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NTH - Lex Ivrend

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[hr][b][size=24][font=Trebuchet]General Information[/font][/size][/b][/center]
[b]Name:[/b] Lex K. Ivrend
[b]Alias:[/b] Gilded Fox
[b]Race:[/b] Human
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Age:[/b] 23
[b]Sexuality:[/b] Bisexual
[b]Birthday:[/b] August 20th


[b]Faction:[/b] Criminal
[b]Title:[/b] Most Wanted - Legendary Thief
[b]Rank:[/b] Master
[b]Alignment:[/b] Chaotic Neutral

[b]Height:[/b] 5'8"
[b]Weight:[/b] 130lbs
[b]Eye Color:[/b] Sky Blue
[b]Hair color/style:[/b] Brown
[b]Extra:[/b] Lex, while it is not normally apparent due to her choice of clothing, is covered in a variety of scars all originating from a countless number of sources. All of which originate from her time underneath the spymaster Jasper who subjected her to an inhuman number of torture techniques in order to build up her tolerance for both pain and against torture techniques themselves. Having scars on her back from lashes to stab wound and electrical burn scars on her torso.

[b]Overall Appearance:[/b] Lex, overall, appears to be a fairly average young woman. Possessing a rather normally toned Caucasian skin color with little to no discernible tan, though unlike a normal commoners skin hers is clearly much more well kept as in it is smooth as if she did not grow up in the streets. She possesses a rather slender figure, unusually thin with very sharp features, giving her a slight skeletal appearance. Though while it is slender and thin upon closer examination it becomes rather obvious that it is extremely well toned, clear of one who has thrown a good portion of her life in the art of learning combat. She also tends to keep adorned on her face a rather mocking smile which is rarely ever wiped off. Clearly having rather excellent posture and movement skills honed for not just physical combat but flexible combat, as in acrobatically designed.

The way in which Lex presents herself to the world is not as straightforward as most do within the world, while it may be simple it is not entirely straightforward; Lex showcases herself as a two sided coin. To her most prominent face she is seen as a simple adventurer wearing nothing of fancy or intricacy. Generally possessing nothing but the clothes on her back and a satchel of traveling goods. Wearing a dark grey, thick cotton, high-collared one piece vest and a dark red short sleeve shirt underneath. Adorning simple dark brown trousers and often or not rarely ever nothing to wear shoes, if she is seen wearing such things they generally are simple sandals. Outside of simple garments she has long strands of black cloth wrapped around her wrists, making it somewhat appear is if she were covering up some sort of tattoo or scar from the world; though she does no such thing with these. Lastly she binds her long hair in a ponytail at the back end of her head while leaving a cluster of long hairs untouched at the front on both sides of her face.

On the other side of the coin lies the other face of Lex a figure that is better known, or rather only known, by the name of 'Gilded Fox'. While presenting this face to the world she adorns a simple mask to cover her face. A white mask with simple line eyes, no mouth, three lines on each lower (cheek) side of the mask that resemble those of a fox's whiskers, and a small pair of ears on the top. Wearing a simple dark grey long sleeve, baggy, button up shirt with the top few buttons undone until they reach the area of her breasts. She then changes the color of her trousers from its previous dark brown color to a dark maroon, and this time actually bothering to wear some sort of boot. Though this time instead of the cloth straps being wrapped around her wrists they are now extended to wrap around her hands and half of each of her fingers. Outside of these the only other discernible difference is that she now keeps her hair free flowing, no longer bound in a pony tail at the back of her head.

The two faces of Lex; the thief, and the adventurer.

