The Scent of a Loyalist

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The Scent of a Loyalist

Post by Admin on Tue 22 Mar - 18:44

Doyle stood in the middle of the vast desert, the winds brushing up against him and moving the sands across the land changing their shapes as they willed. Next to Doyle were 3 other arrancar each of them wearing darker colored clothing and nearly all of their masks covered most of their faces in different areas. One of the arrancar was walking ahead of the group following the signature of a long gone hollow. "Phew... i thought that we almost lost his trail back there. Tricky little bugger hes become over the years hasn't he?" he said with his usual sarcastic tone, his subordinates knew better than to give in to it and kept on walking.

A few days earlier a specific hollow 'escaped' from his cell

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