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SoulEater-> Kanashi Hayate

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~Technician Application~

Scream On High...
Name: Kanashi, Hayate
Age: 13
Height: 5'5
Weight: 130lbs
Hear My Soul...

Personality: Along with the history, this is one of the most important parts of your application, so be as descriptive as possible. The personality must be a minimum of 250 words, but a better personality will warrant a higher rank. Remember, your personality determines what kind of weapons you can use. Gary Stu's and Mary Sue's will be found out!
Feel My Wrath...
Technician Style: Hayate's fighting style is quick, agressive, and his forte taking out his targets without them even realizing hes there...assasination. His combat strength lies in close combat and uses quick and decisive moves to overwealm his enemies and is quite acrobatic. Using his blade and his entire body as a weapon along with Soul Purge, which his own style involves mutch turning and twisting movements. His favorate blade to use is a Zanbato, and despite its size he is quite nimble with one and posses a larger than normal strength for his age group. And if not using a Zanbato he is well versed in hand to hand combat.
Soul Purge
By resonating with his own soul Hayate can drive his own soul wavelength directly into his opponent's body through a physical strike on them. This can cause strong direct and internal damage, or even to cancle out others Soul Purge
Soul Perception
Hayate's soul perception is quite advanced for his age, is is able to see the souls of anyone around him even when his eyes or closed with percision. Allowing him to easily track someone even when he cannot see. Though it is not advanced enough to see though a Soul Protect.
Soul Mist
Hayate's rather unique ability, by amplifying his own soul he is capable of releasing it in the surrounding area as a mist. Making it impossible for people to see a foot in front of them, this also makes it impossible to track him though sensing his soul for the entire mist is made of it, giving him a advantage of being able to use his own.

Turn Back The Pendulum...

History: Along with the personality, this is one of the most important parts of your application, as it defines how your character should be Rped. The minimum for the History is 500 words, but a better History will warrant a higher rank. Gary Stu's and Mary Sue's will be found out!

RP Sample: The RP Sample should be an example of how you would RP the character you are applying for. The minimum is 250 words but a better RP Sample will warrant a higher rank. The sample must be done in the 3rd person and in the past-tense.

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