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Daichi Garouja

[User Name]: Lykaios
[Character Name]: Daichi 'Lykaios' Garouja
[Gender]: M
[Nickname(s)]: The Shadow Emperor, The Lightning Lord
[Loyalty(ies)]: The Empire
[Rank]: S
[Passport]: S
[Position]: Emperor
[Age]: 18
[Team]: Sound Elites
[Weight]: 200kg
[Height]: 300cm
Physical Description:
The Emperor is a man with an impossible figure, standing just over 300 cm and weighing nearly 200 kg of which is 5% body fat. However, he seems more sleek than overly-muscular. His hair has been titled 'The mane of the Wolf', and it's the second most recognizable feature of his physical body, as it is large and wildly designed, yet at the same time the clear white color and the softness it possess give it a tranquil feel. He has a healthy golden tan, which are in contrast with his crystal blue eyes, which are so bright that they seem to produce an unnatural illumination, that are well known for turning day-glo orange in times when he has become excited or interested. He possesses far too much energy than a human body, garouja clan or not, should be capable of, hence he is commonly seen producing an incandescent and slowly pulsing blue aura with silver seal markings, which keep his chakra intact to his entity.
Personality Description:
When free of responsibility, Lykaios has always been purposefully immature, silly, and seemingly insane. His rapid analytical ability to judge people's abilities and their character has made him who he is currently. When on a campaign or in battle, Lykaios is well known for his sheer courageous mental strength, particularly being cunning and methodical, and his vast experience has made him persevering and incautious, which together with his vast knowledge on many topics, has made him confidently the most unbeatable man to ever live, a living legend in his and his followers' eyes. His enormous power, wealth, and fame beyond anyone in history had made him feel superior to such an extent that he believes that justice in peace in his eyes must be right, he would have not been given so much power had it not.
From his many experiences, he has learnt to love food, particularly ice cream, and watch sunsets, he compares himself to the sun symbolically in his mind. He has always had bad fortune with waking up and sour candy, and as such he has always disliked both.
[TV-Tropes]: Magnificent Bastard, Blood Knight, Heroic Resolve, Awesomeness By Analysis, Back From The Dead, Badass, One Winged Angel, Anime Hair, Ax Crazy, Boisterous Bruiser, Awesome but Impractical, Cherry Tapping, Heroic Sociopath, I Am Not Left Handed, Nigh Invulnerability, Memetic Badass, No Sense Of Direction, Oh Crap.
~ Smoke Grenade(s) (D) [20]
~ Flash Grenade(s) (D) [10]
~ Roll(s) of Wire (D) [10]
~ Makibishi (D) [100]
~Scorpion Whip (D) [10]
~Z-Poison (C) [10]
~ Kunai: k9001 Series (C) [25]
~ GG (C) [4]
~EGG (B) [2]
~ Divine Chaos Nunchucku (B) [1]
~ HYOUROUGEN Pills (B) [9]
~ Shock Dart(s) (B) [105]
~ LBG (A) [2]
~ Dual Hounds (B) [2]
~Dual Gunblades (A) [2]
~ Ninjubato (A) [2]
~Spheres of 6 Paths (S) [1]
~ X-Poison (S) [10]
~ Knockout Gas (S) [10]
~ Sleeper Gas (S) [10]
~ Bio-Degrading Chemical Mixture (S) [10]
[Items & Equipment]
~ Sound Access Card (A) [1]
~ Sound Headband (A) [1]
~ Sound Medkit (B) [1]
~ Sound Infiltration Kit (A) [1]
~ Sound Data/Bingo Book (D) [1]
~Orange Shades (C) [10]
~ X-Chakra Armor (S) [2]
~ Soul Avatar Form Suit (B) [2]
~ X-Poison Soul Avatar Form Suit (A) [2]
~ Clone Warping Deck of Cards (B) [50]
~ Gauntlet Launchers w/ Needle Canisters (S) [2]
~ Factsphere Sensor (S) [2]
~ Spiked Knuckles (B) [2]
[Money]: 324140 Ryo
• Records •
Chapter #001
Rank: E; Academy Student
Loyalty: Leaf Village, Fire Country
Location(s):Leaf Village
Summary: Lykaios came from a long line of royalty. His father was the Fire Daiymo, his mother a princess of Snow Country, both coming from noble clans. Lykaios was born as Daichi Garouja, Prince of Fire Country, and heir to the throne, as his brother Konjou, more commonly known at the time as Zyphros the Wind Spirit of Suna, had abandoned the family and his country. At the age of 7, he was sent to study science, history, literature, theology, and military tactics in the schools of the Tea Daiymo Palace, considered the best in the world at that time. He graduated above the other royal children, known for his genius of his performance in any task given to him, particularly seen enviable in his trait of finding difficult matters to be fairly simple.
Major Achievements: Academy Student Top Student, D-Rank Graduate
