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Put the name of your character here.

Name: Crocker H. Kass (H. = Howar)
Epithet: BoomHowar
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Place of Birth: August Grove, South Blue

Allegiance: Pirate
Bounty: 21,000,000
Bounty Collected:
Role(s): Fighter, Hunter
Jolly Roger/Flag:

    To become a full fledged member of his masters crew.
    To participate in the great hunt.
    Fight the strongest beings alive.

Character Appearance: Put the appearance of your character here write at least 3 lines please detailing your characters physique, facial details and clothing.

Character Personality: Kass tends to be described and a very simple and straight forward individual, being very forward about his own thoughts and decisions, rarely/if not ever lie or cover up what he has done or what he intends to do. Being very brash and brutal while showing little to no hesitation while hunting down humans like cattle. This not only makes it very easy for his masters to know his intentions, but also makes it difficult for others to work with him due to the other... more discomforting aspects of his personality.

The main portion of his mindset that throws people off is his inclination towards vulgarity, violence and fighting, though most of all the humanistic thrill he derives from hunting others to the ends of the earth. Tending to be not only very rude towards others that he does not know, but also to those he knows; even more so to those that he knows and understands to be more powerful as his extreme rudeness or attempts to rile others up is his unconscious way of provoking others into a fight.

What most come to expect from him he has a extraordinary high self-esteem and a even greater willpower that trumps anyone's attempts at making him back down from a fight or order. The only people that he seems to have any sort of respect for is those that impress or defeat him in a fight, or those that hold the higher positions within the crew his master holds.

Despite his rebellious and brash personality, Kass displays visible hesitation when dealing with girls, often blushing and stuttering around them uncontrollably. The only times that he shows little to no hesitation is if she is the target of a order, and so his greater need to complete his masters order overrides his inability to deal with the opposite gender; or at least he likes to think so.

Character's Background: Somewhere in the seas of the south there is a island which most sensible humans have fled from many years earlier, with the only ones there now being those fleeing from the law or those who bath in the world of the lawless. Having no memories of his own parents, or even really caring that he did. The one thing that he remembers from his childhood is his master and the Autumn leaves that constantly fell onto the island.

As with most children, he saw his master as a father figure and latched onto his side where ever he went. All the while being trained by him in the art that he himself would call his own; human hunting. Though unlike most who call themselves 'hunters', otherwise known as marine bounty dogs, Kass was not being trained to collect bounties and hand over the true prize to the marines. He was being trained to capture or kill the targets assigned to him whether they be marine, pirate, or of any other alliance. Imprinted from a early age that the pursuit of money and wealth was pointless, and the only thing that truly mattered was the success of his masters.

While most would see his childhood as brutal or cruel, he saw it as the most thrilling times of his life. Being thrown somewhere in the middle of the Autumn woods, given nothing but his own mind and hands, and told to track down and kill the other man; a man who was told that if he wanted his freedom that he had to ether get the coast or kill his pursuer. Over the course of many years he became more and more efficient in not only being able to tell where someone or something has passed through but to also predict on where they were most likely going to go. More so, due to his linage, he possessed a ability more akin to a dog than human. That being his acute sense of smell which not only allowed to distinguish people but also objects, direction of various scents over a incredibly wide range over a variety of terrains; most of which he was thrown into for training. With his growing skill set not a single one of the prisoners made it to the coast. Eventually, once they became to easy he was tasked with his first real mission.

Given nothing but travel funds and a name, he was tasked to track down and kill a woman that was fleeing from one of his masters. A woman who's knowledge, in the right hands could deal a blow to one of their operations. As a gift from the master that he saw as a father, to assure his success in the events to come he granted him a spoonful of a grainy fruit which had the stench of sulfur and gunpowder. Barley able to keep it down he was informed of what it truly was and what he would be able to do.

With these three things he left the island for the last time to find and eliminate his charge, what ever way he decided to do so was up to him; his master preferring in a more open and brutal fashion in order to make a statement for all those who possessed the crossing thought of defying them. With the ability to do what he wanted his name began to pop up from one island to another, and in each one leaving behind a trail of blood and carnage. Eventually being seen as a threat to the world government and had a bounty placed on his head, which over the course of many months slowly began to rank up. Mostly because of the damages and deaths of numerous marines, bases, and civilians.

Even though he already had a important task, though his lengthy travels he began to take on other tasks for his masters as well. Ranging from locating lost or stolen items and goods to finding the location of hidden individuals or hideouts. With the end result usually in the realm of setting a example so no one else tried the same, these tasks tended to be more than easy for him due to the simple fact that he had enough of their scent to go on already while the more challenging tasks involved individuals who were not set up on the said island. Further adding to his already growing bounty with charges of theft, destruction of property, kidnapping, murder, blackmail, destruction of navy property, and countless others.


