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Ji (Karma Charrie)

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[div][attr="class","app-heading"]In the end we all must reap what we sow.
[b]Full Name:[/b] Jij
[b]Magic:[/b] Karmic Augury
[b]Group:[/b] guild, rune knight, or other

[b]OOC name:[/b] Wander
[b]Face-claim character:[/b] Kana
[b]Face-claim series:[/b] kwbr32

[div][attr="class","app-heading"]quote or lyrics
[b]Alias:[/b] N/A
[b]Age & birthdate:[/b] 24 | August 18th
[b]Race :[/b] Human
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Sexuality:[/b] Heterosexual

[div][attr="class","app-heading"]quote or lyrics
height, eye color, hair color, length; can be a descriptive or to the point as you want

Ji, least at first glance, appears to be somewhat naturally lazy individual and his inclination in life is to do as little work as possible. Showing an attitude towards others, especially when they attempt him to actually to work, that clearly shows that he would much rather be reading his books or one of his more favored pass times people-watching. He comes off as a somewhat of a mystery, since his almost constant smile, combined with his heavy use of sarcasm and mocking politeness, make it very difficult to discern his thoughts. Overall making him seems to somewhat enjoy both his own laziness and the struggles of others whether they directly deal with him or not. Many find his demeanor and appearance somewhat unsettling as the number of people that can actually say that they trust him tend to be few and far between. Ji is fully aware of the effect that he tends to have on people and rarely ever tries to hide this fact as often or not he takes some joy out of toying with the emotional states of others for his own amusement as though it were a mere game or merely a way to pass the time. Though with that being said Ji somewhat uses this demeanor to his advantage as there are few that actually attempt to discern or interact with him allowing him to generally do what he pleases even if it is just sitting on a bench watching a market square.

His goal, at least from outward appearances alone, seems to be to live unremarkably, free of anything of noticeably good or bad, and then to die just as unremarkably as he lived. When he is faced with the potential for conflict or commitment he will generally attempt to find some way to weasel his way out of it and often or not state that his is already indisposed or committed to something far more taxing as though he enjoys life most in his idleness.

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histories are entirely optional. use this space for whatever you want[/div][/div]

[div][attr="class","app-container"][div][attr="class","app-container2"][div][attr="class","app-heading"]Karmic Augury
[b]MAGIC TYPE[/b] Karmic Augury is a caster type magic which encompass the users ability to view and manipulate the threads of karma. Karma threads in of themselves are merely the ethereal representation of ones karma (impact or connection) to another object or individual and exists between all things. A person merely seeing or touching an object creates a dim almost non-existent Karma Thread connecting the two while the Karma Thread between a mother and child would be as solid and visible as yarn. The ability to not just see these threads but to interact them is the very principle of Karmic Augury. By being able to see these karma threads one is able to directly see the amount of karma between the two and by touching the threads themselves they are capable of visualizing it and even severing it!

[font=undefined](remove this when complete; you start with 4000 EXP to spend, or not spend, to your leisure.)[/font]

[b]ABILITY NAME:[/b] Karmic Viewing
[b]ABILITY TYPE:[/b] Supplementary
[b]ABILITY DESCRIPTION:[/b] a description of the ability

[b]ABILITY NAME:[/b] Karmic Severing
[b]ABILITY TYPE:[/b] Supplementary
[b]ABILITY DESCRIPTION:[/b] a description of the ability

[div][attr="class","post-heading2"]weapons / items

[b]ITEM NAME:[/b] Ethereal Blade
[b]ITEM TYPE:[/b] Magical
[b]ITEM RANK:[/b] D
[b]ITEM DESCRIPTION:[/b] A Karmic Blade is, rather than a truly physical weapon, one of ethereal origin which essentially means that the blade in of itself is unable to effect the physical realm effectively meaning that even if the blade were to pass through an individuals neck it would be as though nothing occurred; essentially making it more akin to a spirit or ghost blade. Though that being said things that are not of the physical realm, such as spirits or ghosts, will find this blade to be more akin to their own bane as it deals much greater damage than a normal weapon would. The handle of the sword itself is the only portion of it which is actually of the physical realm and can be touched by anyone.

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