Genin Saga
Chapter #002
Rank: D; Genin
Loyalty:Leaf Village, Fire Country
Location(s):Leaf Village
Summary: Lykaios graduates the top of his year, with results that have never been achieved before, as well as a year before his classmates. He trains with the Hokage, Aries Kyuu, whom he had much admiration for, becoming a special student who was brought along to events those his rank would generally not have been allowed. He was sent alongside Chunin and ANBU class assignments to get first hand experience, which he proves himself useful against opponents with much more experience and ability than himself, showing a distinct well fortune. Having proved himself to everyone but himself, he challenges himself with many solo missions well above the rank approved of for genins, but seemingly cannot do well in missions which involve him fighting, forcing him to want to train more in combat. When the Chunin exams came along, he was denied entry from his father, to which Lykaios rebels by accepting the hand of a mysterious man who was watching the finals. The man was none other than Zyphros, the criminal mastermind who was the leader of the criminal organization: The Divine Chaos.
Major Achievements: 10 C-Rank Missions, Reputation by the village as a great prospect and potential.
Futaba Saga
Chapter #003
Rank: C; Futaba (Budding Flower)
Loyalty:Divine Chaos
Location(s):Wind, Rock, Water and Snow Country
Summary: Lykaios became apprentice to Zyphros, and the experience in multiple situations within the shadow of Z allowed Lykaios to become extremely powerful in strategy. Lykaios developed his own strand of ninjutsu, Bulging Alien Style, which had come to him as a voice when he was knocked unconscious for the very first time in his very first S rank mission. The voice spoke of his brother, of his wanting to grow stronger, and that he, the voice, wouldn’t allow Daichi to die. Lykaios finds out that he was immortal in a certain way that he would always survive from any battle, no matter how dangerous or difficult the battles were. Lykaios begins to lead his own team of young Divine Chaos trainees, whom with he grew a bond with. Of which, Sakura Hyuuga, became his love interest, and Kusa Uchiha, became his first hand man. He preformed missions with this team in many countries on multiple terrains, giving each of them nicknames and places in every bingo book. Lykaios was known as the Rogue Prince, Sakura became the Flame of Konoha Taijutsu, and Kusa was nicknamed Copy Cat Kusa.
Major Achievements: C-Rank Ninja, Creates BA Style Ninjutsu, Team Leader of Divine Chaos Trainees, in the Bingo Books.
Ace Saga
Chapter #004
Rank: B; Captain
Loyalty: Divine Chaos
Location(s): All 5 Great Ninja Countries, Tea Country, Demon Country, Iron Country, Bear Country magnificently, Under the tutelage of Z, Lykaios learned to create advanced weaponry and equipment, to perform S rank techniques, and had gained the elusive Black Grudge Fear, which made him immortal doubly so, nearly as grand as his Garouja bloodline. Lykaios completes Divine Rose tasks, which in essence means that he commited multiple crimes in all 5 of the Great Ninja Countries, were he became known as a mercenary assassin for those same countries if it were deemed acceptable by Zyphros. Lykaios’s name began to spread far and wide, as the youngest man to have killed multiple Kages (2) within a week from each other. Lykaios had become an Ace in battle, he never missed a target, and he never made a mistake. He had become the perfect fighting machine in Ninjutsu and Taijutsu, as well as holding the most impressive array of arsenal and equipment of anyone alive at that time.
Major Achievements: B-Rank Ninja, Black Grudge Fear & Black Tendril Regeneration, Master Craftsman, Killed 2 Kages, Wanted in all 5 major countries (for good and bad reasons), Multiple weaponry and armors created to out-perform anything made before his time.
Rebirth Saga
Chapter #005
Rank: A; Jonin/Divine Rose
Loyalty: Himself
Location(s): Fire Country
Summary: Lykaios had become over confident. His status was now legendary as the Shadow Killer. Lykaios took on multiple S rank missions, with no fear as he felt that he could not be touched. Lykaios died on an advanced S rank mission, who was designed for nearly an army to complete, where he was trapped and ambushed by nearly 50 Jonin enemies, and technically was killed off, to the joy of many of the enemies he had formed in the years of his life. Lykaios entered a state where he spoke with the voice in his head, who had said that Lykaios’s brother had wanted Lykaios to be more than an outlaw like himself. Lykaios rose from his grave, and re-awoken in a battle torn Fire Country, were he was found by a boy who spoke to ghosts.
