Dominic T. Gever

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Dominic T. Gever

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[div align="center"][tbody][/tbody][table][tr][td style="width:450px;height:500px;font-family:arial;color:#2E2E2E;font-size:10px;background-color:E3E3E3;background-image:url(;border-top:7px solid #131313;border-left:7px solid #131313;border-right:7px solid #131313;"][color=#2e2e2e][font=arial][color=#2e2e2e][font=arial][color=#2e2e2e][font=arial][color=#2e2e2e][font=arial][div align="center"][img src="" style="max-width:100%;"] [img src="" style="max-width:100%;"] [img src="" style="max-width:100%;"][/div][div align="left"][div style="width:287px;height:20px;border-radius:10px;background-color:#F6F6F6;font-family:arial;color:#B6BABB;font-size:16px;text-transform:uppercase;text-align:center;"]behind the face of the warrior[/div][/div][blockquote][b]NAME & EPITHET[/b] | Dominic T. Gever

[b]AGE[/b] | 26
[b]RACE[/b] | Human
[b]GENDER[/b] | Male
[b]SEXUALITY[/b] | Heterosexual
[b]BIRTHPLACE[/b] | Flayer Canyon, Grandline

[b]ALIGNMENT[/b] | Cipher Pol 9
[b]OCCUPATION[/b] | Cipher Pol Agent[/blockquote][div align="left"][div style="width:459px;height:20px;border-radius:10px;background-color:#F6F6F6;font-family:arial;color:#B6BABB;font-size:16px;text-transform:uppercase;text-align:center;"]we all wear masks, i can see you have one as well[/div][/div][blockquote][b]POSITIVE TRAITS[/b]
✔ Adaptable
✔ Thorough
✔ Patient
✔ Decisive
✔ Intuitive
✔ Loyal
✔ Reserved[/list]
✖ Cunning
✖ Detached
✖ Aloof
✖ Sneaky
✖ Finicky
✖ Miserly[/list]

Dominic is first and foremost a infamously notorious clean freak among the other Cipher Pol agents, when not on a mission he spends the majority of his time cleaning where ever it is that they are staying; even staying off sleep to clean. Due to this obsession he also developed a major case of insomnia over the years as well as a demonic aura towards those who bring back dirt and filth back into a clean room. Though strangely enough even though he is the cleanest member of the Cipher Pol he is exceptionally prone to catching any bug flying around, meaning that he is essentially always sick with a cold or flu. Which his knack for catching any sickness going around has prompted him to eating extremely healthy, and due to no one else being able to cook to his standards he has taken up the art himself. Seeing it as his duty to make sure that all other members of the Cipher Pol eat as healthy as him, though is very likely to poison others food if they cross or annoy him. Out of nearly any other Cipher Pol member he is the most known for controlling others with fear, with a simple demonic glance with his eyes enough for force any other member back into their place for fear of his wrath; a wrath far more worst than physical harm.[/list]


[/blockquote][div align="left"][div style="width:380px;height:20px;border-radius:10px;background-color:#F6F6F6;font-family:arial;color:#B6BABB;font-size:16px;text-transform:uppercase;text-align:center;"]i will make use of these weapons of war[/div][/div][blockquote][b]DEVIL FRUIT / FIGHTING STYLE[/b] | Dominic consumed the devil fruit known as the Doa Doa no mi, otherwise known as the Door Door Fruit, giving him to create and control doors or any aspect of them. This fruit is most commonly demonstrated by creating physical or air doors through physical touch, where in the latter he is able to enter a pocket dimension and therefore can pass though any defenses or object. Though unlike users of the past Dominic has learned, in his opinion, a more useful application of the fruits ability's. As a frame is apart of a door he is able to control those as well, and by working off of the concept that "Every frame has a entrance and exit" he is able to connect any two frames he wishes, allowing one to walk into one and out a completely separate frame as if they were the same. This technique merely requires him to physically touch one frame with his hands or feet, and the second to be within 100m or one he has seen before; granting him a high range of fluidity with this technique. The frames themselves merely have to be a enclosed box, triangle, or circle shaped object. If wished, just like a door, he can materialize a frame though any object he wishes and then freely control its movements.

Working off of another concept of a door is the idea of permissions, or in other words choosing who or what to admit to pass though his doors or frames, permissions that he himself must abide by. This would be be things such as "Living beings only, no objects", meaning that a person could walk though but as they did they would be stripped of their clothing, weapons, and possessions; them being found laying just on the other side. Unfortunately these permissions cannot go down into extreme detail or cause physical harm to someone. Another useful aspect of his frames is by severing their connection while objects or individuals are still in them, though while being able to sever anything they do not cause death. Rather they work on a basis similar to the Bara Bara no Mi or those cut by the Ope Ope no Mi and as such can be re-attached with no negative side effects.

As a member of CP9 Dominic is a highly trained martial artists and a highly adept user in all six forms of Rokushiki, having a personal specialty in the usage and general application of Soru. Focusing on quick and precise strikes to take down opponents before they even realize that someone has happened. Possessing a extraordinarily fine level of control over every Rokushiki technique he possesses. As a trained Haki user he has almost exclusively trained and mastered the usage of Kenbunshoku Haki, making the already nimble fighter a even greater challenge to face. In terms of Busoshoku Haki he is able to use it enough to be able to fight Logai users and augment his physical abilities but nothing outside of the most basic forms.

