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HxH - Nico Lock

Post by Admin on Sun 11 Oct - 14:41

Personal Information

First & Last Name: David Lock
Age: 20
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Black
Weight & Height: 130lbs & 5'6"

Appearance & Clothing:

Special features:

Origin and family

Origin: Yorknew City.
Family & close People:


Personality & Behavior:
The Asocial Minded ~ Possessing the mindset of one who things in terms of logic or cause & effect, Lock has always generally thrown off a strange aura around him; many calling it akin to someone starring into the heart of your soul. This despite the fact that he generally always speaks in a very kind and polite tone and possessing a gentle expression but always with a sense that he is merely playing a act to throw out the intended persona desired for that situation. While he has intense interest in the events transpiring around him he at the same time possesses no interested in the same people taking part in it as though they were only a minor part in the overall play. He tends to possess a bad habit of being incredibly blunt with his choice of words as to get to the intended goods more quickly and often or not making him seem inconsiderate or hostile. At the end of the day he would much rather prefer reading a book or magazine than social interaction.

Causality Fanatic ~ The idea of how something so seemingly minor is capable of causing a ripple effect thought the world is a idea that has utterly consumed Lock though. Or in simpler terms how flap of a butterflies wings in the eastern continent can cause a riot in the western. Lock is intellectually obsessed with learning and discovering the cause and effect relationship of the world surrounding him and in a sense piecing together the logic of a seemingly chaotic and unpredictable world. Though one of the most interesting ideas he enjoys playing around with is not just learning of the chain of events but discover them before the climax takes place to either watch them unfold or to stop/alter it altogether. The seeker of the answer to the question "What brought you here?"

Chronicler of the Recent ~ Lock is, in a sense, a historian of the events of recent times. While others focus on learning about the events of ancient past Lock is more interested in the here, now, and what lead to this exact point. Though it does not just entail the knowledge of the events themselves but those involved within them itself; who they were, their interests, relationships, and even the names of their childhood friends. If he were so inclined he could become a incredibly talented information broker or biographer if he were not more interested in learning rather than monetary gain.

Old Soul ~ Despite his age Lock has been stated to possess the wisdom of a aged man well versed in the ways of the world and if heard personally he would most likely state that it is merely a side effect of his understanding of causality; of how events and people play into one another to the next. He can easily understand the feelings and motivations of those around him even if he does not feel the same way or can feel the same way himself.

Neutral ~ Lock in the end of the day is merely a man who does what he wills to and at the end of it all is out for both himself and his desired goal. He holds up no sort of illusion or belief that following the laws, traditions, or codes of the world or its general people will make him better in any sense of the word. Although at the same time he does not possess a restless nature or pure love of conflict, though he does not shy away from such things in the least bit. Shedding no tears or thought to those he kills whether for profit or convenience. Personally he even believes that such ideas of good or evil are mere fabrications of humanity all in a attempt to give off appearance and hiding their own true ideals and beliefs. Even the idea of making the world a darker place, despite his own actions, hold little to no water within his mind as he merely follows his own path even if his own actions directly oppose this. All of that which you see and aspire is meaningless if you are not true to that which you truly seek within your bounds.
Strengths & Weaknesses:

  • Lock is first and foremost a student of the mind, possessing a mindset keen for observation and deduction. Being incredibly easy to discern a large amount of information though the smallest of details to find the key and pressure points.
  • His memory is one of his strongest abilities even if it is generally one of the most unseen, capable of retaining copious amounts of information from things he has read, heard, or seen from years past.

  • Whether it is a strength or weakness is up for debate though Lock has always been one of those individuals who goes unnoticed in a crowd. The one individual who people do not even remember if he was even in class that day even if they directly saw or interacted with him. This would be later shown to being a result of a natural Zetsu user.
  • His easygoing nature also tends to be a matter of debate as on one hand he tends to flow easily into and out of lives and events equally as though he belonged there in the first place though on the other many times if a situation takes a abrupt turn he can just as easily change his methods to suit such a thing even if they prove disadvantageous to himself.

