Gekkou, Hayate [Human Fullbring User]

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Gekkou, Hayate [Human Fullbring User]

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Basic Information
Name: Gekkou, Hayate
Nickname: Admin
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Grade: 11th
Occupation: Professional Hacker.
Rank: Special. Fullbring User.

Personal Information
Personality: (How your character acts alone and with others. What's normal for them.)
    Likes: Games, Girls, Junk Food, Cigarettes, and more games because lets face it he is a gamer to the core.
    Dislikes: Running out of Cigarettes, boring games, not knowing things, and most people.
    Genius Intellect: Hayate has proven himself to be one of the most intelligent people within or outside of Soul Society. Much of his intellect results in deduction of situations and combative skills and tactics. He is one of the only beings capable of absorbing the massive amount of information granted by his fullbring and actually make sense of it.

    Master Strategist & Tactician: Despite his aloof and unkempt appearance, Hayate has repeatedly shown himself to be a very insightful and cunning man. He also possesses great intuition, able to quickly become aware of any incoming danger and react to it in time. Hayate has an undeniable talent for thinking things well in advance as well, make decisive and accurate decisions quickly in battle, and able to perceive any situation at hand. He generally has shown himself to also be a crafty tactician from how easily he can deceive both allies and enemies. He has also shown to be a very perceptive and analytical man from how quickly he can analyze an opponent's power and attack patterns to ultimately make them useless against him.

    Observer: He is extremely perceptive of any situation around him, allowing him to see even the slightest of details and use them to his advantage. When combined with his intelligence it allows him to create vast strategies allowing him to stay steps ahead of his opponents even if they do not know it.

    Immense Spiritual Power: Despite being a human he boasts a great amount of spiritual energy. His energy is intense enough to make opponents also with high levels of energy sweat in fear. When releasing his spiritual pressure, it can cause a shockwave strong enough to affect a considerable radius. It is so high in order to sustain his Fullbring and its abilities. He is also capable of completely suppressing his Reiatsu signature, making him impossible to be sensed by others though these means.

    Enhanced Spirtual Sense: Despite being only a human he possesses a powerful ability to sense spiritual presences around him even without his fullbring. He is capable of finding, tracking, and even sensing spiritual power within a radius the size of Soul Society.
    Physical Abilities: Due to the nature of his fullbring Hayate has no need to be physically trained, which would be considered a major weakness by some. In any physical abilities he is average on a human level. Including Strength, Speed, Durability, or any skill with weapons.

Sexual Orientation: (Whether your character is straight, homosexual, bisexual, etc.)
Relationship Status: (Single and looking, single and not looking, in a relationship, married, engaged.)

Name: Admin
Affinity Object: Any computer he comes into contact with.
Description: Hayate's fullbring gives him the ability to to use a computer in order to 'figuratively' make the world around him into a computer. He is able to connect the world around him by using the Reiatsu around him as if they were circuits in a computer. Allowing him to obtain massive amounts of information on what is around him, and use the Reiatsu circuits in order to make or manipulate things within it as if really was a computer. His current area of influence is about 1k Radius from where ever he is.

Some of the information he is able to obtain is a map of the area and who or what is inside of it, almost like having millions of security cameras through the area. Knowing when a 'Player' enters the area, and can easily track them even if they are use high speed movement. Meaning that once they step within a certain radius of Hayate they will appear on his screen as well as information about them. Ranging from their 'Stats' which is a list of their physical abilities with a specific #. As well as any ability that they use within the area is recorded, or even some basic abilities. Even if people have their Reiatsu suppressed he can still see them for they cannot suppress their true presence within his area.

He is able to create things within the area, one of the things being his 'Character'. Which is a virtual or rather a spiritual version of Hayate that has the same body structure as a Shinigami, arrancar, or spirit would. His character is controlled by Hayate as if it was a character in a game, it is able to talk, walk, or even fight on his behalf. Because it has the same structure as a Shinigami or other spirit is able to take damage though unable to die as a actual spirit would. The character is capable of the same physical feats that a Shinigami or arrancar would and would be on the same level physically as any other, capable of things Hayate himself is not (Has same Tier as Hayate). But for every character he creates he shares their overall power(Shared between), meaning that 1 alone will be overall stronger than 4.
Picture of his 'Character':
He is also capable of manipulating things within his area of influence such as opening doors, locking/unlocking things, removing/creating or weakening barriers and most of all he is capable of hacking any other computer or like system. In general anything within his area of influence is open to his control that is not a actually living breathing person, Shinigami, hollow etc... If Hayate is within close range of a person he is able to 'download' anything anyone knows by inserting a cord into their soul, and once downloaded he is able to create a 'virtual' copy of them that knows all of their memories, styles, and techniques.

