New Mission Layout

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New Mission Layout

Post by Lykaios on Tue 3 Aug - 7:52

Mission Title: [Character/Team]|[Saga]|[Mission Name]
Mission No. #: [00000]
Mission Rank: [D | C | B | A | S]
Commissioner: [Name]
Mission Statement: [Primary Goal of the mission]
Mission Associations: [Persons or Groups which the mission deals with]
Mission Type(s): [Battle, Bodyguard, Chore, Errands, etc] [Battle, Bodyguard, Chore, Errands, etc]
Mission Condition(s):
Team Sent: [Name of the team]
Team Member(s): [Captain: Name (NIN,TAI,GEN,FUI)] [Name (NIN,TAI,GEN,FUI)] [Name (NIN,TAI,GEN,FUI)] [Name (NIN,TAI,GEN,FUI)]
Location / Setting: [Country: name]|[City: name]|[Location description]
Base Amount of WC: [D: 1000 |C: 2000 |B: 3000 |A: 4000 |S: 5000]
Bonus WC: [D: 250 |C: 500 |B: 750 |A: 1000 |S: 1250]
Payment: [D: 325 |C: 1125 |B: 3325 |A: 4500 |S: 9325]


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