Dalvengyr 'Acid Tongue' Jerrik

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Dalvengyr 'Acid Tongue' Jerrik

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Name: Dalvengyr 'Acid Tongue' Jerrik
Age: 20
Species: Human
Birthday: August 13th

Bounty: 10,000,000
Bounty Collected:
Home Village/Ocean: North Blue
Appearance: Jerrik tends to have a very strange appearance for a human (in this culture). The first noticable thing is that one of his eyes is a light red, while the other is a light green color. His hair is naturally black though the back portion has been dyed blood red. He has one tattoo under his left eye of a black triangle though no one other than him knows what it means. He also has various piercings on both of his ears, and one on his tongue.

In terms of clothing he wears 2 shirts, the undershirt being a average long sleeve striped shirt of light red and blue colors, and a over it a sleeveless dark grey shirt that says 'Anarchy' on the front along with a random image behind it. He wears average jeans and sandals.

Personality: Jerrik is widely considered to be nothing more than a ruthless killer, a cold and calculating man who will do nothing in order to obtain what he wants. For the most part these people are correct for Jerrik is nearly completely apathetic, seeing little to no worth in someones life, and capable of preforming inhumane acts without a seconds thought. He has been labeled as a sadistic mad man, insane, crazed, and one who's ego is as big as a god.

Though he is surprisingly laid back and generally seen with a smile. Possessing a reckless attitude that labeled him as a higher threat than most his strength level. Which most of his 'aggressive' attitude is due to the fact that everyone tries to order him around; putting them on his bad side, and also due to the fact that he sees order as boring and anarchy as exciting. He is, however, capable of knowing when he is in a pinch, and is not above resorting to forging brief alliances with rivals for survival.

He speaks in a politely sarcastic, and generally blunt manner. He appears to have some sense of honor, especially with those he sees as future rivals, as he is always looking for a good fight in the future. He has a natural charisma and if given the right circumstances he can generally convince anyone to do anything.

In all his love of anarchy and general boredom are is only true defining traits, and anyone who does not understand this cannot understand his mentality. He hates it when things get stale and repetitive, when it does he will purposely go out of his way in order to spice things up a bit. To him anything he does to people is nothing personal nor does he take any real pleasure (or distaste) out of any of it, but rather that he just needs a little Anarchy. He even calls himself the 'Anti-Hero'.

Most people expect some horrific story being required in order to produce someone like Jerrik, that he was born in battle, raised by pirates, or saw his entire family butchered in front of him. Though in reality his childhood was nothing of the sorts. Rather Jerrik was just some orphan in a marine town somewhere in north blue. The captain of the base was one who would expect nothing but utter perfection from his subordinates, all to obtain a perfect orderly base and village. Everything in his life was controlled from the time that he woke up, what he ate, wore, to who he was allowed to talk to; every aspect of his life and everyone in the town's was controlled to the finest detail by the marines.

This would continue until one day he simply got tired of it all... he became tired of order and sought a little chaos. So when he had the chance, when he was working in the marine base's temporary prison (for criminals who would be sent to impel down) he took one of the guards keys and unlocked all of the prisoner cells. Convincing them earlier that he was the underling of a powerful pirate who wanted more men, and they bought the bluff. Before any of the marine knew it there were over 40 pirates, bandits, and criminals running loose in the base.

When he saw the prisoners destroying the marines 'order' he laughed for the first time in his life, and he utterly enjoyed it. To extend the growing chaos he gave many of the prisoners instructions on where the armory was, locations of the long range den den mushi, and where guards would be at the time; effectively telling them how to take control of the base. Within the hour the base was under the control of the prisoners with Jerrik, a child, essentially the ringleader.

A few days later the prisoners were doing nothing but looting, and drinking everything in the town; doing nothing that interested Jerrik. For all of the locals were just obeying the prisoners and they went on there merry way. So before any of them noticed he used one of the long range den den mushi to send out a distress call to any marine in north blue. Within a day there was a fleet of marine ships at the islands shore and after a short battle they regained control of the base. After they were captured many of the prisoners told the marines that Jerrik, a child, was the ringleader though none of them ever suspected that a 'law abiding' child could orchestrate such a thing, and no one was any the wiser. When most of the marines left the island Jerrik also disappeared, seemingly sneaking on the marine ship in order to get away from the now boring island.

Every once in a while Jerrik would be seen on some random island or another, usually around the time that there were pirate or bandit attacks on towns, marine bases, or even against other pirates. Jerrik seemingly being a instigator of over 30 battles between any faction in North Blue. Convincing people some way or another to attack marines at specific places and times, though it was only after the incidents that they began to see the connection between Jerrik and the pirates.

