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Bleach-> Jerrikar L. Shimura

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O u t o fC h a r a c t e r
Hello my name is James. Do the math - I've been alive for 20years and I have been Rping for 6 Years (Aka Way to long). I heard of this site from Random browsing on forummotion Rules, rules, password "Bubblegum drops". You can chat it up ~ PM, i dont care mutch for anything else.

B A S I C S //
Laying down the bricks //

Nickname/s | Jerrik
DOB | December 18th, 1754
Age | 256
Sexuality | Male, Strait
Ethnicity | German
Occupation | Espada Arrancar #5(?)
Loyalty | Whom ever he Serves

Proof of who I am //


Resurrección Appearance ╬ Jerrikar's sword becomes bloated as parts become larger than others eventually black tentacles sprout from the bloated parts of the sword begin wrapping themselves around Jerrikar's body and begin flowing into his mouth, ear's, nose, and eyes (Or any open wound). Within moments they completely go into his body and Jerrikar's body unleashes a Reiatsu wave of purple fog. When the fog clears Jerrikar's new form appears. In his released state, Jerrikar becomes more demon-like in apperence. Wile in this form his hair grows slightly longer and becomes darker, and the remains of his Hollow mask centers across the bridge of his nose and connecting at the back of his head like a band. Under his arrancar clothing thick black plate like scales cover his back and tops of his arms and hands. His fingers grow claw-like extensions as well as his feet. His irises of his eyes turn yellow while the sclera becomes purple and now has bags under his eyes. His Arrancar attire stays somewhat the same, becoming more like a robe towards the bottom though stays open in the front. He also has a tail which is thick at the base and grows thinner at the end, having the same thick plate like scales on the tops of them with it also being sharp at the tip and sides like a blade.

Though in reality this is not his true form, rather the arrancar seen is mearly a shell which encases a Black Entity, which the Shell is mearly created to make a more humanoid appearance. Which if cut all someone would see is not blood rather a black mist seeping out. Which becoming a arrancar allowed him to seal the majority of the hollows of the collective inside of the blade. With there being a core somewhere in the middle with a shapeless white mask on it, the core itself and the entity is the true hollow and the black entity is merely extending his body. If someone were to break part of the shell they would see nothing but a vast darkness inside of the body. Because of this he is immune to abilities such as Poison, or other abilities that require a humanoid (Organs, Blood, etc) to work.
Call out phrase ╬ Ennegrecer... Vacío (Lit'Blacken... Emptiness)
Resurreccion ability ╬ Emptiness: Jerrikar's... rather Akeru is the result of something considered extremely odd expecially within the hollow world. Normally hollows eat one another in order to gain strength or within a collection and one conscious takes over. Though with Jerrikar hes allways been mearly a black entity since his first memories as a hollow, for one reason or another when Jerrikar's soul became a hollow it imploded on itself becoming nothing. Though instead of merely disappearing a white ball formed and a mask appeared on it creating the black miasma around it slowly over time. This entity was nothing like any Hollow had seen before and it eventually took the shape similiar to a crude hollow form by solidifying a layer of the darkness into the shape and color of something similiar to a hollow.

In his resurreccion Jerrikar is capable of emmiting a black (With Purple Outline) fog from his body in which it flotes around and on his body. Jerrikar is capable of manipulating the shape and movements of it, the fog is capable of blocking attacks for it is as physical as any blade as it even can pick things up or even attack bluntly or in the form of blades. The fog itself is not made of reiatsu nor is he actually creating but is his body as the result of true emptyness as a result it is capable of absorbing any reiatsu it comes into contact with weather in attacks or in people and it can then use that energy to enhance his own cero's. Unknown to most that the Darkness he radiates from his body is not something he creates rather it is his body and a extension of it, which because of this he is able to fire cero from any point on the fog. One weakness of the fog is that the further it extends out the thinner and thinner it becomes making it easier to break through, as well as any part that is cut off from the main body will disintegrate into nothing and cannot be regenerated for a long length of time.

