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Julian L. Gin

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Name: Julian L. Gin

Age: 22

Bounty: 150,000,000 (Need Permission if i remember, History)

Species: Human.


Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: East Blue

Appearance: Standing at about 6ft tall and around 170lbs Gin takes on a more 'free style' apperance when compared to his fellow pirates. He normally roams about wearing a black jacket, with the sleave lengths just over his elbow, over a white shirt. A whitish grey long shorts and sandals to top it all off. Usually being seen wearing white grey packer hat and a pair of green sunglasses as well. In terms of non clothing wear he has jet-black unkept hair which is long, and green eyes.

History: Gin was born on Tequila Wolf, the slave country that was tasked with building the great bridge on order of the Celestial dragons. From the moment he was born he was told that he needed to know only one thing 'You were born a slave, you will die a Slave in the honor of the Celestial Dragons.' As such Gin as a early child never had little to much hope in ever leaving the island, though in reality his hopes of leaving the island didn't come till later in his childhood years. Gin's early life was filled with doubts and working on the great bridge, and over the years his detest for his overlords grew more and more every day and eventually he started asking questions to the older slaves like why they were building it, why was he a slave and others not. Eventually he grew hopes of taking revenge on them and slowly he grew a plan though for the time being he bided his time hoping that the situation would present itself that would allow him to escape the god forsaken bridge.

As he got older he learned more and more on the nature of people and how they only thought of the present. In one situation he would find a way to get someones food rations taken away and then he learned how to use his food rations to manipulate the same person in the camp in order to do certain things for him, they would do many things for him for such a meager amount especially when they would never suspect that it was him that got their rations taken away. He made them do many things for him gathering information on patrol schedules, what specific guards liked to eat, drink, and smoke, to many more. He even made some of the slaves do things that he knew would get they caught and punished merely for his own amusement.

As he got older he used the information he got to his advantage, he used it to manipulate many of the guards. Using blackmail to get out of working shifts, getting extra rations, and getting more information on what was going on around the camps. Which he would use the information on the guard schedules to sneak in between patrols, sometimes he would be lucky enough to find spare guard uniforms then using his other knowledge of the guards he could easily pretend to be one though it was always for a limited time for the guards would eventually notice he was gone and all of his hard work would of been for nothing. As he grew his plans in order to escape the island he would use his time sneaking around the camps in order to collect weapons and other supplies for when he executed his plan to escape the bridge.

Over the years he gained quite the reputation and he eventually got many of the guards to work for him. Even though he never showed it he essentially started using many of the guards as his own slaves, using them to get guns by playing the care for humanity card to arm other slaves. Which he eventually used those and many other slaves to cause a slave riot, the plan was to occupy many of the guards with gorilla style warfare, and using many slaves as decoys to make it to the wardens office and take him hostage. Then use the warden's abilities to get himself off the island.

The slave riot worked just as he planned, and he eventually took the warden hostage. Through the warden he arranged for a World Government ship to plan a stop on the island. Even though he promised the wardens safety he was planning on killing him once the World Government ship came to port. One thing that he didn't expect in the wardens office was a devil fruit locked away in the wardens safe. Which he never ate it for he didn't know what kind of power it gave and he wanted to be sure what it was before he ate it. Even though Gin wasn't fearful of what power it gave he decided not to eat it for he didn't know what kind of ability it gave and he would rather take his chances traveling the world first.

Though when the world government ship came to port he got him way onto the ship and returned the power on the island back to the guards, leaving all of his pawns. For he knew full well that the WG would never allow the slaves to escape from the island and he had better chances of getting off if it was just him. He quickly put on a Marine uniform and easily infiltrated the crew, within no time he found himself at the next port and he finally escaped the bridge of slaves. Finally... He was Free.

Using his skills he used them to make a name for himself in the Grandline, at first he joined one crew after another in order to get from one island to another. Pretending to care about their goals and dreams though whenever the crew he was with became to weak to continue he quickly eliminated the crew and moved onto the next. Slowly and slowly building up his bounty and reputation among the pirates of the Grandline. Eventually obtaining a bounty of 75,000,000 after taking out a pirate in Jaya known as 'Double' Cobble worth 60,000,000 beli himself. Who had a devil fruit that allowed him to clone himself as many times he wished, and because of this he used his clones to do what ever he wished for no one could ever catch him untill Gin came along.

On Gin's first trip to Jaya everything seemed like a normal pirate town with people drunk, some getting stabbed, wile others were indulging in some of the local woman. It was in the local tavern that he met Double Cobble and his self absorbed self. Gin noticed that there was a poker game going on with Cobble and 4 other big time rookies in Jaya around a table in the corner which Gin being worth 50,000,000 at the time was considered one of the 7 big shot rookies in Jaya at the time. As such he was quickly invited to the poker table and the game started and lasted for nearly 4 hours which during the time one of the big shots had been stabbed 6 times, shot 3 times, and beaten senseless by the others after discovering that he was cheating. Eventually everyone that was left in the game came to a stale mate and everyone went all in, with Gin coming out on top of the dog pile. Though losing isn't something a pirate takes lightly, especially when they had a reputation to protect.