During one of his instigated battles, while on one of the ships of a pirate captain he was currently 'allied' with; the reason for that alliance being was that he heard that this pirate had a big treasure piece. So in order to obtain the pirates treasure he convinced the captain to go into battle with another pirate crew that was nearby. Like the rest of the idiot pirates on the sea the captain listed to Jerrik's words and attacked the said pirate crew. Then while the pirates were distracted he made his way into the captains quarters and got his hands on the captains prized treasure a devil fruit. With his prize in hand he set fire to the ships gun powder supply and jumped off the ship. He had already prepared a small sailing ship so that he could make his escape, and with his escape in hand he ate the devil fruit.

With his new found power he could now be completely open with his ideals and actions, going from rumor to fact. Openly admitting to marines of being the culprit of multiple crimes, criminal ringleaders, and even more of being the instigator of battles between pirates and marines. Though this made it harder for him to travel, it let him finally get a real name in the lawful and lawless community.

Ship: Name of ship or image

Ship Flag: Describe or post image

Devil Fruit: Sui Sui no Mi (Acid Acid Fruit)
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Dalvengyr, Jerrik
Effect: The Sui Sui no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that grants the user the ability to create, controle, and produce acid from any point of their body, as well as being immune to all forms of acid or corrosive effects. It also makes the user immune to electricity as the acid works like a battery, allowing the user to absorb the energy and even fire it back. The acid produced is a light green color with patches of dark green in random spots. The user is able to produce both liquid and gas forms. The acid is extremely corrosive and will eat though anything it touches, takes longer for denser materials. Though water seems to be able to nullify the acidic effects, but unless its a constant supply the acid will eventually overcome the water. The user also only has a limited amount of control over the produced acid, as they can only manipulate its shape when it is directly connected to their body.
    Beginner: The user is able to produce acid, though is limited on the amount they can produce as the more that is produced in a short period of time the more it will drain them. The user also has no control over the acid.
    Advanced The user can produce large amounts of acid without much effort, and gains some control over the acid.
    Master The user can produce a seemingly infinite amount of acid with a large amount of control as long as it is directly connected to their body. The acid can also now effect even Logai types, as the acid will literally melt away the devil fruit (while in contact), without the need of haki or seastone.

Special Abilities:
[Senses and Reflexes] Because of his knack for mid to long range abilities he naturally has a low amount of skill in close range combat. So he purposely trained his eyes and reflexes so that he could follow fast moving targets and dodge, evade, and run away from attacks.
[Stamina] Because his abilities tend to require large amounts of energy and that he has no skill in close range combat his stamina naturally became much larger than normal, allowing him to take quite a beating and outlast most opponents with sheer stamina.
[Costume] Jerrik is surprisingly adept in changing his appearance, and even speech to make him look like someone else whether that be for infiltration or a means of escape.

Learned Techniques:
[Sui Coat] Jerrik will produce a layer of acid over his body that can protect him against physical attacks, as well as eat away what ever touches it. He can also put this on parts of his body and fling or throw the acid at targets.
[Sui Gun] Jerrik will gather acid in his mouth then release it in the form of a pressurized stream like a squirt gun, or in giant globs of acidic liquid.
[Sui Mist] Jerrik will release a cloud of acidic gas from his body into the surrounding area, though it is not as acidic as its liquid forum.

Weapons/Items: Log Pose

Character Flaws: His Ego

Goals: To turn the world into Anarchy

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Re: Dalvengyr 'Acid Tongue' Jerrik

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Name: Dalvengyr 'Smelting Dragon' Jerrik
Age: 24
Race: Human
Crew: N/A

Occupation: Pirate
Bounty: 9,000,000
Bounty Collected: 6,000,000
Allegiance: N/A
  • Conquer and rule the new world
  • Find and kill his former owner and a specific marine
  • Become the Shepard of the New Era.

Character Description:
    Jerrik overall is a extremely mysterious individual with his constant use of a devilish smile and endless use of mocking politeness make it hard to discern his true thoughts, let alone what his true goal in any event may be. Tending to piss people off, or at least attempt to, as many people as he can just for kicks and giggles. Making most people wary of ever trusting him let alone be in the same room as him for many times people have described his presence as just plain creepy as if something was crawling up their spine. Jerrik himself does not even deny this rather he uses it to his advantage to freak people out or mess with them. Able to easily deceive most targets by making them focus on one thing while hiding something else underneath.

    Generally considered a cold and miserly person who sees everything in terms of the greatest amount of 'profit' he can gain from the situation. Generally keeping a calm demeanor as little to nothing ever seems to shock or surprise him as he is a highly perceptive individual who notices everything that goes on around him. Rarely if not never taken back by the abilities of his opponent even when they seemingly have the advantage. Though generally calm he can occasionally have random and periodic bursts of anger though usually lasts only a few seconds before returning to his normal demeanor, though these bursts tend to be deadly for anyone around him. This even coming to the point of killing off targets or subjects that he was supposed to keep alive. Jerrik can also be incredibly playful with his targets, especially when he does not see them as a threat. In those cases tending to mess with them rather than truly fight them. Or in other cases he can go completely overboard when fighting and completely annihilate a target when he wants to see their full potential, though can obviously backfire on many occasions.

