Julian L. Gin: War Tread

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Julian L. Gin: War Tread

Post by Admin on Tue 15 Feb - 19:09

Gin looked out into the battle and saw nothing but constant fighting, all of the forces were all aiming towards the Prize of the city. Though he knew what his influence in the war was he wasn't aiming for the Light at the end of the tunnel that everyone else was going for rather he had his eyes set on something else. Here now were some of the strongest men in the world and his plan was to take out as many of them that he could. Most saw the this war as a way to gain physical power and strength though Gin saw it to increase his reputation among the world, for he would need it in order to further his own plans. Small steps for now and then later he would be ready.

Gin looked around the street he was in and saw a few marines running near him towards the big battle, he got a idea. As the marines ran past "Party Starter." he said as he held out his hand toward the marine in the back. Which as he did the marine stopped moving and began moving on its own towards Gin who moved his fingers forcing the marine to walk towards him "Shh shh don't be scared little marine i wont bite... Now i just need to know a few things."

"You think ill tell a damn pirate anything! Ill die before then!" he said though his face was telling Gin a whole different story.

"I have the feeling that you will Navy Guy... Eventually." he said as he moved his fingers forcing the Marine to pull out his sword and aim it at his own neck, the marines face showed complete panic on his face as he did feeling the cold steel against his skin. "Now i think you know where this is going to lead so ill skip all of the lectures and what not. I need to know locations..."

A minute later Gin walked out of the alley with a childish smirk on his face walking like a fat kid that just got out of a candy store, behind him was a armless marine screaming in pain. He now knew some of the last known locations of some strong people in Atlantis now the only thing left to do was find the closest one and pay time. Knowing where to go now he headed off into the of the city, he knew the general direction of where he wanted to go and headed that way. It wasn't until long that he was getting near his destination. He could tell for the corpses around the building, he got there just as a group of people moved away from the area though none of them were who he was looking for. Another pirate began walking towards the door and drew his swords and heard him say one word that made him get a smile on his face. Shickibukai...

Gin walk'd in front of the doors to the library and saw one of the guys he was looking for "Shickibukai Gael." he said quietly to himself as a his smile only continued to grow with his own amusement. He walked towards and into the library

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