[b]Face Claim:[/b] [Lex Hwang] - (Deviantart | Mirayutsuma017)

[*]Precious Items
[*]Sour Candy
[*]Taking Sides
[*]Simple Solutions
[*]Modern Art
[*]Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables
[/list][b]Motivation:[/b][list][*]Entertainment: Lex's entire goal in life is very simple when one thinks about it, it is simply to live and see interesting things; to get the most amount of entertainment as possible. She wants to be able to hold the worlds most precious items in the palms of her hands and see the most interesting events take place.
[*]The Game: Lex's mind is a mixture of lack-of-seriousness, and playfulness which in turn makes her see everything around her as if it were a game. She does not care whether she win's or loses in this game as she just wants to play along as long as she can. Strangely this also gives her a strange knack for understanding politics. She often or not refers to others, even herself, as if they were game pieces such as a pawn or knight.
[*]Co-op: She believes that one of the most dull things is to have to play the game with no one else even playing. One of her goals is to simply find someone who wants to play the game called life as much as she does.
[*]The Journey: Despite anything, despite anything that anyone believes of her Lex does not care about the game, she does not look forward to the culmination of all of the end results. She is simply one who is in love with the journey of the world, it could be said that this being the reason why she never keeps any trinkets of her exploits as they signify the end of something and if you are constantly reminded of the end of something... you can never truly keep your journey going.
[list][*]High Point: One of Lex's greatest fears corresponds with her biggest motivator in life, that being the possibility of never seeing anything more interesting and entertaining as compared to what she just saw. The idea that tomorrow will always less interesting than yesterday.
[*]Fat Suffocation: When she was young she once had a nightmare where she was being suffocated underneath a incredibly fat person, this lead to a life long fear of falling asleep near a fat person; as well as a general dislike for the chubby in general. Many times even just the mere sight of a overly chubby person is enough to put a bad taste in her mouth.
[*]The Apocalypse: While it may seem natural to fear the end of the world, she does not fear it due to the possibility of her own demise. Rather it is simply that it simply means that nothing will ever happen, ever again. The definition of a dull world.

[b]Overall Personality:[/b] Lex is most often described by her general playful, happy-go-lucky attitude towards the world as she holds a firm belief that everything can become entertaining if its given the right push; it is rare to see her take something seriously. She is the type of individual who does what she wants, when she wants simply because she had the urge to do so. Gaining incredible focus when she sees something she wants only to lose that focus and interest once she has it; she often or not, after a rather large theft of a priceless item, simply gives it to some random person as it no longer interests her. Holding a firm belief that everyone should act on their urges otherwise they are not truly living and instead are just simple husks that are moving simply because the worlds laws say they should, zombies if you will. She has a great distaste for laws or other other forms of restriction policies knowing that they make the world rather dull.

She has little to no concept of the ideals of good or evil and they themselves play little to no part in her thought process. If someone were to ask her what was something good and righteous she would probably just respond by saying that it is what ever makes you feel good and anything evil is just something that makes you feel bad; essentially believing that morality is not universal rather something more personal. Because of this base ideal she cares little for the well being for those around her nor does she have any sort of regrets of the results that her acts may cause; that is as long as she had fun doing it. This method of action has put her at odds with countless numbers of people over the years, especially considering the amount of lives she has ruined in one fashion or another, though has never once shown any sort of regret or sympathy. Lex is considered to be a mysterious woman, since her almost constant smile, combined with his heavy use of sarcasm and mocking politeness, make it very difficult to discern her thoughts.

Despite her apparent lack of a standard, if you will, morality she does not seem to take any sort of pleasure in ending another's life. By all means this does not mean that she is hesitant to do so nor does it mean that she has some sort of ethical boundary that would prevent her from doing so. Instead it is simply because of her love of the journey and ending another's life simply ends their journey, whether they realize this point of view or not is something up for debate. She despises standards and laws of any kind, even those set by the world itself. Even against those who have done nothing but great harm or ill will towards her she feels no need to kill as if she is the end result of their journey why not make it take just a bit longer... well at least she extends this courtesy to those who show some interest to her.

When meeting new people she will normally attempt to gleam insights into the persons mind and thought process then attempt to gently 'push' that person into a way that she herself will find entertaining; which normally entails pushing that person into doing things they normally would never do. She simply wants to see how the person will react to the situation and how they decide to move forward during or after the event. Lex thinks that, in a way, she is helping those people as they now understand themselves much better than they did before. Though this may just be random nonsense she says as it is truly merely for her own entertainment rather than for another's sake.

