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Alinora Kean

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Name: Alianora Kean
Tier: D-Rank
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age + Birthdate: 18 | November 18th
Nationality: Wanderer - Nereid
Race: Human
Specialization: Intelligence | Strength

    All living things, despite their believed strength and wisdom, share a unexplainable fear of the dark.
    The dark is peaceful and serene, it does not discriminate between those who are rich or poor, between those who were born with talent and those who are dull. It accepts all into its coming embrace, and to those who embrace it in turn are gifted with that which is beyond their measure. Alianora is one of the few who truly understands this fundamental truth about human existence, watching other humans scurrying and crawling their way towards the slowly dimming light, only to watch them snuff it out though their own hands and scream evermore into the darkness. A darkness that until that point openly welcomed it into the fold, only to now watch them as they beg for the light they snuffed out to return.

    Infinite chaos and uncontrollable will, this is not the true nature of the dark but rather of the light.
    Speaking and viewing the world from a age far greater than her own, Alianora views the world in such a way. Seemingly interacting with the world and others with the wisdom that one would normally obtain in their later years, though eve this may merely be a side effect of the true nature of her mind. Having been fully embraced by the dark her mind is as calm and serene a still pond under the night sky, calm and cool with nothing to break its hold. Viewing everything from this calm position while breaking it down into its most basic elements. Those that seek the dark amidst the light shall find it being nurtured within it.Both literally and figuratively, Alianora views the world in a vastly different light than the mere commoner and even to those who would place her on the same level as a sickly depraved. Not just seeking the dark in those around her, but rather the unconscious desire to find true peace and serenity. Giving her a inhumanly calm and placid mindset, even despite her violent nature. Finding that the emotions relating to anger, jealousy, or any other such undesirables to be nothing more than a hindrance than a benefit.

    A mind fallen into peace is one unphased by the troubles of world.
    She does not seek the comfort of friends for they would give her none, nor does she seek the benefit of an alliance with others for they would just falsely assume and bring everything down. The idea of having a friend with another rarely crosses her mind as she would see the other as a willing servant than anything else. Rather than seek their assistance she seeks their services and more importantly what they will be able to do for her. If she were to help another as if in the name of friendship it would be safe to assume that there is some sort of deeper meaning behind her actions than nonexistent kindness. When one fails to bring anything more to the table or they fulfill whatever result she had in store for them she would discard them like a used and rusted blade, one now unfit for battle. Neverless the aura she gives off brings about a air of kindness rather than one of darkness, as in truth it is one of serenity and the kindness of the dark rather than of herself. Making many others more than friendly with her, even to call her a friend even if she would have nothing but their own destruction in mind. Using this facade of kindness for their well being to her advantage.

    Nyctophilia | Described as a love for darkness or night, finding relaxation or comfort in the darkness. Alianora is at her most comfortable in dark and deserted places. Finding the night much more peaceful and relaxing than the robust and chaotic daytime, and even coming to the point that she just simply dislikes sunlight. Prompting her to nearly always carry around a umbrella to block out the sunlight as if it was acidic rain. The colder and darker the climate, the better.
    Rain | Out of any weather phenomenon Alianora finds the rain the most relaxing and beautiful. The sounds of countless numbers of rain drops falling from the skies is a sound that easily calms her mind and more so that it helps her to sleep like a baby in rough areas. Though that being said, it does not mean that she is fond of humid climates.
    Reading | Despite being blind, this minor handicap has not thwarted this girls love for the books. As instead of reading them with her own sight she commands the ruhk around her to read and say the words for her no matter the language. This makes a rather strange sight, being a blind girl with a open book in front of her, turning the pages. This makes many people question whether or not she is truly blind and play it off as a sympathy grab or some other form of quirk. Though no matter what others may think of her, the simple fact remains that she is a avid book worm. Taking in every and any opportunity to continue reading her current book whether they be romance novels from another land or a strange tomb on outcast thoughts of magical theory. Reading someones work is as close as one can to reading into another's mind, breaking down not just the words in the book but also the mannerism in which it is written allows one to see how one thought.