Major Achievements: 10 S Rank Missions, rebirth from his first death
Raikou Saga
Chapter #006
Rank: A; Elite Jonin
Loyalty: Raikou
Location(s):Fire Country
Summary: Lykaios joined up with Raikou, the dojo of the ghost-whispering boy, to his surprise he was reunited with Aries, his past Hokage. Lykaios aided them heavily in a load of battles and bouts involving an extremely powerful opposing army. Aries spent time to train Lykaios in the Art of Lightning, which Lykaios took to the next level to show his appreciation to Aries. Lykaios had then gotten a letter that he had land in the Rice Country with his name on it.
Major Achievements: Ownership of Rice Country, Became known as the Lightning Lord
Hidden Sound Village Saga
Chapter #007
Rank: S; Sannin
Loyalty: Sound Village
Location(s):Rice Country
Summary: Once in Rice Country, Lykaios noticed how poor the people had lived. He made it his personal goal to restore it to greater splendor than it had ever seen. Within a few short months Lykaios had been given the title of Otokage, the Sound Shadow. Lykaios, seeing how well he had made the Rice Country, lent out his hands to the nearby lands. He soon made close ties with all the nearby nations and even large organizations. He was also given leadership of Golden Python XII, a weapons trading black market organization that was formed by the remaining members of the Divine Chaos. With them they created armors and poisons so powerful and so advanced that it was not sold at all, in fear of bringing an end to humanity.
Major Achievements: Became the Otokage, The leader of GPXII, created multiple S rank weaponry that only he possessed
Expansion Saga
Chapter #008
Rank: S; Kage
Loyalty: Sound Empire
Location(s):Waterfall Country, Fire Country
Summary: Lykaios was given ownership of what used to be the nearby nations of Waterfall by the village chiefs and city mayors, who all agreed he would do well for their lands. These plots of land had suffered dramatically from invasions of demons, who had freed themselves when humans were too busy warring with each other. With the recruitment of Demons Expert, Nero (The head of ANBU), Lykaios successfully cleansed the land of the demon race, leaving only those who swore loyalty to him to live. Soon word that Aries, Daichi’s old mentor and leader, had died, and had left Raikou in his name. Lykaios went instantly to Fire Country and took care of Raikou until it grew to take up most of the eastern coast. The Sound Empire had become the largest and most expanded empire in history.
Major Achievements: Became Hokage, expanded the Sound Village’s rule.
Undead Saga
Chapter #009
Rank: S; Emperor
Loyalty: Sound Empire
Location(s): Rice Country
Summary: Lykaios had noticed that spies had infiltrated his government. Lykaios took action, and within multiple battles which had destroyed multiple cities and enslaved all of Lykaios’s people, Daichi had found out all he needed to know of who and how his nation had become zombie puppets of a mysterious figure. Ish, the Chief Doctor of Rice Country, it was found out had tried to overtake the nation. Lykaios, who realized Ishanou had a large heart and meant generally well, had forgiven him, but had him closely monitored. Lykaios then felt the need for more security, and formed bases near all the other large government organizations to keep an eye on them while creating the cover of trying to keep peaceful relations
Major Achievements: Took care of the Undead epidemic, Formed the Bases
Security Saga
Chapter #10
Rank: S; Emperor
Loyalty: Sound Empire
Location(s):Rice Country
Summary: Lykaios secured his position as emperor by simply murdering (quietly) all of his opposition. He took care of multiple S rank threats such as The Fire Lords and The Black Star. Meanwhile he has also made ties with Fumei leader Hayate Toron, with the possibility of aiding him as they have similar dreams. Lyk has also set his sights on a young boy named Ken of the Haku Clan, whom he wants to train. Lykaios also began the Big Bang, a technological boom in Rice Country.
Major Achievements: Killed nearly ½ of the Fire Country who had opposed him, defeated threats in his territories, made ties with Fumei
(EXP: 394678 )
[Character Level]: 88
[Stamina]: 130
[Speed]: 81
[Power]: 81
[Intelligence]: 80
[Hand Signs]: 80
•T R E E•