The girl possesses a incredibly intelligent mind and a knack for deductive reasoning, seemingly able to gleam a great deal of information about a person from the smallest bits of information as to who they are, where they have been, and even what it is that they are thinking of. She once displayed her deductive abilities to another by proving that a higher class lady was having an affair with a local lord simply from looking at her shoes and furthermore telling the individual that it was because she knew that they were expensively new and knowledge of the ladies troubling financial situation.

Overall Lex can be described as a truly chaotic force, and unforgettable trickster where no one will know what it is that she will do when being dealt with. Being one who is just as likely to help a stranger as she is to steal everything he owns and leave him naked in the middle of nowhere; what ever result proves the most interesting. Though the general aura she gives off makes her incredibly approachable and easily likeable, despite the fact that she may have mischievous plans for them. She seemingly has the strange knack for putting people around her at ease, being comfortable to be around, and has the appearance of someone incredibly reliable. One to be related to more mischievous acts than nefarious. Though no matter what if she ever were to ally herself with another her reliability can be something that comes without question as if she has actually allied with something clearly it aligns with her own interests. While it does not prove to be true for every occasion, on some the reasoning behind her deeds are not always completely selfish. There being a time where she does something simply to help turn the first gear on a grand clock, to set a chain of events in motion to what ever end. Though not matter the end one thing is always certain... it should be a interesting journey.

[spoiler="History:"]Lex was born in a small and generally unimportant kingdom in the east called the Mund Imperium to a penniless drunk and a unknown mother, so it would be sufficient to say that her childhood was at the bottom of the social chain. She essentially grew up in the streets as the places where they generally lived were rent free and owned by other individuals, which were then non-existent after they were kicked out. So Lex knew from a early age that it was better to just find her own place to sleep at night rather than depend on her drunken fathers random living arrangements.

The other children that she tended to acquaint herself with were others like herself, penniless street rats who had no were else to go. She quickly learned how to pickpocket after seeing another older child perform the act a small number of times and eventually gained quite a reputation about her petty criminal exploits. The money that she tended to acquire through this method tended to be little but it was enough to buy food for the day. But eventually the game changed when she decided to gamble by pickpocketing a individual from the higher social tiers. While she was successful in her initial exploit, her crime was quickly discovered by the individual. Though instead of turning her into the authorities he instead decided to take her under his care, not as a surrogate child or anything of the sorts but rather as a investment. The man eventually revealed himself as Jasper, the Imperium's spymaster.

Under Jasper's care he began to teach the young girl about [i]The Game[/i], a sort of facade portrayed by the Imperium's nobles when interacting with one another. Revealing that the politics of the country she was born into were, in a way, nothing more than a simple game played by the privileged, and most importantly that he could use someone like Lex whom he could use for his purposes. He taught the girl how to act, how to play a simple servant to the child of a estranged noble. She was educated on how to read people as to gleam some insight as to what move they were about to play in the game, and much more.

Over the next 5 years Lex became one of Jasper's most trusted tools for his trade, she brought a countless number of incriminating and humiliating secrets to him, assassinated numerous nobles so that they appeared to be the works of others, and many more acts that the majority of the world would see as... unsavory. All of which were for the sole benefit of Jasper himself as well as the King whom he worked for. Eventually though Lex grew tired of the performance in which she had been playing for so many years and eventually made her own move in order to eliminate Jasper and leave the country.

After she had made her move Lex fled the country and little to no one was any the wiser of the part she played in her dear old mentor and benefactor's demise. Eventually finding herself in the Kingdom of Lioness where she began to play a new game, one of her own making and intention. She began to wonder what it would be like to play a much 'darker' roll in the world and soon became a contract assassin in order to see what the types of individuals in that profession saw and felt. Figure out the ways that they would act and move in the world around them. For many years she played this part to a increasingly successful degree though like her previous profession she slowly grew tired and bored of the simple acts and outcomes of her actions. Finding that the general motive and end results of her temporary employers were... nothing but dull and shortsighted.

