Sir Theodore D. Augustus aka Teddy!

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Sir Theodore D. Augustus aka Teddy!

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Hey villain, have you ever heard these words? Go Beyond... PLUS ULTRA!!!!!

Basic Idea of Character
Pure. Physical. Ability.
True hero, Pure Justice. Always happy.
Meddles in all affairs no matter if he can help or not, moral support! Likes to train the younger generation.
Sage of Men!

possible backstory
Former marine vice-admiral who lost both his position and power over some event (refusal of a immoral order?), was reduced to a shell of his former self. back to square one!
Goal in life is not revenge, or power but rather always to save everyone he can for a better world! Though he knows his path will eventually lead to him, knowing that he must take him down not for revenge but to redeem him!
Believes all can be redeemed, even the most heinous of pirates.

Teddy was once a Marine Vice-Admiral, though after a series of events he was both dishonorable discharged and lost all of his power to the point of being as physically strong as some newbie fighter. Was once what he considered to be a hero but over the years as a vice-admiral was slowly corrupted by his best friend (another vice-admiral & superior named Caesar) though his limit was reached after he was ordered to carry out a massacre upon those where he saw as innocent. He did not just disobey this order but actually fought him to prevent it telling his friend that he can no longer be a marine. The fight resulted in his loss, his friend then took all of his strength bringing him back to a level he was at 50 years prior & the dishonorable discharge. He seeks to become strong again not just to redeem himself from the immoral acts he himself committed as a marine but also to redeem his friend.

When he was a marine his fighting style was different as he actually was a swordsman, though after his fall he left his treasured blade and life long companion behind stating that he was no longer worthy of wielding it and until he redeemed himself he would never pick up another but rather use his fists in his path to redemption! From this is is quite familiar with swordplay and a large number of sword based fighting styles, having created a few himself back in his day, and thus knows how to fight them even with fists.

His blade was in fact what would be considered a S tiered treasure gifted to him by his late wife's father a renowned blacksmith as something to remember his daughter by. Hence the blades name: Gwen! Named after his wife.

All of his family is deceases, thus he names all of his ultimate moves to not just remember them but yell to the world that they exist and externalize them in the hearts of all that hear them!

Family Name - Augustus; Use for ultimate punch to immortalize the strength of his family.
Father - Linus; use for super punch to symbolize the strength of his old man
Mother - Ambrosia (Means immortal) Use for body Tech for the one who gave him life
Wife - Gwen; Use for a ethereal blade technique, Ghost blade, memory blade.
Daughter - Isabel - Life Tech
Second Daughter - Aella Burst - Means Storm Wind, Wind tech fist
Granddaughter - Sandra - Defender of Men
First Son - Ford
Second Son - Samson's Burst - Means sun. Fire tech fist
Third Son - Graham
Fourth Son - Richard - "power" + hard "strong, hardy."
Fifth Son - Kirk - Named after a friend who died while obtaining vengeance, Shock absorption return tech.
Six Son - Maximilian
Best Friend - Alive - Caesar; Forbidden tech? Represents his desire for redemption and push beyond the limits of what he is capable of.

Life Return tech where you can absorb others to make yourself stronger assimilation.
Soul Burn, burn the soul for physical ability. Soul regenerates over time. Called Grace!
True Body Control, accelerated muscle growth, body heat projection, chilling palms.

Main fighting tech, Absolute Brawn! Having control over the muscles for accelerated muscle growth, strength, power, body heat projection, or even chilling palms, wind or steam generation. Sub life return. Eventually get this!
- Embodies the ideal physical body pushed to the limits!
- Limit Break! Breaks the mental limitations placed upon the human body to achieve super human ability.
- Pain Packer! user returns damage received in battle though absorbing impacts received from the muscles meaning the more damage he has received the greater the damage of Pain Packer. Releases it all in one go.
- Fire, Cold, Wind, Lightning, Life. 5 Elemental Punch!