    The Depraved | What does it mean to be one of the depraved? To induce chaos for its sake. To be broken down again and again only to fall to the same faults as those before you. Or is there something more to falling from Soloman's so called grace than merely becoming depraved. Alianora views the depraved as unfinished products, vessels who stopped their transformation halfway merely because they did not understand the true nature of what they were becoming; an Embraced. That they are people who are just as broken and fearful as those who are still within the hateful Soloman's bliss.
    The Robust | As someone who prefers the peace and quiet, it is no surprise that she tends to dislike any form of crowded or busy area. Finding those places that are teaming with ever moving life to leave a bad aftertaste, though that being said she is not against going into such areas as they are also breeding grounds for the lesser forms of dark.
    The Closed Minded | Someone who is unwilling to even consider the belief's and ideals of another is someone who is already lost to the world, one who is bound for nothing but to be used by their ideals and those will believe or use those ideas themselves; a fate of self induced infliction. Even more so for those who follow belief's without any sort of justification, those who merely grew up with those ideals being fed to them, and never once asked the questions. These types are the ones who are unfortunately not worth being embraced, those that if they did fall would be bound for nothing but a depraved soul.

    Amnesiphobia | Fear of amnesia or the fear of forgetting is one of Alianora's greatest fears. As a memory is not just a memory, it is a piece of yourself and when you begin to lose those pieces you will become something foreign and alien. Being one who loves their current self and view of the world it is not surprising that the idea of being forced to become something else against your will, and worst of all the fact that you would not even notice or care about the change. As what event or memory that made you who you are would be gone.

    The Moonless Night | Somewhere deep within the heart of the Nereid libraries lies a tomb which describes, what many would consider, a horrific end to all life. Though within the text it does not describe it as such rather it details it as a everlasting peace. A world in which the dark consumes all and brings about a deep everlasting peace within the dark, a world in which every living being with a will finds serenity, a world in which the placid surface of a pond is never disturbed by a rogue leaf. Having been embraced by this deep darkness, one further beyond the limits of a mere depraved soul, Alianora wishes to bring upon the peace she has found for herself onto the rest of the world.

Face-Claim: Unknown
Weight: 150lbs
Hair Color: Scarlet
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'7"
Rukh Alignment: Black
Special Traits: Blind | Although not sightless from birth, Alianora willingly gave away her sight when she became one of the embraced so that she could see how the world should truly be rather than see the idiocy brought by the light. Though just because her eyes no longer recognize light does not mean that she is truly blind, as when one sense is cut off other windows open. After discovering her talent in magic, and even more years of being one with the dark in necropolis long forgotten by the world she discovered a new way to see the world around her. Rather than see light she sees the gravitational subtleties of everything around her. Allowing her to see the gravitational pull that everything emits, and as a byproduct allowing her to in a way see the true weight of everything by the size of its pull. As well as granting herself a immunity to the tricks and lies brought on by the light.

Birth of Darkness
Alianora entered the world of the living in the great city of Nereid, a citadel otherwise known as the Moonlit Towers, situated far to the north of Magnostadt and farther to the west of Zou. Her homeland was a prosperous city-state with a advanced military and magicians that could one day rival Magnostadt's. Though Alianora was not born into the life of luxury or into a family with any sort of talent or linage, merely a commoners blood and a commoners life. Her father served as a knights squire, making his way being a nobles lackey by doing anything he required from cleaning his cloths and armor to following him on military marches. Her mother was a maid for the same nobles family, working for the wife of the noble her father squired for. All in all, for the life of a commoner, their family had it much better off than most being that their work and pay would be far more steady than those who were forced into other lines of work to feed their families.

Even when she was a child she could remember seeing the countless number of beautiful white butterflies that filled every corner of her world, unknown that she was the only one in her family who could even see them; her parents just brushing it off as childish imagination. Unknown to the fact that being able to see such things could mean a far better future for their daughter. For the longest time Alianora believed them to just be ordinary butterflies, ignorant to the fact that they would one day become the center of her existence.

As she grew older, despite her young age, she began to see a change in the world around her. Year after year the numbers of white Ruhk began to dwindle as they were replaced by a sinister replacement; the black butterflies. While she was with her mother at work she could not help but overhear the conversations of the nobles and their mages within the halls, hearing nothing but sinister words and thoughts being emanated from their mouths. Words of hatred, darkness, war, and death. When she mentioned this to her mother she was responded with a slap across her face and a scolding, being told to never mention anything she heard while in the nobles house.

Before her tenth year the world that she once adored was now consumed by the ever growing numbers of black Ruhk. People, who had once been kind neighbors, now gave each other hate and fearful looks as if at any moment what ever it was that was holding them back would shatter. Even her parents gave off the same aura, keeping her indoors and preventing her from playing or even speaking to the other children who she once enjoyed spending a afternoon with. Then on the night of her 10th year the darkness that had always cloaked the world at night failed to recede, the world of the Moonlit tower had been born.