Anything Hayate creates or manipulates within the area around him drains his own Reiatsu, especially his avatar or any other characters he create for in order for them to use their abilities they are giving it from Hayate. One of the more advanced abilities given is that he is able to make rules within his area of influence just as in a computer, which he also has the obey the rules he creates.
Techniques Infomation
Name: Admins Law
Description: Using his fullbring, Hayate will hack into the 'World Game' and create sets of rules of his choosing, all of which everyone within his area of influence is forced to comply with rules that Hayate has set up including himself, any of this Characters, and even allies. The rules themselves can range from 'Anyone within cannot do/use ______' but they cannot be specific powers or abilities rather they mean things such as High Speed Movements (Shunpo, Soindo, or any other high speed movement technique.) Another example being something such as power ups (Shikai, Bankai, Masks, Ressurections, or human releases.) Or possibly any Kido like abilities. All of which can give Hayate a considerable advantage over his target since he is able to specialize his characters. The rules themselves cannot kill people, but the rules can be set so people have to kill or incapacitate each other until 1 is left in order to escape the area. If someone tries to disobey his rules there area always consequences ranging from 15% of their Reiatsu to becoming paralyzed for 1 Post or even losing one of their senses wile they are under Hayate's influence.

Name: Mass Character Creation
Description: Using his fullbring, Hayate will create many characters that have two special abilities. The first is being a high speed movement like Shunpo, or Soindo. The second being they are able to become suicide bombers by using their Reiatsu they are made of to explode. Causing considerable damage to anything nearby. The actual command given to the Characters is 'Delete'.

Name: Rebuild 'Player' Coding
Description: Since when using his Fullbring anyone within his area is essentially a player or a in a way a AI Program, and when they are injured their coding is broken. Hayate is capable of fixing their coding wile within physical reach, though this takes a tole on his Reiatsu especially if the injuries are grave.

History and RP Sample
History: The very beginning Hayate was different than anyone else around him, especially those within his class or even his age group. He was different out of nessesity for most people generally stayed away from him as a child due to his mother and who she was. Years earlier, after Hayate was born, his mother was stated to be clinically insane by her doctors and sent to a Psychiatric Hospital. Claiming to have seen monsters trying to kill her and her unborn child, coming to the point where she started to attack people thinking they were the black monsters wearing white masks. Most doctors claimed it to be the trauma she experienced when she nearly died after being attacked by a mugger, or at least that is what they thought it was. It would not be until later in his life that he would realize that his mother was not really crazy, rather she was merely spiritually aware, but unfortunate for her the years at the Psychiatric hospital took their tole on her mind and now she was basically insane.

Because of his mother other children tended to stay away from him, and to the point of making fun of him due to his mother. Though he learned to not care about what others thought or said about him for they did not know anything of what he had to go through every day. In order to keep himself occupied Hayate played video games eventually becoming what we could call today as a Gamer. Though he was not just limited to playing games, rather he working for private interests that sought to obtain certain information hidden behind a digital vault. In other words he hacked into companies in order to obtain information and sell it to the highest bidder. Even hacking government or even police servers to obtain this without leaving a trace wile the only thing anyone ever knew about him other than that he could hack anything was a name... Admin.

Though everything changed when Hayate got home from work and went onto his computer, he turned the power on and something felt... strange. He could not pin it on something and dismissed it as him merely being hungry or tired. But something was still off for his computer did not go through a boot up stage, rather it went straight to his main screen and there was a strange new program on it called 'Admin'. He clicked on it and he found what he thought was a new game that his room mate put on his computer. Thinking that it was a game he stared playing it and soon found it to be the most realistic looking game he ever played. He used his character in order to fight the 'in-game' monsters. Never realizing that what he was doing was creating a virtual person in the real world and running around with it in his own town. Always thinking it strange that when ever he would use his characters abilities he would feel more tired.

It stayed the same for quite some time until he found the hospital that his mother was at, and that there was a hollow there as well about to kill his mother. After killing the character his character was standing in front of his mother who was saying one thing again and again 'They have come back for me...' Afterwards he went to go find his mother and when he saw the hospital he slowly realized what the game he was playing really was. For every hole that was created during the fight was there and his mother was repeating the same line. After he got back to his computer at home he slowly figured out what the game truly was, and eventually what he could do with it.
RP Sample:

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