'Mad Dog' Mickey Flinn

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'Mad Dog' Mickey Flinn

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Name: 'Mad Dog' Mickey Flinn

Age: 17

Bounty: 3,500,000

Species: Human

Occupation: Pirate


Home Village/Ocean: South Blue

History: Mickey Flinn was born in the fabled trade islands of the Spade Kingdom in South blue, the kingdom despite being apart of the world government was known as a traders paradise who are ruled over by a 5 Trade Princes, who each individually possess their own private armies and each controls rings of trade, mining, deforestation, slave rings, and poaching. It is a outlaws paradise where the strongest survive. Mickey Flinn was one of hundreds of orphans or rather referred to as 'street rats' who roamed the dirt ridden streets ether in packs or alone scavenging or stealing what they could. Most of the street children didn't live long though those that did learned more and more ways to survive from simple pickpocketing, kidnapping, blackmail, and murder. Flinn was one such of these children that survived though the early years of his life, and survived only because of one thing, one very special fruit the Messer Messer no Mi. When Flinn was younger he happened to come across a hidden path into one of the trade princes estates though the sewers, upon sneaking his way in through the toiletries.

Flinn snuck around the estate for weeks, hiding and stealing food from the kitchen and anything else he needed in order to stay alive. Wile sneaking around the estate he always cam across a heavily guarded room, he never knew why they were guarding it all he knew that there was something valuable behind it and he wanted it, and he soon would have his chance. Wile he was still hiding within the state a commotion happened, one of the other trade princes angered from being cheated sent his army against he other trade princes estate. During the commotion all of the men guarding the room left it in order to defend the estate, though when the other army retreated they would find that the room had already be looted and the chest inside of it gone.

Flinn couldn't be happier now, he snuck his way back outside of the estate and had the trade princes treasure to boot. Though when he opened it all he saw inside of it was a fruit, furious that the mere thought that the prince was guarding a measly piece of fruit so heavily. Angry at the mere though that the trade prince was so idiotic, he considered just throwing the fruit away though he was still hungry so he attempted to eat it. When he did take a bite out of it and swallowed it he found it to be the most horrible thing he had ever tasted and he threw the rest of it into the sea. It would be a week before he realized that something was different, he could do what some people called the 'Devils Powers'.

From the moment that he ate the fruit he was no longer some measly street rat, now he was something, he was able to take what he wanted from anyone he wanted. he had strength, power, and now he could do what ever he wanted to who ever he wanted. Soon Flinn became known as 'Mad Dog' and had a bounty now to boot, though he knew that he needed more than the Spade kingdom to keep his blood lust at bay and as soon as he could he left the island for the grandline.

Personality: Though said to be many things by many different people they would all agree that Flinn is a extremely violent, predatory, crazy, and amoral man who has a lust for battle to great for his own good. He seems to derive amusement and gratification from inflicting physical and emotional pain on others, making him a typical sadist. He believes if he is involved then the situation means blood will be drawn. It has also been stated that he has a monstrous killing intent evident. He can be extremely intimidating, easily frightening weaker opponents with just his glare. He also has a habit of smiling joyfully whenever he faces a particularly skilled opponent, which often unnerves anyone.


Personal Flag:

Devil Fruit: Messer Messer no Mi (Lit' Switchblade Switchblade Fruit')
Type: Paramecia
Effect: The Messer Messer no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that allows the user to turn any part of their body into a steel switchblade to attack opponents with from anywhere on their body. The Blades that the user produces can extend to varying lengths at a very high speed in both extending and retracting of the blades. Note: This does not turn the users body into steel like the Supa Supa no Mi, the blades themselves do not form on the users body rather they extend outwards.

Special Abilities:

Learned Techniques:
Messer Messer no Mi
  • Schach (Lit' Draw')
    Flinn's basic Messer ability, he will aim his arm at his target and extend a blade from it towards the intended target, which is just as fast as a bullet and strong enough to break though stone.
  • Funf Schuss Schach (Lit' Five Shot Draw')
    Flinn will aim five of his fingers from one hand at the target, and a blade will extend from each of them as fast as bullets. This form is harder to dodge than its singular counterpart.
  • Einzeihen (Lit' Retract)
    After extending a blade at a target, Flinn is able to retract the blade in the opposite direction, instead of the blade retracting into his body Flinn rather flies towards the end of the blade as it retracts. Propelling him in the direction.
  • Windung Schach (Lit' Twist Draw')
    Flinn will twist rapidly, randomly sending blades of varying length out as he does the blades cut up anything in the immediate area that isn't protected.
  • Anheben Schach (Lit' Jack Draw')
    Flinn will purposely extend one of his blades into the ground below, causing it to bend, when it finially snaps it sends a powerful slash at the target which can slice through some weaker metals.


Goals: To find one piece so that he can do what ever he wants.

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