On her last contract assassination task to date she decided to change the part that she was playing. While she was about to end the life of the man she was contracted to kill she took notice of a rather intricate necklace on his wife's neck and furthermore realized that it was considered to be a priceless family heirloom that had never been touched by another's hand since its creation. She became puzzled by the idea of what it would be like to hold it, and possibly even more so as to the reactions of the lady in question once she found that her most prized possession was taken. Utilizing the skills she learned both as a child and under Jasper's tutelage she easily acquired the necklace with the noble not even realizing it until well after the day was over. The noble woman's own, seemingly, lack of care or even knowledge of the necklace made it even more of a good thing that it was now in the hands of someone who was actually able to understand the history and reverence of it.

The acquisition of the necklace made somewhat of a minor impact on the girls mind as she became somewhat fascinated by not just the necklace itself but any precious and legendary item in the world which no one was able to touch. She slowly became fond of the mere idea of being able to hold such objects in their hand, to be able to do something that the laws of this world deemed to be the worst grievance. After she found something new and interesting to do she simply tossed the necklace into the lap of a small child who would most likely think it was some random pretty bauble; having acquired and possessed the item was more than enough for her. Deciding to now just play the role off a 'simple' thief she adapted her self to the role even passing as a mere adventurer while she grew her true face as the Gilded Fox; who would soon be known as the most notorious thief in the kingdoms.

Over the next few years the tales of the Gilded Fox's exploits could be heard on the tongue of every commoner and noble from how she snatched the Sword of Anthanos right from the waist of a powerful Holy Knight to how she was able to trick the Duke of Covenwald into giving her to the legendary gem of Fanan. With every exploit, with every theft the tale of the Gilded Fox became both a story of a notorious criminal and one of romanticism as nearly every item she took was only to be found sometime later in the most random of villages and often or not either spelled heavy suspicion upon the residents or great fortune as they used it for their own benefit. This prompted many people to relate the Gilded Fox as a sort of peoples thief as in one who steals from the rich and gives to the needy. Though those that were not so lucky after her random discard of the items saw her has the worst kind of villain as the previous owners of the said items destroyed their lives to retrieve it and as retribution. Perplexing even the most deductive of knights whom never understood that she never cared about keeping the items, just being able to hold them for as long as it interested her.[/spoiler]
[spoiler="RP Sample:"]Source: Magi RP
The sound of the breaking cups and spilled drinks echoed though the Inn's dining area like a stone breaking stillness of a pond, almost as if the sound broke the very flow of everyone's conversation as they all found themselves looking to see what had happened. Many of which started to laugh at the sight, thinking that the accident was rather humerus, though none of them had expected the reaction of the accidents victims. More specifically the reaction of the young woman who was sitting in the middle of the trio. With little to no restraint the young woman sprang to life out of her seat and before anyone could even react the woman decked the waitress in the chest. Sending the waitress onto the ground in pain [font=undefined]"Tsk, you ungrateful Goi Filth!"[/font] the young woman yelled out at the poor waitress. At the sight that was unfolding in font of them was far from the result than that they were expecting, as could be seen from the blank and shocked expressions on their faces. Silence feel upon the other patrons as they watched the events unfold.

[font=undefined]"I think that I tolerated you more than enough, making us dine with the rest of your kinds filth was more than enough!"[/font] the young woman continued to yell at the girl, the tone and mannerism of her voice spewed out nothing but a sense of high born right. [font=undefined]"...I apologize young master, the fault lies with my clumsiness."[/font] the waitress said to her assailant, bowing her head to the ground in hopes that it would be enough to stay her assailants wrath. [font=undefined]"...had enough of your kind."[/font] the young woman quietly said to herself as a more dark aura fell upon the room as her right hand reached into the folds of her clothing for something.

Many of the other patrons decided to ignore the events that were unfolding just tables away, knowing that saying anything would do nothing but make the situation worse than it already was, and many others finding this situation much more humerus than the former; most of which did not even understand the woman's use of western slang. From the other side of the room, the owner of the Inn could do nothing but watch the situation unfold. Knowing, like any of the other concerned patrons, that doing anything would only make things worse. Though the look on his face showed his intent to assist his employee from the patrons wrath.

