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Zombie Guy Nics

Post by Admin on Fri 2 Nov - 17:07

Does not posses a DF, but somehow has the ability to steal and sew on another person or even animals arm while retaining their DF power (but only in the said limb)
- Brings along a freezer to store extra parts and bodies.
- Stole a nose of of some schmuck for better smell, like a dog. Dog type Zoan guy?
Has stitching based ability based on a countless number of worm like tentacles that live inside of him. Gross! Earth Grudge fear like.
- Worms were created in a lab somewhere.
He can also steal peoples faces to change his appearance.
An embodiment of envy.

He internally justifies the taking of other peoples lives and limbs off of the idea that they were not really using it, misusing it, or wasting its potential. If your not going to use it right, why not let me have it?
He has no interest in people who's bodies do not interest him.
list of DF fruits he is after. Luck Fruit.
Likes to combine various parts to see what new types of combos he can perform.

Carries around a bone saw, Seastone.
Profession: Doctor so has medical techniques, poison! Specializes in incapacitating targets.

Quirks: Has the tendency to forget people, except those who's bodies he wants.

His training treads involve him hunting down people and getting new body parts, steal memories by picking their brain? Literally pulling out pieces of their brain...
Base fighting style is hand to hand, but changes depending on what DF parts he obtains.

Nickname: Body-Snatcher! Morgues, graves, dead or living! He does not care where the body parts he wants come from. If they are there its for the taking!.


Byborg! Instead of upgrading the human body through cybernetics, upgrade though biology!

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Carcass Jack

Post by Admin on Thu 8 Nov - 1:41

Account Name: Domo

Basic Info

Name: Jack Nics
Nickname: Carcass Jack
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Affiliation: Pirate

    Prim | ThiefSec | Martial Artist



General Appearance:





Inventory and Abilities

Beli: 50,000
SD Earned:
Stat Points:
Advancement Points:
SD Remaining:

  1. Used for Stats: 0/32
  2. Used for Fortune:

  • Strength: 4
  • Speed: 12
  • Stamina: 6
  • Accuracy: 10
  • Fortune:


  • Funky Body (1 Trait) - Limited to one per character. Whether gained by birth, training, modification by themselves or another person, prolonged exposure to something, or plain dumb luck, this character has a body that is less than typical. They have a single biological or physical difference to their bodies, canon examples including Kuramarimo's ability to rapidly grow and detach static afros and Don Chinjao's abnormally hard and pointy skull.

    Living Hive - Nics has become a living hive for a unique species of quick breeding, meat eating black tentacle like worms originally found in the sky islands. These worms have replaced and act as many of the organs and natural functions of his body including his muscles, circulatory system, and vital organs effectively meaning that his natural organs are a secondary or backup set. Even the brain becomes secondary as the users consciousness becomes one with the worms hive mind. Though the greatest advantage of the worms is their ability to act as transit system or circulatory system for Dial effects; essentially acting as extended transmitters or receivers in a wired connection. A secondary plus of these worms one is capable of sewing up any injuries that they or others might suffer, commonly by reattaching body parts by acting as stitching; this ability seems to instantly reattach even nerves and muscles.
  • Keen Accuracy (1 Trait) - For every 4 points put into Accuracy (up to a maximum of 150), the score increases by an additional 1.
  • Great Speed (1 Trait) - For every 4 points put into speed (up to a maximum of 150), the score increases by an additional 1.

Profession Traits:

  • Sleight of Hand (1 Trait) - "Always watch the hands" is the rule when dealing with a professional thief such as this. These thieves are so good at stealing that they gain special TP equal to half their fortune for techniques that involve stealing the items and weaponry off their target even during combat.


Regular Technique Points:
Used Regular Technique Points:
Special Technique Points:
Used Special Technique Points:

TECHNIQUE NAME (Rank number)
Description: (Effects)

Development History

Gains and losses:

Gains and losses here
Edit Log:
Edit Log goes here

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