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OnePiece-> Dominic 'Black Cross' Asher

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Name: Dominic 'Black Cross' Asher

Age: ??

Bounty: 000,000,000

Species: Human

Occupation: Captain, Navigator


Home Village/Ocean: Grandline, Kuraigana Island

History: Born in the Grandline on the fabled Kuraigana Island, a once peacefull kingdom. He was born to a mistress of one of the local lords and after his birth his mother was given a place to work in the mansion that was Asher's father where he could look after both of them in secret. Asher as a child was known to be very adventerious and innocent, with not a care in the world and allways finding ways to stress out his parents when he ended up stuck somewhere that he probably should of been or caught in the mansion in the town he lived in. Though even wile he was growing up even he could sense the tension growing on the island itself and knew that it was only a matter of time before war broke out, though his innocence protected him somewhat. When Asher became a teen he began to have thoughts of being outside of the island, sailing the sea and having one adventure after another and find the end of the grandline. Though his dreams would be eventually cut short or rather put off for the growing tensions on the island eventually broke out in a full scale war.

Despite the rather large scale of the war it was over rather quickly, Asher could remember the sight of enemy troops fighting there way inside of his fathers mansion. Slaughtering there way though the building and eventully killing his father, despite his age he was one of the many that took up arms in order to fight off the enemy. Though dispite thier efforts the war eventually enfulged the whole kingdom and it fell, those that were left on the island decided to leave thier decimated homeland for the outside world. Though on thier way to the coast they were frequantly attacked and slaughtered by the locan Monkey population which had the ability to learn from humans and after seeing the war they became nothing more than feral beasts. By the time they got to the coast there were only a handfull of them left. Those that were left were battle hardned soldiers and in order to survive on the outside world they became pirates for all they now knew was battle and set out to become the strongest crew.

Though even they could not forsee the horrors that were to come, for one by one each of Asher's crewmates were killed off by other pirates, marines, and other monsters that roamed the grandline. Slowly each crew memeber that fell took a piece of Ashers humanity with him for he slowly sank into a depression for not being able to protect any of his crewmates. Untill only himself was left on the ship in some god forsaken island of the Grandline no longer able to stear or move the ship from the countless battles it was in. The island that he found himself on was known as a Night island for it was one of the islands that the sun never shined on and found it devoid of any inteligent life with the only things that were there were carnivorious animals.

It was on this island that after weeks of being on the island that he found a strange fruit, he took a bit out of it and found it to be nothing but the worst thing he ever tasted in his life and discarded the fruit after one bite. Though over time he discovered something strange for he was no longer able to swim and that even when he didnt eat he didnt feel tired, that when he didnt breath he didnt sufficate he felt that his body was dead but yet never felt more alive in his life. Eventually discovering that the horrible tasting fruit that he ate was actually a devil fruit.

By some miracle a marine ship happened to come across the island and they found Asher praying at a alter. Asher said something to the marines that they found offensive and attacked Asher, though he did not fight back and eventualy ended up with a sword though the heart. They took the body back to the ship for a autopsy to find out something from the body of the strange man after seeing that he had no heart beat. The doctor discected the mans body though found it to be very normal yet different and the ship left the island and sailed off twards one of the marine bases in the grandline.

It was on this island that Asher's life truely changed forever, after weeks on the island asher discovered that this island was once home to a ancient civilization that was now burried under centeries of rubble and dirt. His curiosity perked he went into a small enterece to the underground areas of the ruins, he over weeks slowly found out that something dark happened on this island, that whiped this island from the pages of history. Asher found his way into a strange circular room which had a pedicil in the middle of it and when he touched the center the path that he came from was sealed off by a stone slap and the torches in the room lit by themsleves. A dark figure slowly formed around the pedicil he just touched, it slowly formed into the shape of a human though more demonic or gothic than human. The only actually shapes he could fully make out where its white teeth and black eyes. The next thing that he knew the dark figure held his throte with its dark hand, holding tighter and tighter sufficating him as he snaped Asher's neck with nothing but a smile on his face "'Welcome to your new Hell."

Asher suddenly woke up on the surface of the island, he was gasping for air, though a moment later even though he couldnt breath he wasnt feeling weaker or sufficating. He slowly stood up and felt a pain on his left hand, discovering a strange tattoo forming on the back of his left hand. He went back into the ruins to search for the chamber that he lost consciousness in earlier though no matter how mutch he looked he couldnt find a single shread of evidence of it no could he find it. Back on the surface for some reason Asher never felt more alive (Irony) than he ever did in his life. Slowly discovering that he longer needed to eat, sleep, breath or any other thing that his body would usually need to do to sustain itself. Over time on the island he slowly discovered the changes of his body, and found it mutch faster, stronger than what it was before, more than he could ever hope.

