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[black]&&.[/black] basic info[blockquote]
Name: Dietrich Ivanov

Nick Name/Alias: anything else you go by

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Guild: Tartaros
[black]&&.[/black] visual appearance[blockquote]
Height: 5'10"

Weight: 160lbs

Eye Color: Grey

Hair Color: Black with Red Stripes

Attire: Dietrich wears a long black jacket which has fur lining on the top, along with a dark red shirt. He wears dark jeans and combat boots. Which all of the clothes he wears are baggy, usually leather, and never get to colorful.

Accessories: Lighter, Multiple packs of cigarettes. Throwing Knives

Abnormalities: scars, piercings, etc.
[black]&&.[/black] personality[blockquote]
Positive Traits:

    ☆ Level Headed (When Smoking)
    ☆ Tactical
    ☆ Intelligent
    ☆ Fearless
    ☆ Quick Thinking

Negative Traits:

    ★ Chain Smoker
    ★ Easily Annoyed
    ★ Not Level-headed when not smoking
    ★ Merciless
    ★ Brutal


    ✓ Explosions
    ✓ Smoking
    ✓ Spicy Foods
    ✓ Destroying things
    ✓ Chaos


    ✕ Talkative people
    ✕ Anyone who says he smokes to much
    ✕ People that are to Moral/good
    ✕ Over Confidence
    ✕ Formalities
[black]&&.[/black] Magic Inventory[blockquote]
Name of Item: name
Description: at least one paragraph, preferably two
[black]&&.[/black] magic abilities[blockquote]
Magic Type: Caster: Destructive Magic

Mage Class: Novice

Ability Name: Andrang (Lit' Boom')
Ability Rank: Novice
Ability Description: Dietrich extends his hand, and the area directly in front of him is engulfed in an explosion which then explode a few seconds later to inflict further damage. Dietrich is Immune to his own explosions.
Ability Name: Ticken (Lit' Tick')
Ability Rank: Novice
Ability Description: Dietrich will touch a said item or person, 'charging' them. Which when wanted the said item will be engulfed in an explosion. Size of explosion depends on item size. Dietrich is Immune to his own explosions.
Ability Name: Andrang Stil (Lit' Boom Style')
Ability Rank: Novice
Ability Description: Dietrich's close range fighting style, when he is about to punch or block he will create a small explosion causing extra damage and pushing the attacker back. Dietrich can also cause small explosions on his feet, allowing him to jump long distances or land safely from any distance. Dietrich is Immune to his own explosions.
Ability Name: Aufblitzen Krach (Lit' Flash Bang')
Ability Rank: Novice
Ability Description: Instead of causing a destructive explosion Dietrich rather makes a Loud one. The explosion releases a blinding light, as well as a very loud noise within the immediate area. Causing temporary blindness, loss of hearing, loss of balance, and sometimes even physically sick. Dietrich is Immune to his own explosions.
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