• Taijutsu (5)
– – – Physical Attacks (1)
– – – – – – Advanced Physical Attacks (0)
– – – – – – – – – Master Physical Attacks (0)
– – – Chakra Attacks (6)
– – – – – – Advanced Chakra Attacks (7)
– – – – – – – – – Master Chakra Attacks (4)
– – – Kenjutsu (Weapon Techniques) – Melee (6)
– – – – – – Advanced Kenjutsu – Melee (7)
– – – – – – – – – Master Kenjutsu – Melee (1)
– – – Kenjutsu (Weapon Techniques) – Projectiles (1)
– – – – – – Advanced Kenjutsu – Projectiles (0)
– – – – – – – – – Master Kenjutsu – Projectiles (0)
•Ninjutsu (5)
– – – Earth (1)
– – – – – – Advanced Earth (0)
– – – – – – – – – Master Earth (0)
– – – Fire (1)
– – – – – – Advanced Fire (0)
– – – – – – – – – Master Fire (0)
– – – Lightning (6)
– – – – – – Advanced Lightning (7)
– – – – – – – – – Master Lightning (1)
– – – Water (1)
– – – – – – Advanced Water (0)
– – – – – – – – – Master Water (0)
– – – Wind (1)
– – – – – – Advanced Wind (0)
– – – – – – – – – Master Wind (0)
– – – Non-Element (6)
– – – – – – Medical (4)
– – – – – – – – – Advanced Medical (0)
– – – – – – Seals (Fuuinjutsu) (7)
– – – – – – – – – Advanced Seals (1)
– – – – – – Advanced Non-Element (7)
– – – – – – – – – Master Non-Element (
• Genjutsu (0)
– – – Optical (0)
– – – – – – Advanced Optical (0)
– – – – – – – – – Master Optical (0)
– – – Sound (0)
– – – – – – Advanced Sound (0)
– – – – – – – – – Master Sound (0)
– – – Touch (0)
– – – – – – Advanced Touch (0)
– – – – – – – – – Master Touch (0)
– – – Chemical Sensors (0)
– – – – – – Advanced Chemical (0)
– – – – – – – – – Master Chemical (0)
Chemical( 0 )
Hearing ( 0 )
Sight ( 0 )
Craftsmanship ( 15 )
Chakra Control ( 15 )
Bloodline Mastery ( 13 )
Poison Making ( 15 )
Antidote Making Ability ( 0 )
Forgery ( 0 )
Detect Forgery ( 0 )
Summoning Ability ( 15 )
Stealth Ability ( 15 )
Puppet Control ( 0 )
Level Achievements
D Rank Ninja: +1 Tree point(s)
C Rank Ninja: +2 Tree point(s)
S Rank Ninja: +5 Tree point(s)

