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SoulEater-> Wolfgang Jensen

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~Weapon Application~

Christen Thy Blade...
Name: Wolfgang Jensen
Age: 12
Height: 5'4
Weight: 120lbs.
Iron Sharpens Iron...

Personality: Wolfgang has been said to have a very unstable personality by some, though he says that his personality is mearly 'Twisted and Sarcastic' and people mearly cant handle his level of humor. He has a very straightforward and aggressive personality, someone once saying that his personality would be considered near that of a wild Wolf. When he sees someone that could be stronger than him he begins to see them as a hungry wolf would see a deer, prey, and immediatly sets out to beat them into the ground. Even though of this he is not one to be easily angered, rather usually when someone tries to taunt him its more like a joke to him because he seesm himself as better than anyone else. Himself is incredibly sarcastic, usually finding something to say about anyting. He has shown himself to actually be quite observent and possesing a above average inteligence. He has show to have quite the habbit of shoplifting and pickpocketing, growing up on the streets giving him this habbit which when hes caught all he says is "What can i say, my fingers are to sly for me." He has also shown to be quite resistant to allow him to have a technition, thinking that it would only make him weaker.
Come Swinging Down...
Weapon Modes: Weapon Form: Switchblade
[Full Transfomation]
In Wolfgang's full transfomation he takes the form of a switchblade, which at first glance it appears that it dosent have mutch combat ability though as they say 'Dont trust what the label says'. Wolfgangs switch ability comes from its ability to extend itself at high speeds at the targets, along with carring a good amount of force. Its 'best ability' though is actually something else, once extended Wolfgang and his Technition can actually be absorbed into the blade and retract the blade, pulling them both twards the tip of the blade and then appear somewhere else along the blade at a blinks speed. Possibly making it one of the fastest weapons.

[Partial Transfomation]
Wolfgangs partial transfomations actually make him a formidable solo opponent, capable of transforming one of his fingers into a extending blade and can travel along it to pull himself twards the point like in his full transformations. He can also transform his arms into blades like any other. Though one of the things that makes him formiddable in a solo match is by taking a aspect of a switchblade into his legs, a spring, allowing his legs to take the aspect of a spring. Allowing him to be able to spring forward at enemies at a very high speed.
Turn Back The Pendulum...

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