Rook Pirates Chapter 1

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Rook Pirates Chapter 1

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"Damm this town never really changes does it? Just the way i like it."

[Presentation Box]
[Garret Griffin 'The Shade']
[Captain of the Rook Pirates]
[Bounty: 30,000,000]

Said a man as he stared out into the crowded roads of Bargetown, which was a major city for any non marine in east blue looking to get closer to the Grandline especially pirates for it was one of the the only non marine city big enough to properly supply people and support pirates special needs. Bargetown was build on top of many small islands which most of the buildings were built above the water with bridges in between the buildings, and nearly everything was made of wood. The man walked into the town aiming to stock up before he went into the grand line. "What you waiting for you Punk! Your the Pack Mule!" said the man back at his small ship. As he yelled at the ship a large man walked out.

[Presentation Box]
[Basque Din (NPC)]
[Fighter/temp-cook of the Rook Pirates]
[Bounty: 12,000,000]

"Ugh be quiet captain, i'm coming already you impatient pip-squeak." said the man who walked up behind him. He was at least 9 feet tall and had bulging muscles everywhere. "So captain where are we going." said Din as he followed his captain into the town, he hated being called a pack mule.

"Quit your complaining Dinny and get working." said Issak laughing at the big guy who only sighed at his captain again. Issak kept on walking though the town picking up some item or another that stored well for long periods of time. The one thing he learned from the Grandline was to prepare for the worst, because nothing ever went your way there. Soen walked in front of a tavern just as two men came crashing though the front door and onto the street. Squabbling like two dogs over a scrap of meat "Theres my two little brats, get up already your embarrassing yourself." he said at the two who both turned their heads at Soen at the same time.

"Ow yea we are the embarrassing ones when you force the little guy to do all your heavy lifting." Said one of them
"God you are such a horrible man, look how unhappy you are making the little guy!" said the other one pointing his finger dramatically at Din who only sighed at the two.

[Presentation Box]
[Buckley Brit and Dutch (NPC)]
[Fighter's/Temp-Navigators of the Rook Pirates]
[Bounty: 10,000,000 (For both, Marines can never tell the difference between them)]

"Ow don't you two worry, i got plenty for you two to carry back to the ship HAHA. Now get off the damm ground already don't make me tell you two again or ill cut off your rations for a week." he said which shut the two up rather quickly, they both got up and were immediately given two large crates by Din. The Twins Brit and Dutch were both only about 5ft tall but together were a deadly pair to fight against. Together the 4 of them made up the Rook Pirates, though rather new they were making a fast reputation in East blue taking out a plenty of other high bounty crews before they even made it to Loguetown. Soen looked around at some other other pirates in the town, he could already tell his rep was getting bigger by the way they looked at him and his crew.

"Those damm newbies, how dare they smother the good name of Captain Buck!" Said a very loud... angry yes angry voice from some nearby house.
"What the hell happened, and what happened to the crew?" said a another calmer voice from the same area.
"Some damm newbie pirates they beat us up like nothing and took the treasure we were shipping to the Captain, we are so dead... dead if he finds out we lost his treasure." said the first voice as it started to cry.
"You mean you lost it? To who?" said the second voice
"The Rook Pirates! We ran into them as we were nearing Loguetown, we were about to open fire on them when their captain suddenly appeared on our ship out of no where, he beat us all like nothing. If i ever find that little shit i'm going to cut his heart out with it still beating!" said the first voice
"And you were dumb enough to think that the captain doesn't already know? Your a idiot, he knows everything that happens in east blue. Though if he hasn't killed you already he probably as bigger plans for you." said the second voice. The conversation went on for a little longer until they both walked out of the building and the first man saw the Rook pirates in front of them. Who was about to grab his sword when the second man stooped him "Calm yourself, As you for Rook Pirates. Do you have any idea who you stole from. The Great Captain Buck of the East Blue, if you were smart you would leave this sea before he finds you. Though i doubt your that lucky." he said as he dragged the other man off.

"What that was about i don't really know honestly." Issak said as Din was about to tell him what it was about, Issak hushed him "I know what it was about din, seriously stop taking everything so literal. But i have to say if we stole from Captain Buck we are going to be in for a handful before we even hit the next town. and i though that it would be boring until we hit the red line."

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