Conqueror's Haki
- A more subtle usage where it increases the will power and moral of those around him. Increasing their fighting spirit, stamina and overall battle prowess allowing them to push beyond their limits! & at the same time reducing the opponents combat-effectiveness by eroding their will to fight.

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Re: Sir Theodore D. Augustus aka Teddy!

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[div align="center"][div style="width:600px;padding:10px;text-align:justify;"][div][div][div style="letter-spacing:2px;text-align:center;"][font face="undefined"][b]"Hey Caesar, do you even remember this name anymore?... Let me remind you. The Augustus Family Burst!!!!!"[/b][/font][/div][div]

[div][span][table width="100%"][tbody][tr][td style="border-bottom:1px solid #000;width:150px;background-color:black;padding:5px;color:white;font-size:10px;"][b]OVERVIEW[/b][/td][td style="border-bottom:1px solid #000;width:450px;" align="right"]
[/td][/tr][/tbody][/table][/span][span][b]Full Name:[/b] Sir Theodore D. Augustus
[b]Alias/Nickname:[/b] Teddy (Bear), Gramps, The Gull Sage
[b]Race:[/b] Human
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Age:[/b] 68
[s][b]Faction:[/b] Marine
[b]Position:[/b] Vice-Admiral[/s]
[b]Faction:[/b] Pirate
[/span][/div][div][span][img style="max-width:50%;" src=""][img src="" style="max-width:50%;"]

[div style="width:150px;background-color:black;padding:5px;color:white;font-size:10px;"][b]APPEARANCE[/b][/div][table width="100%"][tbody][tr][td style="border-top:1px solid #000;" rowspan="5"][font size="1"]If you were going to describe Teddy a few short and simple words it would be a Manly Man! Showcasing not just a muscular build that would make not just other men his age green with envy but even most of those in the younger generations. For a man of his age he looks almost unnaturally well kept. It is something that he takes great pride in. Though it is just just his muscles that are capable of generating the ire of others but also, possibly one of his features that he is second most proud of, his lusciously glorious mustache; something that he grew after his discharge. Just one simple look at it one can tell that it is something that he had been growing for years and it is often or not one of his most iconic portions of his appearance.

With that being said however THE MOST iconic thing about his overall look is his signature smile, something that takes far more than most men can handle to wipe off. Probably in third place is the newest addition to his face, that being the scar over his left eye a gift a memento from his finial days as a marine given to him by his best friend Caesar in their confrontation. He likes to say that he can still see out of that eye, though his tendency to be blinded by things from his left side have made people question otherwise...

Teddy's hair, overall it can be said that he was lucky enough to be blessed with good genes from his father as even with his age his head shows no sign of any of it fading away with the only sign of it being aged lying in the fact that it became white long ago; not grey but white.

In terms of the clothing that he tends to wear, as to what most would expect of him, they tend to fall in one of two categories. The first being those that will show off his muscles to everyone around him such as with sleeveless shirts. But he also knows how to protect his body from the elements just in case. As such he always carries around a fur lined jacket tied up around his waist just in case a cold breeze decides to test itself against him. Teddy also seems to fancy a type of dark crimson red combat grade leather boot, specially made for him by a old friend of his from the Grandline. These boots are both tough and lightweight making them easy to move around in as well as being incredibly fashionable!

