Art... Requires Initiation?

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Art... Requires Initiation?

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"GAA! That bloody hurts you Bit..."
Said a young, very angry or at least very annoyed, loud voice in the air. In a room that was full of sculptures, paintings, and many other assorted works of the fine arts sat a boy in a chain the middle of the room. Standing in front of him was a older woman who sorta looked the same as the boy and had a devious little smile on her face like she was doing something she wasn't supposed to... and was really really enjoying it. She was holding some strange device in her hand which she was probably using to mess with the boy. The woman was none other than his mother, one of the founders of the local art studio. Despite being his mother she still enjoyed a good laugh or to... it was a weird relationship in the family.

Though something was off about the situation, the boy wasn't sitting in the room on his own free will rather he was sitting down wile his hands were tied behind his back around the chair. Which every time the boy started to swear a hot headed face appeared on the mother and she hit him on the face again yelling at him to watch his tongue wile saying a few swear words herself. It was kind of a love hate relationship between them though who can say their own relationship between their own parents wasn't the same... just probably less physical and mental violence.

"Aw you little squirt you know that you love it don't you my little snuggle muffin." The mother said as she continued prodding her son with the device. Though a instant later she was interrupted by a yell in the room, which the instant that she heard it she stopped and got a innocent little smile on her face as someone walked into the room. A man about the same age as the mother walked into the room holding a set of scrolls in his hand.

"What did i tell you? Don't mess with the kid on today of all days. Jeez people will start to think that were abusive parents to our kid. Learn some restraint."
Said the now apparent father of the boy.

"All right, now 'honey' get Deria out of that chair its unnecessary for this and you know it..."
He said as Dei's mother untied her son, which the moment that she did Dei punched her in the chest. Which only made the father sigh as the mother and son tangled in a fight, which broke up moments later with the two leaving with a smile on their faces both of them apparently enjoying their little tangle.

"All right then now that you two ruffians are done with you sat excuse for a squabble can we get on with this, if you don't remember we have a nice family of nobles coming in later today in order to look and hopefully buy some of our work. If i remember right we are getting a little short on cash at the moment, so unless you want to start taking missions for the village again i suggest that you stop it before i beat you both up."
Said the father with made both the mother and son shut up near instantly, just showing who wore the big shoes in the house. Even Deria didn't want to mess with his angry father, especially during the week that they had to pay up their bills. For if they didn't find someone to buy some of their art works and make some real cash they would in trouble of losing their studio. Which would be a really bad thing since both his parents were 'retired' from the ninja world if that was even possible.

"Good... lets just get on with this already i think i have waited long enough to get it. So lets start his."
Deria said as he he rubbed the spot where the ropes were tied around his hands. He looked around to his father who was mumbling something to himself about the two of them, nothing nice ether he figured. So doing as he instructed he moved into the circle in the center of the room where the chair originally was which was now on the side of the room thrown around during the tussle earlier.

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