On the night of the 54th full moon a marine ship crossed paths with the cursed island and docked itself near is shores in order to search the uncharted island and restock itself from its long journey. From the moment that the marines steped foot on its shores they knew that something was wrong with this island. When the moon was at its highest in the night a figure appeared at the top of a ridge overlooking the camp the marines made on the beach. The moon light shining behind his figure holding something in his hand, the figure threw it down into the camp, with horror the marines discoered that it was a the severed head of one of their commrads. The marines quickly armed themselves and began firing on the man "Welcome to your Hell." The figure jumped off of the ridge and one by one slaughtered each marine in the camp. Eventually Asher set his gaze onto the ship that was off of the coast.

Leagues away another marine ship recieved a distress call from the marines ship that was near the uncahrted island, who then set out on a rescue mission twards the island only to find when they came there they found every marine on the ship dead and the corspe of one non-marine in the middle of the ships deck with the ship itself nearly destroyed. Not know what happened here they took all the bodys in order to be braught back to thier familes along with Asher's. The ships doctor questioned asher's body the most for it was normal yet the strangest out of all of the bodies on the ship. But like the others it was dead so it was put into the freezer.

After days the doctor still found something bugging him about Asher's body and took him out of the freezer to see something though when he took the body out he found the man very... mutch... alive. Asher's eyes suddenly opened up starting into the doctors and a second later his scalpal was stabbed straight up into the doctors throte severing it so he couldnt even scream. Not expecting the dead man to be walking so Asher slowly took out the marines one by one. The other maries becomming paranoid that marines were getting killed by ghosts or a Dead Man. Eventually every marine on the ship was dead and Asher was all that was left when the ship crashed into the side of the marine base. Though asher was never found, escaping sometime in the commotion of the crash. Asher found his way off of the island and began his journey across the grandline.

Personality: When he was younger Asher had a very reckless, goofy, carefree attitude that looked forward to each new day as something exciting and a new Adventure. Despite this his time on the sea slowly jadded and shattered this personality as he saw all those close to him die off one by one untill he finially became what he is know as today. He came up with the thought that in the long run the only thing that really mattered was one thing 'Survival' and 'Power' no matter what the cost. Because of this he is extremily reluctant to let anyone come close to him and values strength over anything. From this his own mind is extremily calm which his naturally calm attitude is used to his advantage in battle, as it becomes easier for him to maintain his composure to stay focused on the situation at hand, and ultimately notice everything around him. As a result, he can quickly adjust to any situation to make keen and thought-out decisions, allowing him to stay steps ahead of his opponents.

His calm and almost lack of emotion allows him to commit horrid or even inhumane acts without feeling any sort of remorse or regreat, which he places little to no value in human life. Dispite his appearence he is actually very supersticious, the fact that he wears crosses is a symbol of it for he says that the crosses he wears keeps away the demon that cursed him.


Ship Flag:

Devil Fruit: Nai Nai no Mi (Lit' Dead Dead Fruit')
Type: Paramecia
Effect: The Nai Nai no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that is truely considered a Cursed Devil Fruit, even among devil Fruits, for the person who eats this becomes the living dead. Physical appearance is the same except for paler skin. All internal organs in the body cease to function, but the body is now able to live without them. Body parts can contiue to move even when severed.
Standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.

Devil Fruit:

Special Abilities:
Nai Nai no Mi
One of the most advantagious parts of the devil fruit, aside from the obvious is that it allows the user to push his body to its full potential without the normal set backs a normal body has, allowing him to have natural Superhuman reflexes, senses, and strength. Because of his fruit he is capable of sustaining massive amounts of damage to his body for he never has to worry about loss of blood, or organ damage with the only way to full take him out of combat is to completly neutralize his body.

Tataru (Lit' Curse of the Fallen')

Kousei (Lit' To come to Life')
After homing his abilities with his DF Asher came across the problem with the case of his limbs being severed and innability for quick re-attachment. Over time asher learned how to with his body to controle certain aspects of it such as his hair growth and its strength. With this he is capable of using the hair on his body (Such as his arm hair) as a steel strength material to sew back on severed body parts (Such as a arm) as good as new (Only used to sew up bodies).

Asher has allways been a good swordsmen even when he was younger, and it only became better over the many years since then.

Learned Techniques:

Weapons/Items: 4 Swords


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