  • It is of little wonder how or why he comes off as inconsiderate and overly blunt often or not completely oblivious to the feelings or personal thoughts to those he interacts with.
  • His innate curiosity to nearly everything around him often or not cause him as some would call it "Poke the sleeping Bear" just to see what happens.



Character Image

Avatar origin:

Writing Sample


Nen Ability Name Tabella Defixionis

Theme: Curse, Debilitation, Enfeeble
Type: Specialist

Description: Nics ability Tabella Defixionis is an unique specialist classed ability in which he is capable of placing a curse upon objects or individuals depending on the level of interaction with the target. The curses themselves possessing a wide range of abilities and limitations depending on the unique one used. The effects of which ranging of debilitation's, hindrances, withering effects, and even draining effects.

Tier 1 Curse - Sight
Tier 2 Curse - Aura Contact
Tier 3 Curse - Physical Contact

Binding Curse
Prevents the opponent from moving from their position for a duration, though also prevents the user form moving as well.

Curse of Weakened Body
Slowly drains the target of their physical abilities while sending them to the user.

Curse of Weakened Mind
Slowly drains the target of their mental strength making them more fearful, docile, and more easily influenced by outside forces.

Sealing Curse
Seals the targets nen abilities for a duration, though also seals the users nen abilities for the same period. Effectively making them both average nenless humans.

Curse of Agony
Changes all of the targets physical sensations to that of pain and increase their pain response. Meaning that even touching something, feeling clothing on their skin becomes incredibly painful. Can even make those who naturally or artificially feel no pain or have become incredibly resistant to it feel it on its highest dial.

Wither Curse
Slowly damages the targets physical body slowly over time.

Curse of New Worlds
A simple curse which disorientates the targets ability to navigate making them become easily lost even if they already knew what they were looking for, where it was, and were well versed with the area.

Curse of Swap
Drains the target of one of their physical abilities while granting it to another.

Frenzied Curse
Increases the targets stats by 75% for a duration, though during which the targets mental and thought capacity is severely decreased making complex thoughts or plans difficult if not impossible as well as increasing their rage and aggression. After the duration the target will suffer greatly with a 75% decrease in stats and immense physical trauma.

Curse of Laceration
Prevents the targets wounds from healing, making health regeneration impossible.

Returned Love
After initiation and duration the user returns 50% of all damage done to their body to the effected.

Lovers Contact

Curse of Exhaustion
Increases the targets Aura consumption by 50%

Curse of Agony: Slowly erodes away the targets body. Causing 5 damage to targets endurance stacking for 6 posts or until it is higher than the targets endurance.
Curse of Doom: Is a delayed curse that activates once the target has used a total of 4 spells, abilities, or techniques. Once reached 4 the target will suffer a massive amount of physical pain and suffering causing 15 damage to their endurance for the remainder of the fight.
Curse of Tongues: Directly assaults the targets ability to talk and mental state, Causing 10 damage to the targets Intelligence, and Concentration for 6 posts.
Curse of Elements: Directly effects the targets ability to attack and defend with abilities causing 10 Damage to targets Attack, Defence, Hadou, and Bakudou for 6 posts
Curse of Weakness: Erodes away the targets physical abilities. 10 Damage to targets Strength, Endurence, Agility and Accuracy for 6 Posts. (Cannot Stack with Exhaustion)
Curse of Exhaustion: Massively erodes away the targets physical abilities, though the effects dissipate over time. 20 Damage to targets Strength, Endurance, Agility and Accuracy for 4 posts decreased by 5 per post. (Cannot Stack with Weakness)
Curse of Recklessness: Destroys one of the targets Stats (leaving 1 point) for one post, and moves on to another stat until each has been effected 1 time, affecting the targets highest stat first, then second highest and so on. In the event that the target has stats at the same # the target chooses what is effected first.