Its stronger form gives it the ability to reduce anything it touches back into nothing becoming more of a miasma, literally destroying anything that it comes into contact with other than Jerrikar's shell. The harder it is the more difficult it is to destroy and it only affects something if its touching it. In this form the Miasma loses its absorbing, blocking abilities and moves slower, though so does anything within the miasma, like moving though a thick liquid. Which means that someone or something can go into it and still come out. He is also capable of forming a Sword out of the Miasma which all of it combined with its destructive properties.

Further than just the skin //

Height | 5'8
Weight | 170lbs
Hair color & Style | Black, Unkept
Eye color | Green
Overall Appearance | Jerrikar is a slender, yet fairly well built male Arrancar of average height and in all appears average when compared to the other arrancar. His facial expression rarely changes, and he is almost always showing no expression other than annoyance. Fairly short messy black hair, average colored skin, a black upper lip, and purple eyes. Usually his bags fall over his eyes. Though rarley ever seen but he does actually have pointed teeth.

Like most other Arrancar, he possesses remnants of his former life as a Hollow in his appearance. His Hollow hole is located just under his neck in between where his lungs or speech box normally would be. His arrancar attire unlike others he wears a undershirt which has a hole in it in the center of his chest to where his hollow-hole is, and has a hooded jacket over it which is allways unzipped and the hood is allways up. The remainder of his Hollow mask lies across the bridge of his nose and coveres both of his ears and extinding connection across the back of his head like headphones. His arrancar number is on the back of his neck.

Something unseen by any arrancar before but Jerrikar has taken a liking to human music, as so he is usually seen with headphones on under his hood playing something wierd on his music player, which he rarley ever takes off the headphones which also makes it harder for him to hear people talk, though there is another reason to the music.

Understand the invisible //

Favorite Color | Black - He could never decide which one was better for Black symbalises emptyness what ever thing is created from and eventually becomes, it is true despair.

Likes |

    One § Human Music | It is unkown why someone like Jerrikar took a interest but he actually enjoys listening to human music to a extend, usually finding it more interesting than what anyone around him has to say, and the music drowns out the noises of the world around him.
    Two § Emptyness | He rather enjoys seeing nothing and things being reverted to emptyness
    Three § Item of Interest | Every so often he will actually find something that interests him, usually when he does hes more talkative and acts slightly different. This is usually someone strong who is capable of surviving where nothing else can.
    Four § Darkness | Like other hollow he finds the night mutch more conforting than the day, though ultimiatly it is becuase it is mutch like himself. True darkness sweeping over the lands engulfing everything in its path, uncarring and is mearly there.

Dislikes |

    One § Noise | He finds noises to be very unpleasant, and finds them to be generally annoying. Which is why his headphones are sound-dampening.
    Two § Emotions | He is not a very big fan of the whole emotional thing, he himself dosent really understand them as a whole and would prefer that people had none.
    Three § Failed Plans | He actually despises when plans go astray for that only means that someone did not do thier part corectly and so failed their duty and are useless.
    Four § Woman | He actually finds woman more anoying than man mearly because physically they are more emotional and noisier.

Flaws |

    One § Agitation | Because of his nature he naturally enjoys silence, though when people are noisy or is around something noisy he feels that he must quickly destroy it and silence it. Which loud noises annoy's him to no end.
    Two § Passive Nature | Because of his nature he ultimatly rarley ever finishes off his opponents that he has taken a interest in, or at least leaves them in a near death state.

Habits |

    One § Silence| Because of his nature he tends to ignore most things, or rather just not hear people or things (Which is why he learned how to read lips). Which is why people tend to yell at him or why he tells people to take off their masks.
    Two § Observation | In essence he preferes to have before hand knowlege on something or at least be able to see it happen once so he can see how it works. Doing so he makes hundreds of predictions on what its posibilities are.