If someone who knew him as a marine were to see him they would say that there was something important missing from his look. That being his signature great sword Gwen absent from his back and hand. For despite its incredible worth in both monetary and personal value it is something that he had forsook after his fall. If they were to ask he will tell them why![/font]
[/td][td style="width:100px;padding:3px;background-color:#;border-top:1px solid #000;height:20px;"][div style="color:#89838B;border-bottom:1px dotted #89838B;text-transform:uppercase;text-align:left;font-family:courier new;font-size:11px;"]hair[/div][div align="center"]White[/div][/td][/tr][tr][td style="width:100px;padding:3px;background-color:#;border:0px solid #E4E4E4;height:20px;"][div style="color:#89838B;border-bottom:1px dotted #89838B;text-transform:uppercase;text-align:left;font-family:courier new;font-size:11px;"]eyes[/div][div align="center"]Blue[/div][/td][/tr][tr][td style="width:100px;padding:3px;background-color:#;border:0px solid #E4E4E4;height:20px;"][div style="color:#89838B;border-bottom:1px dotted #89838B;text-transform:uppercase;text-align:left;font-family:courier new;font-size:11px;"]height[/div][div align="center"]7'10"[/div][/td][/tr][tr][td style="width:100px;padding:3px;background-color:#;border:0px solid #E4E4E4;height:20px;"][div style="color:#89838B;border-bottom:1px dotted #89838B;text-transform:uppercase;text-align:left;font-family:courier new;font-size:11px;"]weight[/div][div align="center"]267lbs[/div][/td][/tr][tr][td]
[div style="width:150px;background-color:black;padding:5px;color:white;font-size:10px;"][b]PERSONALITY[/b][/div][table width="100%"][tbody][tr][td style="border-top:1px solid #000;border-bottom:1px solid #000;padding:5px;"][font size="1"]Sir Theodore D. Augustus, preferred to be called Teddy, presents himself with a stoic personality with plenty of manly buff, bottomless wisdom, and most importantly always ALWAYS sporting a his trademark smile. He is a man of deep conviction, family values, honor, and sees it as the duty of all men to be chivalrous. Teddy believes in in the idea that in order to inspire others you must walk the talk, so he shows off a hardened, can-do attitude to inspire others. He tends to be extremely friendly and amicable even to those who despise him; especially to those. In the end if someone were to describe him it would be something more akin to a loving grandpa or even a lovable Teddy Bear, both of which he has no issues with.

Many people often or not tend to question his intelligence as he has a knack to playing dumb, though he has showcased to be actually far more intelligent than his brutish image would suggest... it also probably doesn't help that he will often act as though he is getting Alzheimers. His intelligence is especially showcased in the realm of military tactics and even more so in simple combat as he can often or not read into the inner workings of a individuals abilities or techniques with minimal information. While many of these are simply conjectures made on the spot they often or not prove to be more than true, all supported by his 50 years of combat experience. His ability to read his opponents also extends into their mental state and if he sees that they are in a state of discord, even if they are his enemies, he will do his best to bring then out of their haze and back into grace!

Redemption is possibly one of Teddy's most defining trait for, after his own military disgrace and discharge, is the one thing that he desires most to prove not to just himself but rather to those whom he let down. As if you do not firstly believe in yourself how will others ever believe in you! With his story being one of redemption Teddy seeks to once again become a true Hero. This belief that he must redeem himself is one of the core reasons to his bottomless willpower and as to why he is so willing to push his body beyond its limitations again and again as anything less would be a insult to the memories of those whom he had failed.

To become a hero was always a never a childhood dream of his but rather his granddaughter's and for a time he had obtained it before his fall from grace. To follow in that light he sees it as his duty as a man and human being to help everyone that he is capable of, even if it were to put himself at great risk. To those that he is close to he has a almost fatherly relationship with it almost becoming his duty as a 'father' to protect them from both others and themselves; takes pride in helping better his 'children' as men. As he is extremely protective of his children his rage will only ever show if they're in true danger. Showcasing a willpower to use his body beyond its limits in order to save them. Though, in spite of his anger, he will make sure his children feel safe by showcasing his trademark smile before the fight.

Teddy takes a great deal of dislike for the ideas of bullying and even more so to such heinous things as racism, to judge another based simply from the circumstances of their birth is the ultimate disgrace you can lay upon another. When faced against such people he sees it as his duty to rectify their views. Bullies will receive the same treatment as even if it is a child he will involve himself and hopefully to become a symbol of peace and hope for those he helps.