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Re: HxH - Nico Lock

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#1: Radar:
Using En expands one's aura on a perimeter around yourself. Using En and Emission, that aura perimeter can start expanding already from a good distance from the body, and then get stretched from there. Therefore, En gets a boost from Emission giving an incredible range of perception despite one's regular En size. A normal person is able to notice someone beyond sight range.

-Pros: works just like a radar with some very long-range perception, even if you're not Meryem. Also, the center of the circle can be moved and if noticed, the En doesn't reveal the user's accurate position.
-Cons: since the aura starts expanding away from the body, it is possible that a person can hide from it very close to the user. However, it would have to be after the aura was shot at first, otherwise it would still get the enemy while moving away from the user. Also, there's the earth's curvature issue, and it requires carefull examination of information found on locations very far from yourself.

#2: Sniper:
Just as with En and Ko, aura can be directed to expand at the tip of a finger and only there, taking the shape of a very long needle. Since this isn't transformation, it wouldn't be necessarily sharp, just very long. Using intensification the "needle" would get the added effect of being longer than usual, and using emission, it could be shot at very long distances like a spear. Using a bit of manipulation, that shot could be corrected in its path till it reaches its target, and since Nen can go through obstacles (Kurapica's judgement chain enters one's body without cutting it) the shot can reach anyone everywhere. Emission combined with Nen extension increases its range to a maximum one can wish for on this planet (one would need good manipulation skills to move the shot around the planet's curvature, when beyond the horizon).

-Pros: can kill a person without being ever found out besides with a Nen expert (and a good one, present at the exact moment).
-Cons: since the "spear" is long, it has trouble hitting close range targets. It can be fixed by creating a new one aiming to the target, since it extends from one's body into a given direction, but its troublesome. It's also too thin to cause an area damage, so it MUST hit special areas of the body, causing internal bleeding or hard to spot damage to vital organs (causing death after a while).

These 2 abilities combined would work perfectly to deal with any kind of threat near or far, and nobody would be able to tell what hit them since the damage can be done from very far and isn't visible until its effects kick in (not immediately). However, one needs the other, as Radar isn't offensive whatsoever and Sniper needs the Radar to work. Also, both work with En and Emission mostly, while the second one is more refined as it uses a bit of Reinforcement and Manipulation as well (areas that Emission users have affinity with) to make it more effective, and doesn't require so much from them (they're just the cherry on top).

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Re: HxH - Nico Lock

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Nen Ability Name Patchwork Mortician
Theme: Necromancy, Coffin
Type: Specialist
Description: A Conjuration classed ability where the user is able to manifest and store bodies within a coffin. Once inside the coffin the user can later manifest the coffin again and release a reanimated version of the individual under the users absolute control though whether or not the user can reanimate the individual with their Hatsu is another story. If the user is unable to acquire the entirety of the targets corpse the user may supplement it with the body of another assuming that they can provide it with at least one piece of DNA containing material and another corpse of a individual who has never awakened their nen; if done correctly the corpse will reanimate with the Hatsu of the intended individual. The user can possess a seemingly limitless number of separate coffins for each individual corpse though the amount that they can reanimate at any given time is depending on their own ability and strength of the intended reanimation. While gaining some semblance of life they are true and true still corpses and as such cannot "Die" again neither do many effects even affect them such as pain, blood loss, or attacks with require bodily functions to take effect.

Corpses, once within the coffin, will not decompose or degrade no matter how much time has passed. If already degraded, once within, their bodies will reconstruct themselves to pristine condition assuming fresh materials are provided. While difficult to destroy the coffin itself is not indestructible and if taken enough damage to be broken the reanimation will return back into a lifeless corpse, the aura returning, and requiring the user to reacquire the said corpse as well as place it back within a new coffin. If the brain is intact the user is able to learn anything they knew during their lifetime once it is within the coffin though if the user did not know of their Hatsu before hand they cannot use this method to activate it and must learn of it though an alternate method.

