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[blockquote][font=undefined][font=undefined][div align="center"][b]- At the Strings -[/b][/div][/font]
[font=undefined][b]Age:[/b][/font] 25
[font=undefined][b]RP Experience:[/b][/font] 12 years.
[font=undefined][b]Activity Level:[/b][/font] Evenings usually.

[div align="center"][b][font=undefined]- The Character -[/font][/b][/div]

[b][font=undefined]Influence/reference:[/font][/b] (If your referencing a fairy tail or an entire culture, this would be the place to let everyone know)

[font=undefined][b]Name:[/b][/font] Ceara Harlequin
[font=undefined][b]Species:[/b][/font] Human
[font=undefined][b]Age:[/b][/font] 16
[font=undefined][b]Gender:[/b][/font] Female

[font=undefined][b]Alignment[/b][/font] Chaotic Neutral

[font=undefined][b]Team Affiliation:[/b][/font]
[font=undefined][b]Member Group:[/b][/font] Student
[/font][font=undefined][font=undefined][b]Canon:[/b][/font] No

[font=undefined][b]Appearance:[/b][/font] (At least a paragraph consisting of 6-8 sentences.)

[font=undefined][b]Symbol:[/b][/font] (What kind of logo/symbol does your character have/use? an image or a link to an image is fine)

[font=undefined][b]Personality:[/b][/font] Expecting of one born into a family such as hers one would predict that Ceara would take both herself and her future in a serious manner instead of mannerisms of which she displays. She has a general graceful and "clean" aura about her that nearly scream out to the world of her general carefree mindset. Rarely, if ever, taking anything in any sort of serious sense even if the situation calls for it. Even explaining it herself that she just likes to "Go with the flow". This often or not gives a cool and lone demeanor to onlookers but at the same time often forces her to hide her personal troubles, even from her friends. Believing that one should deal with their own troubles and having other help would only spread the trouble around to unnecessary parties though this has not once stopped her from making it if it seems entertaining. Overall while this demeanor gives her a general calm and collected mindset it at the same time makes it difficult for her to open up to others let along make friends.

She is very good at acting, having acted her way through a number of tough situations many of which stemming from her own hands or merely being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Apparently even once convincing a gang of thugs that she was their boss' daughter after she stumbled into their base unexpectedly and even ended up living with them for two weeks. Often or not she enjoys, somewhat too much, putting on new personas just to see what it is like for the day. This to the point where many different groups in the city she lives know her as a completely different person. Combined with her general carefree attitude makes a troublesome combo while also throwing in a unhealthy knack for either outright lying or white lying for not apparent reason. All of which she would just call "Harmless Fun".

Ceara likes everything dog-themed or preferably puppy-themed, and is somewhat sensitive about her obvious obsession with them when it is insulted or humored about by others. Being the type of individual who could pass a starving homeless man without batting a eye if that said homeless man had a pet dog with him she would chastise the man for not feeding it while doing it herself; all the while looking over the mans needs. She likes to relate people to animals, often or not relating people she is fond of to dogs and others as some form of insulting animal such as a cat, bird, or some sort of disgusting earth dweller like a mole, and possibly the worst of all a slug. Strangely she has quite the artistic talent specifically in the form of drawings though all of which tend to be dog related and often or not, if she fails to say herself, one can find how well she ranks them by seeing what kind of animal she draw them as. Though due to her human animal hybrid form of art it becomes somewhat difficult to decipher what exactly they mean.

[font=undefined][b]Likes or Dislikes:[/b][/font]
[table style="width:70%"][tr][td]
[color=#00cc00]☑ [/color]Dogs[br]
[color=#00cc00]☑ [/color]Pranks[br]
[color=#00cc00]☑ [/color]Rainy Days[br]
[color=#00cc00]☑ [/color]Adventure Stories[br]
[color=#00cc00]☑ [/color]Spicy Foods[br]
[color=#00cc00]☑ [/color]Eventful Scenes[br]
[color=#ff0000]☒ [/color]Earth Living Creatures[br]
[color=#ff0000]☒ [/color]Crunchy Vegetables[br]
[color=#ff0000]☒ [/color]Serious People[br]
[color=#ff0000]☒ [/color]Tentacle Creatures[br]
[color=#ff0000]☒ [/color]Timeliness[br]
[color=#ff0000]☒ [/color]Chick Flicks[br]

[font=undefined][b]Skills and Abilities:[/b][/font] (minor stuff here, but feel free to elaborate. Such as if your character good at planning, is he/she a chef? Or can your character survive in the wild? Don't include battle skills just yet, because that comes next, but make sure to elaborate in this section. I do not like one word answers, so be exacting but elaborate please.
Pickpocket / Sleight of Hand. Lock-Picking. Street Smarts. Appraisal. Costume Design. Sewing.

[font=undefined][b]Semblance:[/b][/font] Print | Ceara's Semblance "Print" allows her to leave behind a foot, hand, or finger print upon whatever she walks or touches. In their base form these prints allow Ceara to both propel what ever is touching them away from itself or, if there is a second print, force it to massively accelerate towards towards another print faster than the eye can see. With the application of dust she is capable of adding a wide range of elemental and supplementary effects upon these prints such as using Fire Dust to create explosive prints, Gravity Dust to cause anything touching them to become stuck as though it were a instant acting adhesive, or Lightning Dust to cause them to electrocute what ever touches them or around them. The second form of her print ability comes into play when she when she places a print onto another individual. This allows her to temporarily grant others her semblance for a period of time to a limited extent. When augmented by her prints others are capable of jumping quicker and further as well as having more overall movement speed. With the addition of Dust to these types of secondary prints they are also capable of granting others elemental augments to their physical and semblance based abilities.

[font=undefined][b]Aura Type:[/b][/font] Physical

[font=undefined][b]Character Class:[/b][/font] Ravager

[font=undefined][b]Combat Role:[/b][/font] Support Damage aka. Harasser

[font=undefined][b]Weapon Name:[/b][/font] Maverick Sunshade | Umbrella

[font=undefined][b]Weapon Melee Variants:[/b][/font]

[font=undefined][b]Weapon Ranged Variant:[/b][/font]

[font=undefined][b]Weapon Mod:[/b][/font] (does your weapon have some special 3rd or 4th form or assembly? Describe it here)

[font=undefined][b]Extra Weapons:[/b][/font] (any sort of other backup weapons should be listed here)

[font=undefined][b]Gadgets:[/b][/font] (anything other than a Scroll (Cell phone) should be listed here, like a computer, or bundle of rope, or a tool-kit, whatever the case may be.)

[font=undefined][b]Theme Song:[/b][/font] [url=]Feel Good Inc.[/url]

[b][font=undefined]Quotes:[/font][/b] (Just some one-liners or notable statements your character has spewed over the course of your writing them.)

[font=undefined][b]Backstory:[/b][/font] (At least two paragraphs, each consisting of 6-8 sentences.)

[font=undefined][b]Roleplay Example:[/b][/font] At least two paragraphs, each consisting of 6-8 sentences, only required if it is first app or is a cannon character.[/font]

Now, keep in mind that we only have 2 and a half seasons of RWBY to work with, so some things in this template are subject to change as we find out more about the world. Revising, updating, and editing are paramount to creating a good OC, so don't forget to change it up. As a matter of fact, your OC is never in a 'final draft,' so it's always up to change and editing! Nothing screams progress like slapping 'Version 2' (or V2) in the tittle! Just make sure you run any edits or alterations by an Admin and we're all good.

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