Partially obtained from his near 50 years in the marines as both a man of eternal duty and as a fighter, Teddy has a near bottomless willpower for even if both of his legs and arms are shattered he will use his teeth, if his teeth are shattered, then he will use his skull to ram the enemy! For as long as he draws breath he cannot fall as he desires to become a symbol, an ideal, a MAN for others to aspire and look up to!

Life is one of bettering one self no matter your age or state there is always something you can be doing to! Teddy takes this ideal to heart and attempts to place this upon others as he thoroughly enjoys the act of training and molding the next generation as he had done for ages past. He is not afraid of pushing others beyond their limits nor will he pull no punches because he knows that he needs to do his best to teach them a lesson. He even uses a villainous persona during battles to get his point across, which most would describe as very intimidating. Though his villainous persona does not come out of no where but rather as a result of his former self before his fall; while he is in this persona he is more than capable of projecting a aura of killing intent that can even make the most hardened criminals falter.

Life and the world is a ever changing place and Teddy is not exempt to this for, what many people seem to forget, is that in the past Teddy's personality and aura or at least what he presented to others was far far different. In the past he was a stern, stubborn man bound by duty and the idea of Absolute Justice; following and pushing according to the law to the T. Even going by a his last name Augustus rather than what people know him by now. There was no sense of joy, happiness, or any sort of positive emotion emitted from his face or aura rather one of passive rage, hatred, and a killing aura that sent shivers down the spines of the most hardened criminals. Though over the years as his children died off one by one, partially due to his own nature, this wall began to wear down until the day his granddaughter passed away in his arms at a hospital; the one person in the family who was able to soften him. At the hospital she eventually asked her grandpa-pi to see him happy and put a smile on his face so Augustus put on the best smile he could for his granddaughter who's only reply was of laughter. Laughter that it was one of the worst smiles she had ever seen, but also that he looked so much better with a big grin on his face. Her dying words were were one of wishing that Grandpa-pi could stay smiling for her. These words effected him deeply and from that point on, even if he did not feel the joy that he presented, he would put a on a big a** grin for her until he felt what she showed. Thus Teddy was born and slowly the marine doctrine of Absolute Justice began to be replaced by the unorthodox ideal of True Justice. This being the same type of justice he follows as a pirate; a type of justice seen as heresy by many marines for under this ideal even pirates can follow it.