After Gin won Double Cobble instigated that Gin cheated and attacked Gin with his now drawn blade, gin quickly kicked up the poker table forcing Cobbles blade into it getting stuck and then kicking the table again launching it and Cobble through the large bay windows of the tavern making a cut across Cobbles cheak with his own blade as it flew out of the table. Gin and Cobble exchanged a few words though nothing changed until Cobble revealed why he was feared in the town and released his DF ability. Instantly doubles of cobble began to rip off of him making more and more of the doubles. Which gin put his hands in his pockets and responded by taking them out one by one with his leg style. One by one Gin pummeled one after another. Though it seemed like there was no end to them, though it was then that he realized something about the doubles. When they were made they were perfect copies of a unharmed Cobble. Which remembering that Cobbles face was cut by his own blade earlier. The real Cobble didn't know what hit him when Gin's foot impacted with his face, and as he kicked him more and more the doubles dissipated as the master took damage. Gin eventually stared down laughing at the man at the bloody mess on the ground, he tried to say some slang or insults at him but Gin kicked him one more time and he was gone. After this fight between Gin and Double cobble the world government though it appropriate to raise his bounty to 75,000,000 beli. After this he let Jaya with his new crew, Cobbles.

Though possibly the biggest life changing moment in his life happened the day that his current crew and himself fired upon another pirate ship, though when the other ship didn't fire back they grew confused. Upon further investigation they found the entire crew to be gone and the ship they fired upon was a ghost ship, though they knew that the ship wasn't abandoned for long due to that there was still freshly spilled blood through it. Many of the weaker crew members grew fearful at the ship claiming that it was the phantoms of the sea taking them away. When all of a sudden a large creature appeared in the middle of their ship and began attacking the crew slaughtering the weaker ones within moments though when the stronger members of the crew began fighting it and pushed it back many of them were distraught when they discovered that the creature was none other than the Demon of the Deep, Shickibukai Taurus the Fishman. Upon learning this Gin was filled with a great sense of amusement. The Shickibukai was bored and decided to take out any pirate ship in the area, using other ships as bait.

The battle between Gin and his crew Vs the Shickibukai began, though over and over again Gin and his crew was thrust back down onto the ground or thrown into the water were the Fishman Shickibukai was unbeatable. One by one each of the strongest members of the crew were taken down by the Shickibukai. Even though the crew was disappearing Gin found it to be nothing but amusing for it would get more and more interesting as the fight was dragged on. It was dragged on until no one but Gin was left fighting the Shickibukai and Gin had used every one of his leg techniques on the Fishman though it wasn't enough to take him down. The Fishman congratulated Gin on fighting this long against him though he was going to end it soon where Gin only responded that he was just getting started Fishy Bastard!

The Shickibukai jumped into the water and moments later giant tornadoes of water sprung up around the ship planning on taking down the ship whole along with Gin. Gin had only one chance left in order to survive this, the thing that he never wanted to do until it was necessary to survive. As the Water tornadoes and funnels were destroying the ship gin was running through it with all of his strength to his quarters aiming for his chest and a bag that he had stored in there the day that he took out the warden on that god forsaken bridge. Gin took a giant bite down on the cursed fruit and tasted the worst thing he had ever tasted in his life, he heard that they tasted horrible though he never expected that it was this bad... how amusing it was.

The ship began to sink as the Shickibukai stood on the other ship laughing at the notion that his enemy would be sinking down the to bottom of the ocean as a meal for the sea kings. It was then that for the first time in his life the Shickibukai felt fear in his heart as a spine chilling laugh was heard ringing through the air. The Fishman looked above him and saw Gin's back facing him as he jumped the gap between the two ships and landed on the other ship. The Shickibukai stared at Gin and something was different about him, quickly dismissing it he attacked Gin with all of his strength as gin only stood there with a grin on his face trying not to burst out laughing. Just as the Fishman's fist made contact with gin's face it stooped mid air as gin held out a ILU sign with his hand at the Fishman. The Shickibukai became confused for this had not happened once during the battle, it was then that the Fishman realized that Gin had ate a devil fruit when he was destroying the ship. Gin said one last line before Gin made another ILU sigh with his other hand and made a cutting motion with it "Bye bye Fishy Bastard." and the Fishmans head flew off into the water.