Aspect of Death | Silence
Fears | Uselessness | Despite looks he dosent like the thought of himself becomming useless or a outdated tool just to be replaced by the next generation of arrancar. The reason behind this is that if he becomes weak and useless then he is not preforming his duty and therefor he is now the worthless Trash. If he was beaten in battle he would rather be killed by his enemy than be able to live on as some outdated thing that was given mercy.
Goals | Understanding | Possibly his only true goal is to consume everything he finds, to reduce anything into what it will eventually become... Nothing. Thought underneath all that there is another goal, its to find one that is able to survive in the emptiness.
Overall Personality | He is a very cold, callous, dispassionate figure, and is rather aloof, brooding, and indifferent, willing to harm both his comrades and enemies should they ever get in his way. This is mostly because he has to in order to deal with the millions of voices inside of him. Though he is not completely emotionless and the most seen is generally annoyance. His cold demeanor allows him to stay completely calm and in control in most situations, and he is not easily surprised or caught off-guard. He generally ignores anyone he does not find interesting and treats them as expendable. Despite this he is not particularly violent and will only fight when provoked or ordered. He prefers peace and quiet situations, and generally hates loud or obnoxious people. His headphones are also sound-dampening which helps silence things out, and music helps him drown them out.

Jerrikar is also highly perceptive, cunning, and analytical. He is also very demanding of others, for he cares very little of lives for they will all eventually become the same thing. This when combined with his cold demeanor allows him to be fully capable of committing truly abhorrent and inhumane actions without feeling any shred of remorse or hesitation. Because of these traits could be refered to by a superior as the perfect soldier. Though despite this he dose have his small moments of defiance to orders when persuing his own personal interests in someone, he tends to try to draw out someones full power to see what they are like at full strength.

Tell me a tale... //
NOTE: Must include human death, hollow life, and transformation into Arrancar.
Birthplace | Japan
Mother | Unknown
Father | Unknown
Siblings | Unknown
Other Relations | A Unknown Child
Companion | Unknown
Overall history | Mutch of his life as a human is truely unknown or lost in the pages of time, or it may be that he never really cared mutch to even want or need to remember. If asked the only that that would be said of his human life is that he was mearly a empty shell of a human that destroyed everything in his path mearly because he was told to. Which would probably mean that he was a soldier or a warrior of sorts in life. In reality Jerrikar in his human life was a Sword for Hire, and he was one of the best at it, though he was also possibly the most feared of any Mercinary of his Time. For durring his life as a human he would take on any job that was presented to him from simple bodyguard work to the murder of entire families and he would never fail his duty. Though lets turn over the hourglass and explore deeper into this mans unknown past.

Birth... Such a useless thing, bring in one worthless shell to replace another.
Jerrikar was born as a human into the feudal japan era to a German couple where the world around him was one of constant war and strife to the point it was a very burder to live one day to another. His parents like many others abandoned thier children at birth for they could not affort to carry such a burder around with them. Though none the less it did not chance the simple fact that he was born into a void in which to survive you could not hesitate to do what is nessiary to survive. As a young child himself like many other childred would only be refered to as street rats for he was not the only one, in all there were possibly over 50 of homeless childred running though the streets of the village in which he lived in. With nothing but the rags on his back he survivded day after day stealing what he needed in order to live, for what other way was there for a mere child to survive? Though he was not only just fighting the adults in order to survive for there were 50 other children that were doing the same thing and not all susceeded in gaining food to survive that day and he would also have to fight the other children in order to eat that day. All around him there was the constant knowlege that there was a war going on around them so in order to hit two birds with one stone the feudal lord who ruled the castle that lomed over thier town decided to take all the homeless children of the town and enlist them to become his samurai when they became older. Sending out 20 samurai in the town the lord gathed every homeless child in the night and threw them all into a small building on the edge of the Feudal grounds near the barracks.

Even if your taken in by your oppressiors... it only becomes worse.
Mutch of the following years were mutch of the same as his life on the streets, only that now he was forced to do one thing or another by a man with a sword. It was eather obey or die now, and if you didnt obey they would cut you down infront of the other children. It disturbed many of the kids for life but for some reason or anther it did not disturb jerrikar who was already emotionally numb and his oppressiors saw the potenial in him. For years he was taught the way of the Samurai, the sense of Duty and the way of the Sword...the way of the samurai. He was taught that he was a mere blade to be sacrificed for the greater good of the lord he served under, taught to never ask why they are fighting this or that army or man, his only duty was to wield the blade as the lord saw fit. Eventually he became what his oppressors wanted, the samurai they dreamed of... the Perfect Soldier. Though eventually one stage of life will end and another will begin and in all Jerrikar was not a samurai for a lord for very long for soon after that he was named a samurai the Feudel Lord who ruled over him was killed by a assasin and he took that as a sign that he should leave the castle and into the world. With the only thing that he knew how to do being the way of the sword he became a Sword for hire, taking on any job that he saw or offered and soon enough he grew a dark reputation around him. Seen by all as a monster for he would do any job without question as long as he was payed, he was willing to take the jobs even the seasoned vetern samurai would not take. Though eventually his life changed one day when he was sitting on a bench near a river when a out of no where a little girl appeared in front of him with a strange look on her face, she began questioning him one after another on what was this and what was that, why did he do this or that. He answered every single one of her questions untill she actually ran out of them and the only thing he could say when the little girl left was "Strange Girl."