    Jerrik has no second thoughts about using tactics that many would consider cheap or unfair as he would say that the only thing that matters is who wins. Having no problem in taking a human life, rather he seems to enjoy it quite a bit especially when they really want to live. Tending to be rather spur of the moment with his decision making, even when he has a grandiose overall plan. Making him rather unpredictable and a wild card in any given situation as he is most likely to help a ally as he is to betray them, and might just to the later just for the heck of it.

    Generally considered to be a very avaricious individual, though not in the same sense as the greed for wealth and material gain, rather it is for power itself whether that comes from wealth or material possessions. Strangely enough he has shown to care for his subordinates as he considered them to be his possessions and he will never let someone steal from him, even saying that if they are going to die it will be on his terms.
Character's Bio:
    Most of Jerrik's early childhood is shrouded in pain, treachery, and misery as even the most knowledgeable person would have a hard time even learning where he was born let alone where he lived for the majority of his early life. Having been born and lived on a small island just before the end of the first half of the grandline to a mother who died in childbirth and a unknown father. So having no parents he grew up the first few years of his life on the streets and learning to fend for himself. Though due to the proximity to the Sabaody Archipelago slavers were fairly common and it did not take long before he himself was captured and put on the slave market.

    Like many other slaves he was placed in front of a audience and bided on like livestock; unfortunately for him and many others in that specific auction he was sold to a celestial dragon who wanted to see how long these slaves could out run his man eating animal collection. So after being branded by the mark of the celestial dragons on his back he and numerous others were placed inside of the cages of numerous carnivorous animals. The only reason why he and a few others survived was that he was small and the animals were no longer hungry after eating the other slaves. So as his next game his owner placed him and the rest of the slaves into a cage with no food or water for weeks to see if they would kill and eat each other. Unlike the other slaves Jerrik's humanity had already been snuffed out so he had no problem killing another slave in their sleep and eating what was left of him to survive.

    These games continued for numerous years until his owner wanted to play a new game, as he had recently come to possess what he thought was a funny zoan type devil fruit that changed the user into a sheep. Though it was only after he had fed it to a starving slave that he realized that the devil fruit book had been wrong and it was in fact a paramecia type. Using his new found power Jerrik melted the cages with is bare hands and tortured his owner like he had done to him. Only after he was nearly dead and his mind ravaged that he allowed him to die by the hands of his own carnivorous animals. But before he could the rescue party had arrived and rescued the celestial dragon. Using the chance to not only escape but also gain his freedom from the clutches of the dragon, knowing that he would eventually find and kill him as well as the leader of the rescue party. Not wanting anyone to recognize him as the former slave who nearly killed a celestial dragon he drastically changed his appearance so once he did find and kill them both they would not see it coming.

    With his new found freedom Jerrik started his pirate career by selling out his skills to who would ever pay for them, acting as a freelance mercenary for pirates. Becoming a ace in the hole for numerous pirate crews who would otherwise be to weak to attack certain targets, though with Jerrik's style he normally ended up killing off the very pirate crew that hired him just because he grew bored of them or they annoyed him in some way or another, and as such started to make a rather malicious name for himself.
Strength: Average
Speed: Average
Resilience: Average
Dexterity: Proficient

  • Kane Kane Mercury: A favored technique, Jerrik produces a large amount of mercury from his body and uses it to attack the opponent. Aside from acting and moving like a liquid it acts as a poison upon contact with skin or breathed in. Causes sensory impairment (vision, hearing, speech), disturbed sensation and a lack of coordination.

Devil Fruit: Kane Kane no Mi

Devil Fruit Name: Kane Kane no Mi (Lit 'Metal Metal Fruit')
Type: Paramecia
Abilities of the fruit The Kane Kane no Mi is a paramecia type devil fruit that grants the user the ability to produce and control different types of metal at will; making the user a Metal man. Capable of creating any type of metal in a solid or molten state and able to change any metal he is controlling or in contact with into its molten or solid state at will via instantaneous heating/cooling. Aside from the main ability, like many other paramecia types, the users body becomes as strong/heavy as metal, immune to metal based attacks, high temperatures, and metal based poisoning. This ability is not to be confused with a Logia-class power, as the user cannot transform their body or any part of their body into metal.
Mastery levels
    Beginner: The user is capable of producing iron from their body as well as any metal with a lower melting point.
    Advanced: The user is capable of producing steel from their body as well as any metal with a lower melting point.
    Mastery: Capable of producing any metal.

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