    Bloodline: Stemming from the strength of his very bloodline, Kass is granted various advantages which extend both in and out of combat. Apart from possessing a natural ability for physical abilities and natural resilience to disease and toxins he exhibits extremely heightened senses, particularly his sense of smell. He can discern characteristics of most objects through scent. Through smell alone, Kass can follow events transpiring far away or which have already transpired. With even the smallest sample of someones scent, it becomes even easier to follow the path someone took, even if it was days or even weeks earlier. Aside from smell, he is able to see much farther and clearer than normal human eyes, even having a easier tome seeing though thick fog and mists. Even with his hearing he is able to catch even the smallest of noises in the area around him.

    Agility: From his training he was taught over the years that it was more useful to be fast and nimble over sluggish and strong. Having a more focus on the ability to move he is quicker, flexible, and acrobatic than the normal human. Able to preform many maneuvers and stunts that most would consider to be neigh impossible. With the addition of his devil fruit abilities he relies on speed and maneuverability more over brute strength as he can then rely on his devil fruit abilities to cause the most effective amount of damage.

    Throwing: A rare skilled that not to many employ, is the ability to fling objects at high speeds with precision. Normally used with coins, in the form of card throwing, or with any small object. Kass is able to fling them with just his fingers at high speeds with precision. With his devil fruit powers he can cause the objects to explode when willed.

    Tracking: Being trained in the art since before he could remember, it would be a understatement to say that Kass was skilled in the art. With a keen eye for detail for what happens around him it is more than a simple matter to notice the movements that have transpired from both the present and past. Able to derive a excessive amount of details of a person just from the smallest of clues, even predicting where one will be next becomes a easier matter the more he knows of someone. With his sense of smell he can not only follow a person for leagues, but though it be able to smell where one has been and what they have been doing. Because of all this knowledge he is just as able to make sure that the traces he leaves behind are non existent. Effectively meaning that, if he needs to, he is able to both enter and leave a area and leave no trace that he even was. Making it not only difficult to follow the tracker, but to even find him when you know he is nearby though any sense.

Combat Techniques:

    Nokku ('Knock') -- A simple and straight forward technique where Kass simply has his palm or other select part of the body explode. If not in contact with anything it is capable of knocking anything in front of it back as well as causing some burning and internal damage due to the shock wave produced by the explosion. While if in contact it causing far superior amounts of damage due to higher pressures in a more confined area, well able to blow off limbs and other body parts.

    Urotsuku ('To Knock Around') -- When fighting those with bladed weapons, or in reality any type of weapon, Kass is able to fight on par with them as if he had a blade himself. By causing small, yet confined and powerful explosions at a point of impact he is able to block, deflect, and even knock back weapons. Making it not only effective when fighting swordsmen, but even those who use their fists.

    Kattobasu ('Knock-Out') -- While having rocks, or any solid/sturdy object such as metallic fragments and even sand, Kass will cause the palm of his hand to explode. Causing the fragments to fly out of his palm at high speeds and easily able to pierce though wood and stone; able to pierce skin to cause internal damage, blind opponents, and burst eardrums.

    Nokkuon ('Knock-On') -- As strange as it is this is one of his more 'subtle' techniques due to its unpredictability. Relying on the knowledge that any part of him is able to explode, Kass is able to cause anything and everything that he has ever touched to explode in turn. Despite how it appears the item or spot that he touched is not exploding itself rather it is the skin cells/oil/sweat that is left behind that is exploding. Which also means that it can be washed off is necessary. By flinging small objects he has touched such as pebbles, coins, or even snot and sweat he is able to create exploding ranged projectiles which can cause fragmentation, incineration, and pressure shock damage.

    Rinkai ('Critical Pressure') -- Kass will cause a part of his body to explode, though unlike other explosions it does not explode in the same sense as others. Instead this explosion causes a sudden and drastic rise in pressure in the area, allowing it to damage internal organs and in heavier cases it can even cause permanent damage. Because of its nature it is able to pass though other solid objects such as armor, walls, or even water. Which can also result in the weakening of what it passes though.


    Packs of Cigarettes

Devil Fruit: Bomu Bomu no Mi - Bomb Bomb Fruit
Class: Paramecia
Powers: The Bomu Bomu no Mi is a paramecia type devil fruit which transforms the holders body into a living bomb, essentially becoming a bomb man. The user of the fruit is able to cause any part of their body, whether it is attached or not, to violent explode with no harm done to the user themselves. This also means that the user is essentially immune to explosions in any form they come in and the ability to evaluate the strength of a explosion. This fruit has no apparent weaknesses aside from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.

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