What you think is insignificant one second turns out that is the turning point in your life.
He took up another job, this one was a payback front one Feudel lord to anther for one reason or anther, he heard it was something to do with one of the lords children dieing for some reason that it was the other lords fault. Going to the desingated spot he stood over the bed of the child and pulled out his blade holding it over the childs bed and neck when suddenly the chold awoke. For the first time he flelt something when he saw the childs face, it was the same girl he was talking to earlier that day and for the first time in his life he hesitated in bring down his blade on someone. Though his hesitation ended up being his own dowfall for the way that he snuck in was soon discovered and it was know that there was now a assasin in the lords daughters room, he braught down his blade on the child and the deed was done. Though instead of leaving he stood in that stance staring at the blood covered blade and 2 swords pierced his chest. Behind him the lords guards attacking him, with two blades in his chest he still easily stuck down the two guards. Though what he was feeling was not remorse rather for some reason he was feeling fustration and anger, it was not why did someone else want to kill the child but rather it was why did he hesistate when killing the child, normally they scream, they always scream... why didn't she scream? "Why?" He said in his dyeing breath.

"I remembered a old Proverb... Death... Is just the Beggining... and they were right."
Even though he was dead he was still...there, not understand exactially what was going on though eventually figuring out that he was a spirit. Next to him to his surprise was the spirit of the girl that he had just killed in cold blood, though still she had no sign of anger on her face rather still had that same childish smile on her face. The spirit of the girl said the one thing that would send himseld down the path of the hollow, though not from anger or questioning... but rather for the search for answers. "I forgive you for all your sins mr. Samurai." Some speculate that if a Shinigami did the burial on him at that time he would not of been sent to hell for that act that the child did as a spirit, though that would never happen to him. Rather he was filled with nothing but annoyance, for one reason or another every noise he heard felt like nails scraping across chalk boards. It disturned him down to the very core and without himself even knowing it he was slowly beng embraced into darkness. He could never escape the noises, always clawing on his ears and mind, and slowly and slowly he embraced the darkness inside of him, and his long Chain of Fate was destroyed in a mere month rather than a year and his trancendence into a Hollow was now complete.

Things became somewhat easier... The questions stoped completly now and my hunger, was now all i felt.
Something was truly different now, he could feel his spiritual body changing...morphing into something different. His body became to compress in some areas and within moments his body imploded on itself and he was finally free of the sound, he found his silence. Though before could truly appreciate the silence the noises came back and he found himself back in the human world and the noises got louder and louder, he wanted to die. Though something happened as he was wishing for death something began emitting from his body a black miasma began engulfing his body. As the miasma got bigger the noises got quieter and quieter and he was hungry. He was now a hollow, and now like any other he was driven by the eternal and insatiable hunger to devour other souls, living or dead. He was considered strange even among the other hollows, rather it was said that he was mearly a black mass of... something dark... something evil even among the hollows, A living entity of Darkness. Like any other hollow his obsession in life became his obsession in death, he became entranced in devouring the spirit of the girl that turned his life around. Even he didnt know how many souls that he had devoured, for he mearly just devoured every one that he could.