Whether for better or worse, the Inn keepers wishes were seemingly granted in the form of a man appeared from the Inn's kitchen. A young man in his early twenties wearing a apron and wielding a knife, most likely meaning that he was the establishments chef. [font=undefined]"Get your hands away from her!"[/font] the chef yelled out at the assailant, the mannerism and look of his face most likely meant that he was the waitresses boyfriend or lover, hoping to draw the woman's attention from the waitress. [font=undefined]"More Goi filth."[/font] the woman quietly said as she pulled out a small dagger from the folds of her clothing.

At the sight of the the woman's weapon the chef reacted in the way that everyone was expecting, wildly charging at the woman in a fit of pure rage and mannerism showing no sign of any sort of combat training or swordsmanship ability. Though before he got anywhere near the unfazed woman, her male companion suddenly appeared in front of the chef and before he could even react he found the hilt of the mans large sword being struck into his chest; knocking the man clear out. Sending a wave of shock and confusion into the crowd as none of them ever saw the male even move, let alone cross the distance between the table and the chef. The expression on the males face staying the same, though it was obvious that he had no intention of allowing the wild chef anywhere near his companion. The little girl, the only one of the three that remained at the table, seemed unfazed by any of the events that were unfolding just next to her. Rather she continued to fiddle around and play with her silverware as if this was a every day occurrence, or just a result of child like innocence. The Inn keeper and rest of the concerned patrons could do nothing but watch as the rest of the events unfolded.[/spoiler]
[b]Source:[/b] Ad on another forum that was being glanced through from an Ad on another forum.


[b]Name:[/b] Grim Lock
[b]Type:[/b] Manipulator Class
[b]Description:[/b] An enigmatic power which seemingly grants the user the ability to 'Lock' or 'Unlock' anything they touch including the immaterial. If this ability were to be used on a object with a physical/magical lock such as a door or chest the user could just simply touch it to unlock it without the need for a key, they could then lock it and as a byproduct make any key that would normally work on it useless; this ability effectively makes any physical or magical barrier useless against it. This ability is also able to lock physical objects in place meaning that if the user were to touch a incoming punch or other such things they could completely halt its movements and make the opponent unable to even move it.

Furthermore this ability is capable of locking things that are normally immaterial such as memories or even powers.

[b]Strengths:[/b] This ability is capable of locking and unlocking anything touched from the material to the immaterial.
[b]Weaknesses:[/b] The primary weakness of the ability is the main prerequisite of making physical contact with the to be effected item. Secondly, when effecting living material, in order for (some) of the effects to remain physical contact must be maintained.

[b]Fighting Style:[/b]



[b]Name:[/b] Grim Touch
[b]Type:[/b] Defensive/Supplementary
[b]Rank:[/b] Master
[b]Description:[/b] Utilizing most basic form of [i]Grim Lock[/i], to be used against a incoming attack, the user is capable of instantly halting the blow's movements upon physically touching the target. Though instead of merely halting its movements it only effects the portion of the target that is touched meaning that the rest of the target continues to move and effectively cause the damage to blow back upon the target. If used against power attacks/physical items it is capable of halting its entire movement, which continues to stay locked even after physical contact is negated. The user can later unlock it when willed even without physical contact.
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 2 Posts[/list]

[b]Name:[/b] Grim Item
[b]Type:[/b] Supplementary
[b]Rank:[/b] Expert
[b]Description:[/b] Utilizing most basic form of [i]Grim Lock[/i] the user is capable of instantly, and furthermore, locking the movements of any non-living material they touch. The locked item then cannot be moved from the position it was in when it was locked even after the user is no longer touching the object. Though that does not mean that the item in question cannot just be simply destroyed.
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 5 Posts[/list]

