Wandering [Open]

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Wandering [Open]

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"Dont fuck with you? Aw now your just being a party popper... that was all i had planned to do for the rest of the day but now i have to clear my schedule." he said as he pretended to take out a piece of paper from his coat and scratched things off of it. Ending the charade soon enough it was a little to much even for his own tastes. Doyle stared at the former Espada as he finished talking.

"Ahh yes... i figured i would be 10 feet under by now with all the commotion going on around town. I mean 9 out of 10 Espada are systematically taken out within a day. I thought i would be next in line but apparently little old me isn't worth their time. Lucky me.." he said with his sarcastic voice though a moment later it changed to a more serious tone "The reason? Unlike yourself i don't charge in blazing and yelling just to get cut down by some human. Plus there is this little new thing since the Espada's fall." he said with a confident, malicious tone as he held out his left arm showing his front forearm to Grimmjow exposing a number 4. "Though this may also be the reason."

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