Taisaku: New jutsus

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Taisaku: New jutsus

Post by Lykaios on Wed 28 Jul - 6:18

Fire: Burns
Wind: Cuts
Earth: Brute force of the weight

[Attack (Far)]
D-Glass Shot Gun
C-Glass Hand Gun
B-Glass Machine Gun
A-Double Glass Machine Gun
S-Glass Gun Turret

[Attack (Medium)]
D-Glass Spike
C-Multiple Glass Spike
B-Puppeteer of the Multiple Glass Spike
A-Puppeteer of the Glass Lances
S- 1000 Lances Hurricane

D-Glass Spiral Defense
C-Thicker Glass Spiral Defense
B-Glass Bubble (Heated version of C rank, capable of opening up)
A- Glass Bowl Defense (Against water types)
S- Glass Columns Field (Large columns raise out of the ground at the will of the user)


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