A new saga in Gin's life had begun, with the word spreading around the world that a 50,000,000 Beli man had beaten a Shickibukai. The whispers of his name that were once so quiet became more than just whispers and talk of the weak seas. Gin's reputation within the Grandline skyrocketed as his own bounty was raised to 150,000,000 Beli, the world government finally seeing that he was becoming a greater threat than to just other pirates. With his new found powers Gin became even more ruthless than he ever was, making him wonder why he had waited so long in order to eat the delicious devil fruit. Now that he finally had the abilities to actually do something drastic he began conjuring up a new plan. A plan that would skyrocket him to the top of the food chain, though in order to initiate his plan he need to gain a even greater reputation among the Grandline. Gin's new dream was forming and blossomed as he knew that he could only be the vanguard of the next era; The New Era would be His!

Personality: Gin's personality is something that some say is defined easily wile others have no idea what it is. Though one of the most prominent traits in him is his knack of getting bored with anything fairly quickly, therefore he is always looking for things to amuse him. Which just about anything can amuse weather it is actually good or bad for himself or anyone around him, he is a man that loves change and hates the static. Which is the reason why he wants to bring about the next Age of the world mostly due to that he has found the current era is starting to get to static, a world where Anarchy runs strong and the very name of a government makes people laugh at the notion.

Gin willing to harm both his comrades and enemies should they ever get in his way, or if he is just plain bored. He is fully capable of committing truly abhorrent and inhumane actions without feeling any shred of remorse or hesitation. His tends to get playful with his targets at times, making people wonder weather he is serious or not in fights which normally provokes them further. Though despite his apparent lack of interest in his targets he is extremely perceptive and not easily surprised or caught off-guard. Though anything that does surprise him he rather finds it amusing rather than a bad thing, for he is a lover of surprises for if something actually does its something that he didn't predict and therefore not boring.

Ship: name of ship

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: asaito asaito no mi (thread thread fruit)
Type: Paramecia
Effect: With this fruit, the user can create thread and manipulate its flight-path.
(Expanded Description, Added ability's are added as Tech's)
The Ito Ito no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that gives the user the ability to create 'threads' that cannot be seen with the human eye and are as strong as diamond. The user is only able to do 1 thing with each hand, or 1 thing with both hands which any used ability is stronger if he uses both hands to do the same thing, strength is half'd if the user only uses 1 hand, as well as the smaller the target area is the stronger the used ability is.

Special Abilities: Gin was a leg style fighter long before he obtained his fruit and therefore has had intense physical training giving him Superhuman Strength in the legs (demolishing rocks, can dent hardneed steel), Agility, Endurance, and Eyesight.

Learned Techniques:
Devil Fruit
Slice n': The user is also able to slice off things with this by using the threads as a blade, this is done by making the ILU sign with his fingers and then a 'cutting' motion. Which against unarmored targets it is capable of decapitating limbs or cutting through stone easily.
Up and Away: The user sends out his thread on ground level toward the target, once reached the thread moves straight up and across the targets body. This ability tends to go past most blocking attacks or attempts. Making most people think that they cut through their blocking attempt.
Slice n' Dice: Moving his arms in front of him gin is able to send out many of his 'threads' in order to cut up anything in front of him for about 5m. The attacks are completely random and unpredictable.
Party Slicer: Using both of his hands Gin will make a cutting motion with his ILU hand signes which will send out the cutting thread slicing the intended target. It is his strongest slicing technique which can cut through steel.
Party Starter: (NPC Only) Using 1 or both of his hands gin can use his threads in order to control people's bodies like puppets. He can make his victims move as he wants by moving his fingers accordingly (NPC Only).
Party Pooper: Using 1 or both of his hands Gin can use his threads to immobilize targets or items by sending them out and wrapping them around then near instantly. Which can be broken out of if they are strong enough. The threads themselves are thin enough that people don't even feel or them on them. The user cannot move the target even if they move themselves, and only 1 target can be immobilized with 1 hand. The further the user is away from the target the weaker the strength of the immobilization is
Leg Style:
Gin will tend to drop into certain stances in which his upper-body portion is most relaxed, such as placing his hands inside his pockets or crossing his arms together across their chest and only puts them into action whenever the event requires him to do certain maneuvers such as handstands
Shutter: A kick to the neck which Gin does it whilst still on the ground or by jumping high into the air and lands a powerful kick to the opponent's neck.
Hammer: A kick to the shoulder which is meant to put the target off balance, which if blocked it can immediately be followed by a twisting motion and bring his leg down to kick the target into the ground like a nail.
Screw Kicker: Gin will jump into the air above the target and turn at fast speeds and send down random kicks at the target. The kicks hit fast enough that it feels like a machine gun is being fired at them. This is his strongest multi-kick attack
Groin Shot: He gathers all the power he can muster and delivers a massive vertical kick by lifting one of his legs a full 180 degrees in the air, this is used at incoming targets in order to make them airborne and by far his strongest single kick ability. It is generally fast enough that the target cannot even see the kick comming.


Goals: To be the Vanguard of the New age of the World. THE NEW AGE IS MINE!

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