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Name: Basque 'Lock Jaw' Din

Age: 22

Bounty: 12,000,000

Species: Human

Occupation: Fighter/Cook (Can make basic Dishes)

Allegiance: Rook Pirates

Home Village/Ocean: East Blue

AppearanceIs about 9ft tall, extremily built and heavy. He is always wearing his hat (Pic), a short sleeve t-shirt, and pants.

History: Din was born in a pirate controlled town in East Blue, one of the many lawless towns around the world where the name marine was not something to be loved rather it was a name that made people get their blades and guns. Din was not like other kids, others were small scrawny and angry. Wile Din was very large for his age and very calm minded though despite this because it was known that he would be a very big guy and strong he was picked up by a Pirate crew and made a apprentice under their flag. Wile with them he first and foremost learned how to fight, though he also learned over the years on the honor of being a pirate, though these lessons were really only given to him so that he could be manipulated easier by the captain for the kid was getting to strong to fast. One day a man that called himself Garret Griffin attacked their ship, and eventually in a long fight beat Din and his captain. Though instead of killing Din Griffin invited him to join his crew, impressed with the mans skills and strength.

Personality: Din rarley ever talks usually only making grunts or one word answers when talked to by other people and because of this most people generally believe that he is just a large brute with a simplistic mind. Though after getting to know him he actually does have a deeper personality which generally surprises most people. Din has little to no fear of his enemies or anyone who he faces even when it is somone on a different level than him and has shown to have little to no fear of death, though he does not look for it. This makes him at times very reckless making him even more dangerious. He believes that there are no inherent good and evil in the world it is mearly what people decide what to do that makes them ether. Despite most stereotypes he is actually a fairly calm man, and it takes allot in order to get him angry, he firmly believes in Turning the other Cheek. He also has a soft side for children, and he tries not to get civilians involved with his fights.

Devil Fruit:

Special Abilities: Din easily possess super human strength and endurence leading many to believe that he possess a devil fruit though it is mere pure physical strength.

Learned Techniques:
  • Jajji (Lit' Judgement')
    Din jabs his arm twards the target, when he does the energy of his trust is transfered into the air creating a sockwave of energy in front of his fist eather in a smaller or wide range area which is enough to destroy stone. He can also use this in his normal attacks when his fist hits a target allowing the shockwaves to cause more internal damage.
  • Juggernaut
    Din is capable of achieving near-soru like speed in a charge, which allows his charging attacks capable of a immence amount of destruction in one direction and fully capable of charging though thick rock and thin steel. Even his punches becomme immencly stronger.


Goals: To become the strongest man in the world.

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