Before she, or even her parents, could even register what had happened to their small world, it began to tear itself apparent. Fights and riots began to appear all over the city. Neighbors, co-workers, and even distant relatives began to tear at each other with blade and hand. Soldiers, who had been sworn to protect the city, began sweeping through it to eradicate any living being in their sight only to turn against another group of soldiers until only a few on one side was left. For three days she and her family had refuge within their home, but before the 4th night could pass those who had once prowled the streets were forced indoors to clear out the hidden prey. Before she could even utter a scream spear and blade could be seen being pierced through her parents. The little girl could only lay in the blood and mangled bodies of her parents as their assailants passed over the girl who was hidden beneath them and hidden in the shadow of the building.

She could not know how long it was that she laid there, unable to process the horrors that she had just seen. Only to lay in the dark of the house while the blood that was once warm to the touch began to turn cold and sour. The white butterflies that had once surrounded her had long been tainted by the darkness, and her mind which had a firm grasp of her little world had already since crumbled with the lives of her parents. No matter how how long or how loud she screamed into the darkness nothing would change, nothing would save her from the horrors that she had seen and nothing would bring her out of the darkness that had engulfed her soul.

In time she grew tired of screaming, and instead just laid there in the darkness, waiting for what ever end decided to fall upon her. As she laid there in the darkness she finally began to feel at ease, becoming used to the slowly thickening blood that she laid in, becoming accustomed to not having to see the horrors around her within the darkness. Growing evermore thankful that the darkness made her feel at ease, and hopping that it would never have to fade away. When she finally felt enough at ease, for the first time in however long it was, she pushed off the mangled bodies of her former parents and began walking to the door. As she did, she could hear the crackle of fire, the smell of burning wood and corpses though even still it felt rather peaceful, and when she finally did open her eyes to the world around her she found that the darkness she had asked to stay forever did.

An Embraced
For years, Alianora found herself alone within the city she had called her home. All of the occupants had already long since passed, or fled to a kinder land. Though rather than feel alone, she felt at ease. The soundless nights became more and more peaceful with each passing day, the cluttering and overpowering noises of everyday life in the city were how hushed by the serenity of the darkness that had engulfed the city. Despite her sight being long gone, she was still able to live within the decayed city by following the black ruhk that she could sense, they directed her to where there was water and food. Their feeling became her sight and her only companion within the darkness, and she was nothing but thankful for the comfort and peace they brought her.

As the years passed she could slowly begin to hear the voices of the black ruhk around her, first beginning with strange whispers in the darkness and slowly becoming more and more audible until they became clear as the voices she had once heard in the past. The voices began to give her vague hints and truths of the world around her, directing her to the libraries which possessed tombs describing the nature and usage of magic and then reading to words to her. Slowly the black ruhk had begun to give the girl the knowledge she needed to learn magic.

Despite her blindness, Alianora had begun to see the world in a different kind of light. Stemming from the countless numbers of tombs she had read, she had begun to focus on the subtle things in the world around her. Her own natural affinity being the dark magic of strength, she had become sensitive to the very gravity around her and over time she had begun to see the very world from the gravity every object in the world emitted. Seeing the gradual pull that everything emitted, attempting to become closer and closer to that which was around it, though unable to overcome the bindings that the very ground they stood on chained them to.

Once she had finally began to truly obtain a grasp on the very existence of the world around her the ruhk began to sing a different story, their idle chatter that was once one of direction to knowledge began to speak of themselves and more importantly those who failed to truly become embraced by them. That those who failed, instead of finding true peace and serenity like she herself had, instead become tormented and confused as they fought the change that was happening inside of them. As even the slightest bit of resistance within the soul prevented one from falling out of the bounds of the barrier between the dark and light. To be forever bound between the two rather than finding peace within the dark that they belonged in. Weaving a tale of a world cloaked and embraced within the dark a world were all of creation was able to break the shackles of chaos that bound them, a world where life could break the endless cycles that constricted them. They began to speak of the Moonless Night.

Knowing now the path that she had to take, she understood that her time under the Moonlit Tower was coming to a close, as now there was little that the darkness of her homeland could teach her now. As to follow the path she willed to take, she would have to embark to new lands to seek out the answers to the endless questions she sought. After 18 years, the once little girl left the endless nights of the Moonlit Tower for the outside world.

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