[b]Name:[/b] Grim Remembrance
[b]Type:[/b] Supplementary
[b]Rank:[/b] Expert
[b]Description:[/b] With a more fine controlled usage of [i]Grim Lock[/i] the user is capable of locking out any wished memories of a target upon physical contact. In order to lock out the memories of a target the user must simply think of a idea such as 'Before X Date' or 'Anything related to Swordsmanship'. Once locked the target will be unable to recall those memories furthermore have a difficult time even realizing that they cannot remember them. Though as it is a simple lock per-say it is possible to unlock them whether it be through time or by forcing the lock open through strong emotional connections.
Duration: 3 Posts
Cooldown: 2 Posts[/list]

[b]Name:[/b] Grim Thought
[b]Type:[/b] Supplementary
[b]Rank:[/b] Expert
[b]Description:[/b] With a more fine controlled usage of [i]Grim Lock[/i] the user is capable of locking in a single thought into a target upon physical contact. Once the thought is locked in they become unable to focus on anything else. Meaning that if the user were to lock in the thought of 'everyone will betray you' the target will be consumed with paranoia and believe that everyone is out to get them. Or the user could lock in the though of 'Everyone looks like your enemy' the target will perceive everyone around them as if they physically looked like who they were previously fighting.
Duration: 3 PostsCooldown: 2 Posts[/list]

[b]Name:[/b] Grim Focus
[b]Type:[/b] Supplementary
[b]Rank:[/b] Expert
[b]Description:[/b] With a medium level usage of [i]Grim Lock[/i] the user locks in their own senses onto a target, forcing their own body to intently focus on it. This effectively results in a incredible increase of sensory data from the target. Allowing the user to easily perceive and predict the targets movements and being able to know their location no matter where they go. Though the direct drawback of this is the focus itself as while it makes it incredibly useful in a 1v1 fight it essentially makes any other person invisible to the user.
Duration: 5 PostsCooldown: 7 Posts[/list]

[font=Trebuchet][u][size=18]Skill Template : [8800*1.15=[b]10120[/b]][/size][/u][/font]

[*][Strength Enhancement] - [Lv2]
[*][Speed Enhancement] - [Lv3]
[*][Damage Resistance] - [Lv2]
[*][Pain Resistance] - [Lv3]
[*][Damage Recovery] - [Lv3]
[*][Weapon Mastery] - [Lv1]
[*][Hand-to-Hand] - [Lv3]
[*][Stealth] - [Lv4]
[*][Mapping] - [Lv2]
[*][Power Sensory] - [Lv2]
[*][Illusion Resistance] - [Lv2]
[*][Battle Readiness] - [Lv2]
[*][Multitasking] - [Lv2]
Total Cost: 10100
Leftover Xp: 20

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Re: NTH - Lex Ivrend

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[b]Equipment Name:[/b] Farand Blades
[b]Equipment Type:[/b] Wrist Blade(s)/Bracer(s)
[b]Rank:[/b] Holy
[b]Treasure:[/b] No

[b]Description:[/b] The Farand Blades are one of the few souvenirs that Lex has taken with her from her days in the Mund Imperium. Originally designed by one of the greatest blacksmiths and inverter within the Imperium they themselves were to be his last piece of work before he was brutally murdered under suspicious events. While they were originally given to one of the knights within the Imperium they eventually found their way into Lex's hand after she herself assassinated him.

In their default state the Farand Blades take on the appearance of normal metallic bracers each of them with a series of 3 small sharply edged blades on one of the sides, these designed to be able to catch blades when utilizing them for defensive purposes. Though the true form of these items is when the mechanism on them is triggered and once done a 0.3m(1ft) long blade will extrude from the top portion of the bracer to cover the top of the users hands. These blades can quickly extrude and retract from the bracer in order to create sudden edged attacks and primarily designed to be utilized with a hand-to-hand combat fighter.

[b]Fighting Style:[/b] Lex uses these Farand Blades with both of their intended functions in mind; both as a defensive bracer and as a hidden bladed weapon. She utilizes them in such a way to augment her own hand-to-hand combat skills primary (defensively) to guard herself against bladed or blunt attacks and secondary (offensively) to create quick bladed strikes against a unsuspecting enemy. Essentially using them to extend the reach of her attacks with the quickly extruding blades.

[b]Empowered:[/b] No

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