flawed? Lykaios spat on the ground in disgust. They weren't a worthy opponent.
The dual hound vibrated. Electricity flickered violently. The dual hound was definitely not a quiet assassination weapon. It was a loud weapon. Just like it's effect. Lykaios sent a wave of energy that crushed the walls of the base. Lykaios was now going to have to play cat and mouse and catch everyone of them. They raised the alarm quickly, many came out to see the commotion. Lykaios walked straight into it.
“You haven't paid your rent.” Lykaios joked and grinned. He was alone in the action, the men looked furious, many turning red and most weilding out weaponry. “Tsk tsk, I said pay your dues, not earn your respect you worthless scum.”
Lykaios clenched a fist. The orange shades poofed out, showing the change in eye color. Lyk's eye's became a bright white color.
“Lightning Lord Mode; prepare to feel the pain that brought down thousands!”
The mode was complete. Daichi's eyes became solid yellow. Lykaios's pores released an aura of yellow electrical chakra.
“Wishikiai.” An old man said as he gulped deeply. Lykaios nodded slowly.
The energy field around lykaios grew larger and larger, until it had consumed the entire battleground. With a single grip of his left arm and holding his arm up into the air, the lightning vortex swung violently. All within the area where killed.
“Well it looks like you are as strong as they say you are…Daichi Garouja.”
An old sage-like man walked into the light. He had a young man, most likely an apprentice or assistant of his, who had followed him carefully.
“Fear not X, this man is not as dangerous as legends foretell. They are but myths…”
“B-bb-but my Lord Sensei! He just killed 20 of our officials!”
“ok, yeah this isn't good.”
Lykaios grinned widely.
“X of the Y clan of Z country, for you to support this man is high treason against me. Your life will now be erased. See you in hell.”
X made a dash for the woods. In deep darkness he ran. Suddenly his screams filled the night sky. Bats flew from trees.
A clone came out of the woods, carrying X's body. The lord was stunned.
“I've made a deal with death. I'll bring him lives, he'll keep me immortal”
“That's insane! Impossible!”
“That's what your mom said last night.” Lyk grinned childishly.
“…..oh yeah baby.”
“Thats just……wrong.”
“So was bringing you into this world. Luckily I'm going to end it now.”
“Surely we can work out some arrangement?!!!”
It was a silent killing, not a drop of blood was spilled. Lykaios went out of LL Mode.
“Onto base number 2.”

[Base 2]
The second base a tower structure. It stood many meters tall. There were many smaller buildings around it. Lykaios was in the mood to make quick work. He was ready to get dirty. He washiki'd the front gate. Who the f**k were they kidding? Guards from all directions swarmed into a group from….every direction. Another Washiki and they all were toasted. Lyk was tired of weak ass ninjas who just wasted air. Lykaios ran at the door of the tower, kicking it down, it landing with a large thud. Making quick work of the inital door guards, Lykaios caught note of a chunin rank running up, most likely to alert the higher ups. He'd take care of them outside, he'd force them out. NOW. Going into Lightning Lord mode, Lykaios charged his chakra to his mouth as he molded it with his handseals. He used his feet to fight the weak cannon fodder. One, two, three dozen knocked out. Now it was time for the big bads. Time to move out.
Lykaios breathed in deeply. He leaned back, so that his face was parallel with the ground. He breathed out. The Giant lightning bolt cut through the staircase, cut through the walls, splitting the tower in half. The halves slowly fell to their final position. The biggers jumped to safety. Lykaios breathed in and out. He backed up once more. He released another bolt, which they had dodged (well, the slow pokes were injured, however not critical).
“It's The SHADOW LORD!” A jonin shouted, tears in his eyes. Lykaios turned his head sideways wondering what made the man cry, he hadn't brought out the poisons…yet. The man seemed to see that he was wondering. “YOU KILLED MY BROTHER, MY SISTER, MY MOTHER! YOU ENSLAVED MY FATHER. YOU…YOU….I'LL KILL YOU!”
Lykaios's hair stood on its ends, as his electricty intensified. “If you want to claim my life, I'll give you a free shot.”
The man turned red. Lykaios held his own hands behind his back. “Im dead serious.” The man summoned a giant penguin , who shout boiling hot water at lyk. Lyk laughed at the pain. Then the man suddenly appeared from above with a lightning bolt style technique, mimicking chidori. At least the man had a good choice in his element, lykaios thought grinning. His left arm was cut off. The man smiled wildly, but he wouldnt live to enjoy the moment. The other jonin who plotted from afar looked at Lykaios wildly. Why did he just allow his entire arm to be cut off? Lyk laughed wildly. The man suddenly was cut up as lightning struck him down. A thunderstorm began to brew above them, shooting lightning bolts at the opponents. Many dodged, escaped, or blocked the technique. Lykaios went out of LL Mode. This next technique would show his true capabilities. This is how Lyk was known from village to village. Multiple shadow clone Explosion. The technique would rape his chakra amounts, but that could always be recharged. Lykaios breathed in deeply. He held his hand seal as thousands of shadow clones formed. This was a low and dirty technique: Exploding everything to smithereens, giving barely any room for defense. Lykaios clones everywhere ran past the jonin opponents. Would they be capable of defending or dodging such a technique.
Explosions everywhere. Lykaios' orange shades cleared the glare for him to see his opponents explode from the intensity. Lykaios fell to his knees. The chakra deficit had caught up to him, as he knew it would. Suddenly a jonin came from beneath lykaios, and struck a kunai straight at Lyk's heart. Lykaios spat blood, but his forwn of intense sudden pain became suddenly orgasmic to him. He pulled out the kunai and struck the opponent's heart. Lykaios fell to the ground. With his last bit of chakra he created flying defense units. They guarded his body as well as photosynthesized energy to chakra for him. A nearby jonin wielding a katana dashed at lykaios as he laid there. The defense units shot their bio-degrading poison at him. “I'm sorry….sensei…” The man said as he fell. Lykaios heard that many times before, so it didnt effect him much. He had enough to stand up now.