If used on corpses who possessed no nen during their lifetime the reanimator is capable of creating what is called a Patchwork; a sort of fusion or combination of multiple corpses which can vary in size and limbs depending on the number of corpses used to create it. These Patchworks, while unable to possess or utilize a Hatsu, are capable of utilizing basic nen at a level equivalent to the amount of aura provided to them. While their overall nen abilities are lower than the standard reanimation their physical abilities are akin to a enhancers even without aura.


  1. The name of the individual must be known.
  2. Intended must be deceased.
  3. Name of the intended's Hatsu must be known or must witness the Nen ability in action.
  4. Individual must of been alive at some point during the creators lifetime.
  5. Coffin cannot move from the position which it was initially summoned.
  6. Reanimator cannot travel beyond 20m from a coffin's position during a reanimation.
  7. The strength of the reanimation can be greatly enhanced by granting it both its mind and free will, though doing so will allow it to disobey direct commands. Though in this case and if intended was killed by another they will always seek revenge even if death was compliant.
  8. If intended reanimation did not possess nen rules 3 and 4 can be omitted.
  9. If intended was killed personally rule 3 can be omitted.

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Re: HxH - Nico Lock

Post by Admin on Mon 12 Oct - 23:06

Sue (Close) is an advanced application of En and Ryu used to send out the users aura into the surrounding environment. However, unlike En Sue does not apply itself in the fashion of a filled circle rather that of a bubble. Sue itself quickly extends from the users body and like En it is capable of feeling the shape and movement of anything passing through the bubble at a much lower cost and with the application of Ryu the user can more properly direct the output of the Sue so that it only extends in intended directions rather than in every making it much more practical in terms of long term aura usage. Though its true application is how it interacts with other Aura wielding individuals. As the Sue passes through them portions will enter the individuals body to temporary sent their own aura out of sink and disrupting flow and molding; effectively leaving them momentary defenseless. If properly defended with enough aura the opponents aura can prevent this from occurring though if the opponent themselves is utilizing Ryu the Sue can easily penetrate their weakened areas as it passes through and around their entire body.

Ho (Store) is an advanced application of In and Gyo by which the user in sync concentrates a large portion of their aura into a specific body part all the while utilizing in to suppress it while maintaining its flow. Over a period of time this results in a large amount of aura being stored within that specific area all the while the body replenishes its aura supply. When released this allows the user to release this stored aura for quick and sudden bursts in aura capabilities, even beyond 100%, though due to its innate nature these short bursts are nearly all it is capable of before the reserves run dry. In rare advanced instances the ability to utilize Ko at 100% without having to sacrifice defenses. Depending on skill practitioners tend to state that this can be used ones every few days.

Bito (Beat) is an advanced application of Ryu and In that relies on advanced usage of aura flow. By using a consistent influx of Ryu through the body the user can quickly and consistently bring one portion of their body after another to 100%. This makes techniques such as Gyo almost passive without concentration after properly trained even in the middle of combat by sending and retracting the aura to the intended body part in between strikes or blows taken and essentially being intended to be used while techniques such as Ryu or Shu are active. When viewed by outside perspective it almost appears that the users aura is fuzzy and constantly shifting as though it were uncontrolled or untrained as this technique is little more than a incredibly application of the users own ability to utilize aura flow within their own body. That being said the ability to maintain this within a combat situation is another matter of itself due to the incredible amount of concentration required for its upkeep.

Gyou (Seek) is an advanced application of of En and Ko that involves the implantation of ones own Nen into another object or individual. Once performed this acts like a single point En that is capable of tracking that target far beyond the range of a normal En and for as long as the users Nen is on the target.

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Re: HxH - Nico Lock

Post by Admin on Wed 14 Oct - 1:33

Plot Idea: Apt
Addictive drug that, in rare cases, can induce someone to develop nen while on said drug.
Use drug to find prospective corpses w/ useful Hatsu.
Drug is created from the organs and blood of deceased nen users.

To those that do not develop temporary nen from drug induces clarity, truthfulness, focus, aggression, and physical strength.

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Re: HxH - Nico Lock

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