Presenting the Characters

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Presenting the Characters

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Hero Crew Companion
- Kossu the Pirate - Was actually a member of the Circus until he was tasked to chase down a group of pirates that had escaped the eye, which he followed them on his ship to take them out. During battle in the storm both ships were destroyed and he gained amnesia.

Head Villain
- Julian L. Gin or Shimura Doyle - The puppet Master, does not fight only reveals self at end after Ring master is beaten by hero captain. Reveals that he is the owner of the Circus. Reveals that he had been planning on a strong crew to visit the Circus in order to test the subjects of the Ring masters hypnosis abilities (If Shimura: when combined with his own deal making power). Now with new information he takes the ring master and original un-hypnosis'd crew in order to move on to the next stage for this one was over. All thanks to the Hero Crew.
Boss Villain
- The Ring Master, The hypnotist (Final fight for Captain) - The ring master controls the rest of the Circus villans though hypnotism. He believes the plan is to gather strong pirates, hypnotize them and make them apart of the circus crew to create the strongest force known, though he was never told the whole plan.
Strongest Minion Villains
- Bosco the Bear (First Fight for Captain) - Walks around on a Giant ball which he uses to fight with.
- The Mermaid or Fishman (Fights First Mate) -
- Leg Fighter/Acrobat stunt artist (Fights Kossu) -
Other Villains
- Swordsman that can swallow blades (Fights Swordsmen)
- Fire Breather
- The Clown/juggler
- The Acrobat, Stunt artist
- The Ticket master
Minor Villains
- Many hypnotized people, made stronger/faster because of it.

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