Time... Meant nothing now, i had all the time in the world now.
Months later he discovered the soul of the girl that changed his human life though at the moment that he attempted to devour him two men in a black robe holding a sword appeared in front of him. "What the Hell? Ive never seen a hollow like this before." said one of them "Dont let your guard down, this one feels different than any hollow Ive seen, i don't like this feeling. If so its our duty to destroy it and free it of its burden before it has the chance to evolve." Though when they were going to attack the spirit of the little girl said one line "Please dont hurt Mr. Samurai." the little girl which the two shinigami figured that the spirit of the little girl was the hollows obcession to devour and that they knew eachother in life. One of the Shinigami quickly did the soul burial on the spirit of the little girl where to the Shinigami's surprise the Hollow did not attack rather it mearly stayed there watching the two out of curiosity. Though within moments one of the shinigami was already devoured by the Hollow, the other shinigami was full of anger and hatred at the hollow for he was right, it was special among the hollow. "Give up Samurai... Its pointless to fight me." the hollow said in a slow deep voice. "I dont care if its pointless... Ill defeat your none the less!" the shinigami said. "Pointless." the hollow entity said as it quickly devoured the second shinigami. Now that the spirit of the little girl was gone the one thing he felt he had to devour was now gone, but now he knew that there was something else out there that was far stronger than anything he had eaten before...Shinigami. By the time that reinforcements came to the human world the Dark Hollow Entity was gone.

For some reason... i felt like i was at home here in this lifeless desert. So i embraced it all."
The hollow created a rip in the fabric of space and finially came to Hueco Mundo and all around him was the one thing that he saught... Hollows apon more hollows everywhere, and he fed... and fed. Though like the shinigami said... he was special even umong the hollows. His body was different than any other hollow and because of it gave off a presence unlike any other hollow and because of it drew hundreds upon hundreds... and more. Thousands appeared and Thousands more appeared feeling the Presence of the hollow entity. Though something happened that they did not expect they were all at once abosrbed into the entity and they together formed a giant mass that did not take any shape like any menos. It was mearly a giant shape shifting entity that now devoured the giant menos within the forest below though in due time the giant mass of reiatsu could only sustain the giant form for so long and eventually the mass condenced into a smaller and smaller form. Eventually the black morphing mass took on the form of something humanoid though demonic, having a Tail and strange skin with claws, and wearing a Featurless White Mask with no eyes or mouth. The Mass hardened its outer part to create a shell wile the inside of his body stayed the same black entity of emptyness.

I was told that a Adjuchas needed to mearly take a bite of another in order to excell his evolution... though who ever said i was a Adjuchas then?
Jerrikar speculated that he took upon a different form of evolution than any hollow before him, skipping or mabey making a new step. Taking on a form similiar to those around him mearly because it was more convenient or mabey he was the same as any other hollow... or possibly a true hollow witht he others around him being imperfect? It was all up to speculation and personal perspective. Unlike other hollows who were on a quest for Power and strength, his own was a quest for understanding. For in his cold demeanor he lacked the empathy that other hollows possesed and he couldnt truely understand them no matter how hard he tried. He not ate thats to simple way to state it... he devoured every adjuchas that stood before him taking any hollow before him and braught them to his empty shell of nothingness. One Thousand.... Two Thousand... Three Thousand... Four... Five... Six... Seven... eventually the numbers began to blurr in his head for every one of the hollows he met was all the same, just a copy after copy for in all they were all just the same boring Trash. Not one of them was worth watching or worthy of thier pathetic worthless lives. Eight... Was this really all that there was to this life, just one fight.. just taking one shell into myself after another. to say then im uterly bored. Nine... I do it mearly to pass the time now, the though of there being any hollow of my level that is any different than the rest is idiotic, if there is nothing left for my duty to serve then is there really any point for me to even be here?.

Something... Different happened this time normally he felt nothing when he devoured a adjuchas though this time rather he could feel his shell cracking and breaking as the void inside of him grew. Adjuchas and other hollows all around could see a giant mass forming larger than anything anyone had seen before and just as it was formed it dissapeared as fast as it appeared the very sky darkned as green colored rain fell down upon the surrounding area. He looke down at his hand and body and saw that he was more humaniod than he ever was, he even had a face now. His shell was different that it was before, though it was stronger inside of what it was before... It looks like the Counting starts over...