Skill Achievements
Tree Walker – Can Walk on solid surfaces while defying gravity
Stand on Trees – Can stand on solid surfaces while defying gravity
Water Walker – Can walk and stand on water
Master Chakra Control – 1 stamina point to increase speed by 5, 1 stamina point to increase power by 4
Good Bloodline Mastery: Up to B rank techniques.
D-S Rank Summoning Ability: capable of summoning D-S ranked Summons
Great Weapon Summoning Ability: Can summon multiple weapons at once.
D-S Poison-making Ability: can make D-S poisons.
Elite Craftsmanship: can make D-S rank weapons and equipment.

Tree Achievements
First Gate: +10 Power and Speed for (stamina)/5 posts.
Second Gate: +20 Power and Speed for (stamina)/10 posts.
Third Gate: 310 Power and Speed for (stamina)/15 posts.
Fourth Gate: +40 Power and Speed for (stamina)/20 posts.
Fifth Gate: +50 Power and Speed for (stamina)/25 posts.
Sixth Gate: +60 Power and Speed for (stamina)/30 posts.
Taijutsu Master: +15 Speed when using Close range Taijutsu
Melee Master: +15 Speed and Power to Melee Attacks.
Medical Expert: Can use B rank medical techniques..
Seal Master: Can use A Rank sealing techniques.
Earth User
Water User
Fire User
Ultimate Lightning User
Wind User
Basic – (Academy Techniques)
[E]Technical Marksman
[E]Thermal Vision
[E]Night Vision
[E]Boost Step
[ E ]Clone Technique
[ E ]Change of Body Stance Technique
[ E ]Transformation Technique
[ E ]Cloak of Invisibility
[ E ]Rope Escape Technique

Ninjutsu – (Ninja Techniques)

Miscellaneous Techniques
[ D ]Release
[ D ]Roar of the Beast
[ D ]Body Flicker
[ D ]Earth Release: Inner Decapitation
[ C ]Spiritualism
[ B ]Super Beast Imitation Drawing
Aura Techniques
[ E ]Dark Aura
[ E ]Bright Aura
[ D ]Dark Aura: Dark Breaker
[ D ]Dark Aura: Dark Searing Blast
[ D ]Dark Aura: Dark Sense
[ D ]Dark Aura: Dark Clone
[ D ]Bright Aura: Star Touch
[ D ]Bright Aura: Star Spirit
[ D ]Bright Aura: Star Shot
[ C ]Dark Aura: Dark Reflections: Binding Technique
[ B ]Dark Aura: Full Boom
[ B ]Dark Aura: Petal Storm
Clone Techniques
[ D ]Haze Clone
[ D ]Fireworks Clone (M)
[ D ]Smoke Clone (M)
[ D ]Scounting Unit
[ D ]Envoy Clone
[ C ]Hydra Clone
[ B ]Shadow Clone
[ A ]Shadow Clone Explosion
[ A ]Multiple Shadow Clone
[ S ]Multiple Clone Explosion

Bio-Alien Techniques
[ D ]BA Cocoon Photosynthesis
[ C ]BA Defense
[ C ]BA Flying Defense
[ C ]BA Drone Cell
[ C ]BA Membrane
[ B ]BA Drone Cell Detonation
[ B ]BA Second Nucleus
[ B ]BA Draining Leech
Lightning Lord Techniques
[ C ]Lightning Release: Great Lightning Beam
[ C ]Lightning Release: Mythical Lightning Strike
[ B ]Lightning Release: Wrath of the Lightning Lord
[ B ]Lightning Release: Revolver Barrage
[ A ]Lightning Release: Lightning Revolver (Lyk style)
[ A ]Lightning Release: Washikiai
[ A ]Lightning Lord Mode

Taijutsu – (Hand to Hand Techniques)
[ B ]Capoeria Style
[ A ]Hardened Body Strike

Kenjutsu – (Weapon Techniques)
[ C ]Manipulate Advancing Blades
[ B ]Flying Swallow

Fuuinjutsu – (Seal Techniques)
[ D ]Lock-Pick Seal
[ D ]Finger Print Seal
[ C ]Third Eye
[ C ]Stun Seal
[ C ]Cracker Seal
[ C ]Airfoil Seal
[ C ]Smoke Screen Seal
[ C ]Ultrasonic Emitter Seal
[ B ]Sonic Seal
[ B ]Blue Printer Seal
[ B ]Retinal Scanner Seal
[ B ]Frag Seal
[ B ]Wall Stun Seal
[ A ]Wall Frag Seal

Genjutsu – (Illusion Techniques)

Doujutsu – (Eye Techniques)

Kekkei Genkai – (Bloodline Traits)
Body Manipulation level 4
Body Regeneration Level 4
Ventilation System Level 4
[ C ]Steam Punk Style
[ C ]Antennae Beam
[ B ]MX Antennae Beam
[ B ]Steam Rocket
[ A ]Big Bang Up

[ A ]Sudden Burst of the Mouth

Kinjutsu – (Forbidden Techniques)
[ C ]Partial Cursed Development
[ B ]Cursed Seal of Heaven Level 1
[ B ]Cursed Seal of Earth Level 1
[ A ]Cursed Seal of Earth Level 2
[ A ]Cursed Seal of Heaven Level 2
[ A ]Black Tendril Regeneration
[ S ]Black Grudge Fear
[ S ]PSI System
[ S ]Teleportation Technique
[ S ]Hydrostatic Pressure Zone (HPZ)
Mission Count
D: 008
C: 013
B: 003
A: 003
S: 017


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