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Name: Livale Fitz
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Hunter Rank: Non-Hunter
Extra Details:
  • Bisexual
  • 5'10" | 155lbs

Appearance: 50 words, at least.
Face Claim: Kana

Personality: 250+ words.

History: 200+ Words

Nen Name: Other Side Friend: Dusk Scoundrel
Type: Emission/Manipulation
Description: With this ability Livale manifests a shadowy human-like creature composed of aura that fights enemies with him or on his behalf who, through both itself and through Livale, possesses a range of abilities stemming from its state of origin and being. This apparition is capable of fighting enemies with retractable bladed sickle-like extrusions protruding from its hands and elbows both near and away from the user even outside of Livale's vision due to a link between the two allows Livale to know what the Dusk Scoundrel sees and hears. While it is within another shadow it blends in perfectly effectively rendering it invisible to the naked eye and is capable of entering a Void Form allowing objects/nen to pass through it as though it were air. Lastly if needed Livale is capable of implanting Dusk Scoundrel within himself to grant him its abilities and when necessary can tactically switch places with with Livale.
Signature Technique:
  • Tricks of the Trade: Undercover Scoundrel - Dusk Scoundrel is capable of taking on the physical appearance and voice of another person.

  • Livale must be within a shadow that is not his own in order to manifest Dusk Scoundrel.
  • Though while Dusk Scoundrel is capable of fighting away from Livale it cannot however fight without himself as if he is unconscious or other such Dusk Scoundrel will dissipate even if it is running off of a autonomous command/auto-pilot.
  • The Void Form, even though it allows it to pass though or allow things to pass through it while doing so it is unable to effect anything meaning that it must end this form to attack nor can it end the Void Form while there is something passing through it.
  • Void form cannot be activated whilst the blend in/camouflage ability is active and vice-versa.
  • Livale is only capable of implanting Dusk Scoundrel within himself when there is physical contact between the two.
  • Whilst Undercover Scoundrel is capable of impersonating another human it is limited to exactly how Livale saw and/or heard that individual last with their own physical eyes/ears including their clothing and injuries/scars/etc meaning that it automatically updates itself without his own input.This effectively means that if Livale only heard them then Dusk Scoundrel can only mimic their voice or on the other hand if he only saw them but never heard their voice it can only take on their physical appearance.

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