The tip of the tail swept through the sands back and forth... back and forth creating some sort of strange design in the sands. The tail belonged to a humanoid looking figure that was sitting on a rock somewhere within the vast endless deserts of Hueco Mundo. Somewhere there were 3 Adjuchas hiding behind a mound of sand only thier heads peaking over the side of it staring at the small hollow. "You must be some kind of idiot Krek! Your saying that small speck over there is a Adjuchas? I dont sense anything from it, your senses are fried again for that thing isnt even worth our time." Said the largest bear like hollow, the other two were quite smaller and obviously the weaker two of thier small little group, one of them looked like a snake and the other looked similiar to a Wolf.

"Im telling you that small fry is a Adjuchas and i would be talking for my senses are better than your crappy ones, im telling you that thing is a adjuchas." said the wolf like hollow. "Besides if its small fry then it should be easy enough to eat." it said as the Bear hollow growled angrly at the wolf and said something like fine. The Snake like hollow dissapeared into the sands, the other Two hollows jumped into the air and landed near the small humanoid hollow who didnt even take notice of them.

"I would give up now Small fry! Give up now and we will only eat a little piece of you, mabey we will even take it off of the sholder if your nice Heheheheh." said the bear like hollow as it growled at the humanoid hollow bearing its teeth at him. The wolf like hollow circling around the stone that the humanoid hollow was sitting on. It still didnt take any notice of the two and continued to sweep its tail in the sand making his drawing. "You Ungrateful Createn!! You dare ignore the great Borgis! Im the closest thing you will ever see to a Vastro Lorde!" he said angrly at the small hollow stomping on the drawing that it was making. The small hollow stoped and turned its eyes to meet the bear hollow Borgis's eyes and immediatly Borgis was taken in by a immence fear and was speachless, his puiples growing larger as the fear rushed though his body for the moment that it looked into the hollows green eyes it could immediatly feel its spiritual pressure.

"PREPARE TO DIE SMALL FRY!" said the wolf like hollow jumping at the small humanoid hollow, at the same time the snake like hollow sprung up from the sand next to the rock and wrapped around the small hollow to still wasnt moving, or mearly wasnt bothering to. The bear like hollow was trying to say something though couldnt, saying quietly "Stop... dont... Run wile you can." though the others couldnt hear him. In a instant the small hollows tail pierced though the snake like hollows body as it was wrapping around him and pierced the skull of the wolf like hollow though the mouth before it could even scream in pain. In a second instant the small hollows tail sliced the snake like hollows head in half, the body fell lifelessly on the rock as both of their bodies disinigrated into the night. The hollow stood up, the crescent moon behind him and turned his gaze to the bear like hollow.

"Be quiet already you annoying little shit... good you finally shut up, Well ill show you something that is mutch more interesting than a Near Vastro Lorde. In your Final moment fear, cower in your own worthlessness, speak not, and ride your presence from these sands." The air around them darkned as a large shadow covered the large bear Adjuchas body as it was paralized in fear as it was engulfed in darkness. Before it was devoured it let out a terrible shreak of fear the echoed across the desert and faded into sands. The small hollow stood where the big Bear hollow was, which now was gone. "I told you to not speak you damm hollow, how very... annoying you were." it said as it walked off into the desert.

Bodies littered the desert floor, one after another of hollows ether near death or already dead. Though in the giant scene of carnage only one hollow was standing, though he looked more like a human than a hollow. The humanoid put his foot on a hollows mask, adjuchas class "Please dont, i just want to be left alone." said the adjuchas before his mask was crushed under the humanoids foot.

"Seriously shut up already... nothing else to say?... Good." said the humanoid in a annoyed tone. The humanoid turned his head towards one of the sand dunes that littered the land scape and started walking towards it. "Just come out already, theres none of your little pests around to annoy me anymore so just come out of there already so we can get this over with." he said annoyed, though it didn't really seem like he was talking to anything. Though the moment that he said that a explosion appeared in front of him sending sand all around in a sand stone. The storm hit the humanoid hollow though it didn't phase him. When the sand cleared form the air in the center of where the explosion was another humanoid hollow stood there though this one much different than the other. This one was far more muscular and bulkier. "Lets get this over with former Cuatro Espada Guardo Marco."

