Chapter One

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Chapter One

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Chapter 1: Post 1
The sea around the group of adventures was soft and placid like nothing ever happened in this sea, though despite this the air had the unquenchable sense that something was wrong that was strong enough to send chills down the spine. The sea gulls that were following the boat for so long now had suddenly left in a panic, and for the strangest reason against the wind. Without the sound of the sea gulls the air around the adventures boat got more and more quiet, a ominous omen for any that would see it.

The Grandline was known for its strange ever changing weather though the sea was something that was never this calm, veterans knowing that something strange and completely random could happen at any time. It could change from summer to winter in a instant and have a rain storm 5 min later. To the unexperienced this was a sight for sore eyes and not much to worry about but for anyone that has been on the Grandline for any long length of time they would know that something was off, maybe evens something big may be coming. Though despite the eerie feeling in the air all around the boat there was nothing but clear skies and flat placid water.

Chapter 1: Post 2
The calm of the boat was suddenly interrupted by the sound of something hitting the side of the ship, nothing hard rather being soft as if it was just floating in the water and hit the boat. If someone were to look on the side of the ship they would notice strange sights. Pieces of ship would be seen floating around the boat as if some ship was destroyed here recently. As the pieces went past the boat they slowly got bigger and bigger until entire sections of ship were seen passing. Up ahead there was a small battle field, littered across the water were the corpses of dead men. None of them looked like they could of even been alive for many of them were missing limbs and many others even heads, riddled with bullet holes and swords. In the wreckage a pirate flag could be seen floating in the water half destroyed.

Though in the mist of the wreckage there was one person who was clinging onto a floating board, coughing up blood. One of them was still alive, though for how long he could survive in the water was unknown. Who was this man? What happened to the ship he was on? Who attacked them and left them for dead? Many other questions would be raised though the only way to find the answer to these they would have to save the man from the edge of death.

Chapter 1: Post 3
After being pulled onto the ship the crew members would find that the man was far from fine, his shirt was covered in blood though weather or not it was his was completely unknown until further examination. The man appeared to be in his mid 20's wearing simple attire with a holster for a missing pistol and a sheath for a missing blade. The man was obviously a pirate. His eyes slowly opened and adjusted to the light around him.

"Who?... What?..." he said obviously having no idea what was going on around him, he slowly turned his head to the left and right examining where he was though no matter what there was just a puzzled look on his face that never went away. "W...Where am i... Who are you?"

Chapter 1: Post ?

Chapter 1: Out of the Frying pan and into the Fire
The wind picked up and the sails of the ship expanded to their full capacity, being drawn with the increasing wind. The placid water was no more rather now it was replaced by ever increasing waves hitting the side of the ship as they flowed with the wind. Getting bigger and bigger as time went by, something big was coming or rather the ship was heading into something big. The eerie sense that anyone would of been having would become stronger and stronger, maybe they should of followed the sea gulls when they flew away.

Kossu ran towards the front of the ship having a bad feeling about what he was about to see and as soon as he did reach the front his face went blank and pale. In front of him was a sight for the ages, dispite the fact that he lost his memories he felt like he had seen something like this before. In front of the boat was a giant hurricane it was one that was bigger than anyone had ever seen... and the ship was being drawn straight towards it. "W.. What are we going to do? Can we evade it?!" Kossu yelled at the Avenger pirates wondering if the ship he was on could even handle something of that magnitude.

Chapter 1: Edge of the Monster
The ship kept on heading towards the Hurricane, gaining more and more speed as the wind never quit picking up. As the crew would get closer they would slowly realize the sheer magnitude of the hurricane for as they got closer and closer the hurricane still seemed the same size. Which only meant that it was literally that big that they were still far away from it. Though if the strength of it was this strong this far away... how strong would it be when they got into it? Only time would tell for there was no escaping the hurricane's grasp on the ship. If the ship tried to turn around they would easily capsize from the giant waves that flowed around the ship. The avenger pirates were about to be sent on the ride of their lives.

"What kind of hellish spawn is this thing?" he said with a fearful tone in his voice. He had just escaped deaths grasp once. Out of the frying pan and into fire fire... he couldn't think of a better saying than that for this situation. If anyone on the ship was a navigator they would know that it would be a long time before they actually reached the actual edge of the hurricane.

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