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Pmon-> Jensen Hohen

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Jensen Hohen

Age: 16
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Johto
Type: Trainer


[code*]None: None[*/code]

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140lbs
Eye Color:
Hair Color:

Jensen is a slim man of average height. He is seen wearing a black hooded jacket and a black shirt, which usually he also wears a grey scarf around his neck. He wears a pair of normal blue jeans, and a pair of black boots. His mouth is constantly seen in a smile. He also long unkept blonde hair. Unknown to most but he also has a large scar on his back, which was the result of a third degree burn that recieved from a early age from a incident involving his father and one of his men.

    |~ Competative
    |~ Energetic
    |~ Adventerious

    |~ Overconfident
    |~ Battle Hungry
    |~ Blunt

Jensen has a more intelligent, polite, and generally bearable personality. He is extremily recklessness and has the tendency to never back down from a fight, saying that he would never run once facing an enemy. Because of this, some people believed Jensen has a death wish (Which his pokemon have simiar tendancies) While he emerges victorious over enemies he refused to run from his stubbornness hurt him and his pokemon on a number of occasions. He is polite enough in some situations though usually comes off as a cocky cold dementor. Jensen is also easily provoked by and became violent towards anyone who insulted people or pokemon close to him.

Jensen has the tendancy to do 'Dine and Dash' which means that he eats then runs off before paying the bill or make others pay for it due to his reluctance to have any money. Which he loves to party and food which puts him at many odds when he randomly eats food he finds. Jensen seemes to have life-long problems dealing with his parentage, even after denouncing his real father who was known as a Monster in human form and a powerful memeber of Team Rocket. Though despite denouncing him he will never let anyone speak ill of him.


Jensen was born to a May and Jenstein Hohen in the Kanto region, though after his birth his mother left the kanto region to live with her parents because of a divorce. Which Jensen's father would not allow his mother to take his son away from him, and it was also because Jensen's father was corrupt and little to no care for morals, which made him a well known and powerful member of Team Rocket. His father only saw his son as a means to a end, and cared little to nothing of him, though to his dislike his son was not like him in personality and it became obvious at a early age that it would take work to mold his son into his tool. Jensen was not allowed to have friends or anything that his father didnt want, which made his life very controled and moderated. He was given a pokemon by his father, which he aquired though less than moral means, which happened to be a Elekid. Which his father hoped that giving his son the pokemon and make them fight other pokemon would make him more accepting him as his father though it never did, rather it had the opposite.

Over the next few years Jensen and his Elekid Flint grew with eachother untill he became strong enough to help him excape his father clutches. In the middle of the night Jensen had Flint absorbe the electricity in the building he was kept in to take out the security systems, which worked untill one of his fathers henchmen discovered them and attacked wile they were fleeing with its fire-type pokemon. It was going to hit flint though Jensen protected him and recieved grave burns on his back as a result. To expcape his father he knew that he had to leave the region and ran off to Johto to live with his mother. The sense of joy that he had when he finially met his mother was more than he could bear, for he was finially somewhere that people actually cared about him more than a tool. Even Flint was happy that they were out of the clutches of Jensen's father.

In Johto his life became very different than what it was, for once Jensen was able to do what he wanted and actually follow his dream of training pokemon the way he wanted to. A year after comming to Johto, and many months of rehibilitation from the burns he recieved durring his excape he finially decided that it was time to set off on his journey though Johto to beat every Gym leader in the Johto region.


Pokemon Starter: Elekid
NickName: Flint
Gender: Male
Nature: Flint like his master is a very energetic pokemon, he is eager to fight others (Possibly too mutch) which usually results in him attacking random people. Though its usually all in good fun for Flint has a sense of honor.
Attacks: Quick Attack, Leer

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