"Former?... WHAT DO YOU MEAN FORMER! I'm not about to be replaced by some little newbie Arrancar. Though let me guess YOUR MY REPLACEMENT?! WHAT A JOKE HAHAHAHAH. Well then ill just kill you and show that no one can replace GUARDO MARCO!" said the humanoid hollow named Marco, the other humanoid hollow just gave a annoyed expression on his face everything he started to yell. "So what do they call you then Neeeewwww Cuartro Espada? HAHAHAH" When he was finishing the hollow put on a set of headphones and his face got calmer for he could no longer hear the loud espada. "Grrrr you dare mock me you little shit!?"

"I had to make you shut up some how though seeing as you mouth never closes i had to cover my ears then. Jerrikar L. Shimura, now just die so i don't have to bother with you anymore." he said which only angered the former espada more. Marco suddenly appeared in front of Jerrikar and thrust his fist at him which stop'd half way from smashing in his face, Jerrikar caught it with one of his hands "Like i said just shut up and die already Pest." Jerrikar said as he clenched Marcos fist and punched him straight in the chest with his other hand sending the former espada flying across the desert. Jerrikar appeared above the still airborne marco and in a instant drop kicked him and sent him crashing into the sand below. When he hit a giant explosion of sand shot up and around the landing spot wile Jerrikar stood mid air above it "Quit playing around Pest and get your sword out already."

Appearing in front of Jerrikar "ALREADY AHEAD OF YOU LITTLE SHIT!" said Marco as he slashed his now unsheathed blade down at Jerrikar who twisted around and stop'd it with his bare hands, though Marco already had his next attacked planed and Jerrikar was hit in the chest by a giant red beam that came from Marco's mouth "AHAHAHAH! DIE!" and a smoldering body smashed into the sands below as Marco rolled out laughing.

"You really are just a predictable pest." said a voice behind the Former espada, the same instant Marco's facial expression changed back to rage as he swung his sword around to slice off Jerrikar's head though it only found it stop'd again by his hand. A red circle was getting bigger in Marco's mouth as he smiled "Old dogs really don't learn new tricks." he said as Jerrikar's hand was above the Espada's head finger pointed down as a giant purple beam of energy shot down sending Marco back into the sands.

A few seconds later the dust cleared and the former espada was standing there panting as his body was covered in wounds and torn clothes "Well well i guess ill have a good fight here after all. ILL SHOW YOU WHAT ANYONE WHO CROSES ME GETS! PREPARE TO DIE! AWAKEN RUGO!" he yelled as red energy began to materialize around him and enclosed his body in red light. A moment later it revealed a entirely different looking hollow instead of hands were now giant blades that were fused with his body, his body was covered in a scale like armor. In a flash the former Espada was in front of Jerrikar and sliced into his torso and kicked Jerrikar in the same spot moments later sending him flying through the air. Jerrikar stop'd himself though Marco appeared in front of him again stabbing one of his blades straight through Jerrikar's chest. "HAHAHAHAH YOUR FINISHED JERRIKAR! YOU SEE NO ONE CAN REPLACE GUARDO MARC....." he was about to say though his facial expression suddenly changed from enjoyment to pure fear. "W... What?" he said dazed as he stared at Jerrikar's body, from the wounds from his chest blood was not seeping out, rather a strange black miasma was coming out like a steam or a thick fog.

"Are you done with you little tantrum yet?... Good... What pest you seem a little confused. Well then i wont bore you with any specifics and get on to the good part, where you disappear." Jerrikar said not even dazed by the attacks he was given, he grabbed the former Espada's arm and squeezed and a moment later a crack was heard as the former Espada screamed in pain though before he could utter more than a single moment of noise Jerrikar's hand thrust itself into Marco's neck. "Face it Marco... your outdated, a relic, useless little thing now, its time to let the new breed of arrancar take your annoying little place. you know the reason why your you just going to be killed rather than be made a Privaron? Because your not even on their level now, your small fry not worth the time or effort. Just some annoying little noise thats really just getting on my nerves." he said getting more and more annoyed as he talked, as he finished he squeezed the formers windpipe. A moment later the former Espada lay'd dead on the sands. Jerrikar wiped the blood off of his hands on the former Espada's robes.

The humanoid hollow turned on his Cd player and stepped on the former Espada's body and through the war zone "Finally some peace and quiet."

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