[b]STRENGTHS[/b] | The primary strength of Dominic's fighting style is high adeptness and skill towards any of the Rokushiki techniques, though most importantly is his sheer level of skill, speed, and precision when executing these techniques. But if someone had to place a name onto his true specialty, it would be in the usage and application of the technique known as Soru. Though unlike other members who use it just as a means to gain a burst of speed, Dominic applies its theory to every movement he does. Essentially meaning that he is able to preform every movement he does 10+ times in the time it would take any other member to do a single time.

[b]WEAKNESSES[/b] | As with any other devil fruit user Dominic is susceptible to the effects of both seawater and kairoseki, both of which are able to both negate his abilities as well as drain his strength. In terms of his fruits abilities, the most prominent weakness is that once "doors" have been manifested, rather than remaining that way indefinitely, they will automatically re-seal themselves once again after a set amount of time, regardless be it by Dominic's volition or simply by their own. Also the Doa Doa no Mi is one of the few Paramecia Fruits unable to directly injure or kill the opponent, meaning it has very few offensive capabilities. As for his Rokushiki abilities, unfortunate for opponents is the simple fact that the technique in itself was designed to have little to no true exploitable weaknesses.

[b]WEAPONS[/b] | N/A

[b]HAKI[/b] | Kenbunshoku & Busoshoku: As a trained Haki user he has almost exclusively trained and mastered the usage of Kenbunshoku Haki, making the already nimble fighter a even greater challenge to face. In terms of Busoshoku Haki he is able to use it enough to be able to fight Logai users and augment his physical abilities but nothing outside of the most basic forms.[/blockquote][/font][/color][/font][/color][/font][/color][/font][/color][/td][/tr][/table][tbody][/tbody]
[table][tr][td style="width:459px;font-family:arial;color:#2E2E2E;font-size:10px;background-color:E3E3E3;background-image:url(;border-top:1px dotted #131313;border-left:7px solid #131313;border-right:7px solid #131313;border-bottom:7px solid #131313;text-align:justify;"][list]
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[font=undefined][font=undefined]|[/font][/font] [b]your characters;[/b] n/a
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Love C. Lestrout

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Basic Info
First Name: Love
Middle Name/Initial: C.
Last Name: Lestrout
Epithet: 'Loveless'
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155lbs
Allegiance: Bounty Hunter
Affiliations: N/A
Occupation: Bounty Hunter, Tracker
Bounty: N/A
Appearance: Requires at least 3 lines of description. Pictures are nice, but not required. If you use a picture, you must also have a description
Character Goals:

Rank: E

    Strength – 4
    Agility – 9
    Intelligence – 6
    Constitution – 6
    Fortitude – 5

Fighting Prowess
Fighting Style: Swordsmenship
Weapon Proficiency:

    Katana: 5

Weapons: Katana
Devil Fruit: Jinkusu Jinkusu no Mi (lit 'Jinx Jinx Fruit' aka 'Basil Hawkins' Fruit)
Combat Techniques:

    Voohuu Tact | E
    The most basic ability of the devil fruit its its ability to redirect any instances of physical damage inflicted upon him onto another person via straw voodoo dolls. This technique is activated once the user physically touches a person, attuning them to one of the numerous dolls within his own body, or when a individual makes contact with himself and any doll that he has created then left in the world. Love is able to choose where the physical damage is sent, as well as know the position of anyone with one of his dolls within them or where ever one of his dolls are. Each doll is only able to redirect one instance of physical damage before it ejects from his body, with the said damage being shown on the doll as well as the unfortunate victim. At E rank the user is able to keep a maximum of 5 dolls attuned at any given time. If a attuned individual

    Voohuu Bow | E
    Using the fruits power to create straw dolls, Love will eject a normal doll from his body though unlike others this one quickly grows into the same size and shape of himself or another person he has seen. Once it is the right size its colors change to match the person it is mimicking, becoming a perfect physical replica of the person. This doll is able to function in the same way any human would, albeit being unable to speak, but is able to utilize any weapons created as if they were real. The last function of these mimic dolls is that the user can redirect instances of physical damage onto them as if was from his Voohuu Tact ability, though like them after the user redirects one instance the doll takes the damage and becomes inert. As they are made of straw, if cut or busted open it will reveal their straw nature. Each of these takes up one of the users maximum doll slots.

    Voohuu Scramble | E
    Using his link with both his dolls and those attuned to himself, Love will use this to his advantage and allow him to literally switch the places of himself with either one of his dolls or one that he has attuned to. This ability helps counter the fruits main weakness of possessing only a finite number of dolls. If the user uses this technique more than once every 5 posts, it will make the doll inert after the 2nd usage.

    Voohuu Mon | E
    Using the power of the devil fruit, Love will turn his own body into a form similiar to a large scarecrow like entity. Obtaining skin that looks like straw and metal mails functioning as his claws and fingers. While in this form strength is valued over all others, switching Love's speed with his strength, and granting him greater physical capabilities.

You start with 5 techniques, including your devil fruit techniques. Further techniques must be bought. When you write down your techniques set it up like such:   (Rank _ ) Tech Name -- Tech Description
Union Techniques: You start with 2 techniques. Further union techniques cannot be bought.
Special Techniques: N/A

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