Lykaios stood up and suddenly all his defense units were hit with exploding tags. One had hit his hand, taking it off. Lykaios grinned as blood continued to spill. He'd actually go into the Trance if he didn't heal himself completely now.A clone formed from behind the man and took him out.
Lykaios wasn’t even tripping. He was going in, and he was going in hard. Being Garouja mode, his cut off left hand, his cut off right arm, the hole 2 inches from where his heart was when he was human, and with a limp he grinned wildly.
The music he had in his headphones made him lose control. Instantaneously his entire body regenerated, giving him a shiny look, his skin so reflective it seemed to be almost a shade of silver.
The jonin rank man, known by his flap jacket, who was on the ground, was shivering violently. Lykaios grinned.
“It’s….it’s not possible! You were killed! This is impossible!” He backed up holding his injured left arm tightly.
Lykaios blew out his steam pressure from his mouth. He was now fully healed. He locked off the Garouja code, making him appear actually human now, as he shrunk 14 feet to return to being about 6.5 feet tall. His arms deflated to their human size, and his shifted wings and tail degraded back into his back.
Lykaios threw a kunai backwards, without even looking back, and it stuck onto the door. A few seconds later someone came to enter the room, but the kunai exploded, killing those at the door. Lykaios grinned as the jonin understood his situation.
“I’m dead…I’m so dead. I-I” he said.
“Now now, is that how an experienced ninja acts?”
“You….you are just…just…impossible!”
“Yeah…………………………………..I know.”
“S-s-spare me m-my life….”
Lykaios turned his back and walked through the huge hole the explosion had left behind. Just as he felt, the man betrayed his trust. The moment he was out of 10 meters the man growled and threw a kunai as a final last resort. The kunai suddenly faded out of existence. The man breathed heavily.
“Maybe you don’t understand, as long as I chose to exist, I will. As long as I exist, I can do whatever I want, it’s my world for the taking.”
The kunai suddenly appeared in front of the opponent. It drove itself through his skull.
“Dad a dad a, DA DA DA! Dad a dad um”
Lykaios tuned as we walked out. It was approximately 1 hour since the start of the mission. If he wanted to contain the situation he’d need to work more quickly.
[Multiple Shadow Clone technique]
5000 Clones appeared. Lykaios was drained. His Pollorchid seal activated. He sat down in the rubble as 7 ba defence units and 3 ba flying defence units ascended into existence. As they began to photosynthesize, Lykaios’s clones activated their X-chakra armor seals. The sound of hundreds of headphones playing the same song echoed through the night sky.
How was he going to go about this next few bases?
1. Avoid
- Probably the safest way to complete missions. You must hide in shadows and avoid making noise at all costs. This way you will avoid being shot, having alarms sounded, and just be invisible to everyone around you. In some missions if you are discovered you will fail the mission.
2. Distract
- When an enemy is unavoidable, they can still sometimes be passed without engaging them.

- One option is to take a can or bottle and throw it near a guard. This can be used to distract a guard so you can sneak up or to get them away from their patrol route or post so you can slip through.

- In later missions you have the option to use the diversion camera. The camera is fired from your SC-20K and sticks to the wall. Then you can make a noise with the camera. Once the enemy is close enough you can release a gas into the air that will knock out the enemy.
3. Incapacitate
- This is the option used when you must get rid of an enemy. Always try this before attempting to kill. There are many ways to incapacitate an enemy.

- The best way is to sneak up on an enemy and grab him. This will put the enemy into a headlock with your gun pointed to his head. You can interrogate certain people this way. After you are finished pull the enemy into a dark area and knock him out with a blow to the head.

- Another way is a somewhat risky one. You can sneak up on an enemy and press fire to attack with an arm to their head. It will most likely take two hits to put down an enemy, so you must be fast. While you are attacking the guard will be able to shoot or call for backup. Be very careful and use this whenno other methods are possible.

- Other devices can be used to incapacitate enemies. They nclude the diversion camera, airfoil ring, sticky shockers, and smoke grenades.
4. Terminate
- This should always be chosen as the very last option. There are very few times when you must kill an enemy. In some missions a kill will cause a mission failure.
But this was not the case. This was a kill or be killed mission. This was the set up for the future to come. He needed to secure the areas he had already put under his wing before he moved on to new places. He wouldn’t cut anyone a slice of his pie.

Swords were drawn. Lykaios raised one hand and the group began clearing the forest. Hundreds of trees fell as they marched through, crushing everything to dust. Lykaios felt the increase of his chakra stores thanks to pollorchid. He stood up now, as his chakra flushed to his feet. He'd probably need to go back into garouja mode once more for the time being, he couldn't spoil his chakra again like that again for the night, he might give himself a heart attack. He gripped a fist. It was time to deal with the final 3 bases, it'd be wild.

(Need to fill in part 3)


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