Lyk: Combos?

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Lyk: Combos?

Post by Lykaios on Mon 26 Jul - 13:38

Lykaios GOD-mode:
Weaponry & Equipment:
• Dual Hounds
• Pills
• Gauntlets w/ needle-canisters
• Spheres of the 6 paths
• Orange Shades
• X-Chakra Armor
• X-Poison Soul Avatar Form Suit
• Fact-sphere sensor
• Spiked knuckles
• Gases:
o X-poison
o Y-Poison
o Z-Poison
o Knockout Gas
o Sleeper Gas
o Bio-degrading Chemical Mixture
• Dual Gunblades
• K9001 Kunai
o Shock Darts
Total Weight:
• Lightning Lord Mode
o Hydrostatic Pressure Zone
o Lightning Release: Washikiai
o Lightning Release: Lightning Revolver (Lyk style)
• PSI System
• Black Grudge Fear
o Black Tendril Regeneration
• Cursed Seal(s)
o Cursed seal of heaven
o Cursed seal of earth
o Partial cursed development
• Garouja Mode
o Sudden Burst of the Mouth!
o Big Bang Up!
o Body Manipulation level 4
o Body Regeneration Level 4
o Ventilation System Level 4
• Seals:
o Wall Frag Seal
o Frag Seal
o Blue Print Seal
o Airfoil Seal
• Flying Swallow
• Capoeria Style
• Hardened Body Strike
• Bio-Alien
o BA Flying Defense
o BA Photosynthesis
o BA Drone Cell Detonation
o BA Draining Leech
• Clones
o Multiple Shadow Clone Explosion
o Hydra Clone
o Scouting Unit
• Aura
o Darkness
 Petal Storm
 Full Boom
 Dark Reflections: Binding Technique
 Dark Sense
o Brightness
 Star Shot
 Star Spirit
• Super Beast Imitation Drawing
• Spiritualism

God-mode with only 5 weapons and jutsu.
1. (S)X-Chakra Armor
2. (S)Hydrostatic Pressure Zone
3. (S)Guantlets w/ needle canister
4. (S)Garouja Mode
5. (S)Spheres of the 6 Paths


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