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OnePiece-> Jensen Gottburg

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[Name]: Jensen Hohenheim
[Age]: 21
[Bounty]: ---
[Species]: Human
[Occupation]: Assasin, Inteligence Gatherer
[Allegiance]: World Government
[Home Village/Ocean]: Jaya Island, Grandline.

[History]: Jensen was born on Jaya island in the Grandline, a island known as one of the biggest Pirate bases in all of the grandline, the place is how one would imagin any pirate town full of violence and compeltly lawless. From a early age Jensen saw the curruption of the world in its purest form, and over time he slowly became immune to its fears which developed slowly into his incredible self controle and emotionless personality. Jensen's mother like nearly any other woman on the island was a Pirate, she was incredibly violent and had a love for torture and murder giving her the Nickname 'Bloody Mary'. Jensen was only one of 10 of her children and out of all of them he was considered the Weakest for he showed no love of voilence, rather time after time he tried to help out some of her captures that were not evil such as marines. Eventually his mother grew tired of his anctics against her and abanoned him on a small island off the coast of Jaya where there was no food or fresh water, she only expected him to die there. After 2 weeks he was derlierios from lack of food and fresh water, the only reason why he could survive that long was for it rained every few days though he was slowly dieing. It was then that 2 miracles happened, when he was wandering the island he stubbed his toe on something in the sand in the middle of the island and what he found was that it was a pirates chest and inside he found the first food he had in weeks. Unknown to him that it in fact was a Devil Fruit, though he did not care how bad it tasted for he was finially eating something. Which that chest also became his salvation, the pirate that put that chest on the island was captured by marines who after months of turture at impel down told the marines where the chest was for he stole the fruit from the marines in a raid. Jensen was starting out into the ocean waiting for death to come to him finailly when he could see White on the horizon, they were sails. That was the last thing he could remember before he blacked out.

He could feel himself rocking, moving and the sound of waves crashing against wood with the distand sound of seaguls in the air. He suddenly woke up and noticed that he was on a bed in a strange room, on the other side of it was a man in a white long coat. The man turned around surprised that he was waking up from his coma already, and he explained that he was on a Marine ship that they had found him nearly dead on the coast of the small island. Though to the marines dissurprise they found the chest on the island already looted, unknown to them that the fruit they were looking for was already on thier ship inside of the Boy they picked up. Due to that the chest was empty the ship was already heading back to Impel down to take care of the Pirate that told them the fruit was on that island. Durring thier voyage back to the Prison the captain of the ship braught Jensen to the captains quarters to question him, where they found out nothing from Jensen who refused to tell them anything about his past which the captain understood that the child had a rough upbringing and dismissed him. It was then that another man appeared in front of Jensen, he would not tell him his name but the man was a Member of the World Government Inteligence Agency which he had been responisble for gaining the intel on the wearabouts of the fruit. The man braught the boy to his private quarts and began to speak with the boy which Jensen out of the blue said one line that scared and impressed the man "So if you dont find this fruit you will take all the blame right? They really want this one dont they?" Jensen said to the man who at that moment realized that the boy read his mind and also realized that the boy had eaten the fruit. Relizing this the Man took Jensen under his Custidy knowing that the boys abilities would be incredibly usefull for the World government, though he also had to make sure that no one else knew of him for he wanted to finially get promoted in the Ranks of the agency he was in. It was then that no one else saw the boy again for he was trained under the Tuterage of that man. 10 years later Jensen appeared again, though this time it was not under the controle of the man who took him under his tuterage. Rather it was with that man being taken away to Impel down for Conspiricy, which it was then that he was rediscovered by the World Government Inteligence Agency and fully admited into thier ranks completly unknown that the boy possesed a Devil Fruit. For years Jensen worked for the world government as a Inteligence Gather, questioning and torturing hundreds of pirates for valuable information for the World government. Jensen eventually even going into Deep Cover missions into Pirate Crews in order to Assasinate certain targets that were otherwise impossible to reach which like any other member of the World government Inteligence Agency thier identities are completly unknown other than to Admirals. Over the years Jensen grew to understand that it was not just many pirates that were currupt, but also the World Government was also as equally currupt the higher in power they got expecially Nobles.
[Personality]: Jensen is one who constantly displayes incredible self-controle of his emotions to the point that he constantly displays a emotionless personality. He posses little arrogance and he is farily modest of his abilities even complementing his opponents on thier strengths. In addition to his physical abilities he shows a equally incredible inteligence and showd to be very wise. He is exceedingly sharp and observant to any situation at hand, as he is rarely surprised or caught off guard. He also displayes great intuition, as he is rarley deceived.
[Ship]: ---
[Ship Flag]: ---
[Devil Fruit]: Oboe Oboe no Mi ['The Memory Memory Fruit']
[Type]: Pramecia
[Effect] :The one who eats the Oboe Oboe no Mi gains the ability to manipulate the memories of others, without touching the opponent the abilities are limited. At long distnace the ability has the ability to make those around him forget the recent memory of himself or others so that even if someone was staring at him they wouldnt be able to notice that he was there for thier memory of that person being there constantly erased, though if he is in physical contact with them this does not work. It also allows him to read the recent memories of anyone around him that are under 30sec' old, giving him a form of mind reading within a certain range. This part of the ability works with short term memory.
[]When he gains physical contact with people that is where the truely powerful traits of the Fruid shine, if the user is holding someone for at least 3 posts the user can Delete any memories they wish inside of their mind. If touching them for at least 5 posts he can create any false memory they wish. He can even do this to himself. Though given a long length of time their true memories can be re-gained and given they experience new memories that deal with the deleted ones, and if doing this none of their other fruit abilities can work durring that time. And if the affected individual gets to far away from the user the affected components slowly dissapears, [On NPC's there is no range]. If the user only touches them for a moment they can make the targets believe simple memories momentarly, such as they are thier friend or make them forget what is going on when then a second later they realize the truth giving the user a opening. If touching them he can also read any memory of thiers he wants though it plays back in real-time. This part of the ability works with Long Term memory.
[]The user himself Gains Perfect, photographic memory.
[Special Abilities]:
Fighting Style
Jensen's fighting style is one that incorporates mostly high speed movement and counter attacks, he prefers to analize situations before actually doing any fighting so that he can stay steps ahead of his opponents, and uses his opponents own strengths against them. Though his greatest strength lies in his ability to deceave his opponents. He uses two twin daggers for meele combat.
[Learned Techniques]: Geppou, Rankyaku, Shigan, Soru, Tekkai
[Weapons/Items]: Two Daggers, Two Trench Knives, 10 Throwing Knives.
[Goals]: Jensen's goal is neather to Kill as many pirates or help the World Government, rather it is mearly to survive and kill all those who he deams a threat to society which includes both members of the World Government and Pirates.

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