He always swears to do his best, no one will respect a half assed punch![/font][/td][/tr][/tbody][/table]
[div align="center"][img alt="" src="" style="max-width:40%;"][/div]
[table width="100%"][tbody][tr][td style="border-bottom:1px solid #000;width:150px;background-color:black;padding:5px;color:white;font-size:10px;"][b]LIKES[/b][/td][td align="right" style="border-bottom:1px solid #000;width:450px;"]
[/td][/tr][/tbody][/table][font size="1"][b][font color="1ad100"]✔[/font] Big Eater:[/b] While it may not be surprising of one of his build Teddy is a through and through lover of food. Whether that be Fish, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Sushi, or even... well to be more accurate it would be better to say that he is a lover of MEAT. If possible he will eat nothing but it as he will even instruct and guide others to follow the path of the Carnivore! Why eat a slimy, bland vegetable when you can sink your teeth into the fatty gift of the animal kingdom! He has also showcased a trait of possessing a near bottomless stomach, capable of consuming more food than most would consider someone is capable of eating safely. Having the bad knack of getting others to keep up with him only for them to end up sick to their stomachs. WASTEFUL!
[b][font color="1ad100"]✔[/font] Grains Nectar:[/b] His second favored thing in the world, possibly the only plant based product he will actually consume, is in fact alcohol; the strong stuff too! The numbing, burning, and warming sensation that goes down to the pit of your stomach is enough to make his heart skip a beat. Believing himself to have quite a refined pallet when it comes down to the liquid though more higher... classed individuals found his tastes to be quite appalling as he often or not finds the lowest and cheapest grades of liquor to be the most satisfying. He would probably think that toilet wine is good.
[b][font color="1ad100"]✔[/font] Giving Back:[/b] Teddy is a firm believer in the idea of giving back to the community; aka community service. Even stating to the marines that were once under his command that simply because you serve the state doesn't mean you can slack off and not serve the people! He was normally often or not found organizing trash cleanups, daycare services, elderly assistance programs, and various others around numerous islands he was once on.
[b][font color="1ad100"]✔[/font] Flex, Flex, Flex[/b] Somewhat to be expected Teddy loves his muscles, but more importantly if he has a chance to show them off in a competition the better! In fact he actually has quite a number of gold metals under his belt from the various competitions he has participated in over the years and often or not even beating those 40 years younger than him. You should be ashamed of yourselves as men!
[b][font color="1ad100"]✔ [/font]HAHA![/b] Comedians, circus', or even just a good simple joke Teddy is a firm supporter of all of the comedic arts no matter what fashion or level they appear on. Know any good jokes?! Many have stated that his sense of human is... well very simple and often or not finds even the smallest of things hilarious from a long winded story to a simple fart joke. Laughing is good for the soul! Though with that being said, by no means should you ever ask him to tell you a joke as he seemingly has a complete inability to tell one. Often or not being simple horrible word puns, or just him realizing that he forgot half of the joke so he will just tell the punchline and laugh. HAHA![/font]
[table width="100%"][tbody][tr][td align="right" style="border-bottom:1px solid #000;width:450px;"]
[/td][td style="border-bottom:1px solid #000;width:150px;background-color:black;padding:5px;color:white;font-size:10px;"][b][div align="right"]DISLIKES[/div][/b][/td][/tr][/tbody][/table][font size="1"][b][font color="DB0300"]✘[/font] Worthless Trash![/b] Bullies have absolutely no place in his book, the act of thinking that you are better than anyone else for no reason or when they have never had a chance to show their potential is one of the greatest sins a man can make! Whenever he encounters one you can be damn sure that he will sit them down and make them learn the errors of their ways; even if it takes hours or even days. He can be incredibly long winded.                     
[b][font color="DB0300"]✘ [/font]Victory or Death![/b] One of his strangest quirks is that, despite he is willing to do all that he can do to win, he actually hates winning. Strange I know tell him that. The logic behind it is that while winning is all fun and good it means that you jump across another hurdle of something eventually you will realize that you have already reached the peak and there there is nothing else above you to strive for. Goals are important and a lack of one will destroy a man better than any blade or fist can ever do!
[b][font color="DB0300"]✘[/font] Cry baby Cry:[/b] A tear should never be shed, especially by a Man of any stature or standing. For the shedding of one is not just an admission of defeat but rather but a visible show to all those around you that there is weakness in your heart and weakness breeds weakness. Therefore a man must never do such a thing for both his own pride and for the sake of those they care about, instead tell a good joke and laugh it off HAHA! Whenever he encounters someone shedding tears he will do is best to console them, especially in the case of children as they are the most vulnerable.
[b][font color="DB0300"]✘[/font] Meow:[/b] Disloyal, loners, over breeders, the destroyer of bird habitats, and that smell... ugh. To him the feline cat is a menace to society though that doesn't mean he wants to go out and euthanize them. Instead he is a firm supporter in neutering! He just simply does. not. like. cats. and most, possibly even himself at this point, do not even remember the reason why anymore. Just get a dog, they are loyal companions until the end!
[b][font color="DB0300"]✘[/font] So Wasteful...[/b] Letting something, anything, go to waste without its proper use or potential to be used is a absolute disgrace in his book. It doesn't matter if its a used tissue, a pair of rusted scissors, or a simple meal he will not let it go to waste if he can help it. Tracking around mud is wasteful as it could be used to grow something, clean floors win wars! Why are you throwing out that tissue after one use?! Someone else could use that after it dries out!! Not groomed?! Your wasting our good view! At times it almost becomes... well absurd especially with his round about reasoning behind it.[/font][/span][/div][div][span][font size="1"][/font][/span]
[div style="width:150px;background-color:black;padding:5px;color:white;font-size:10px;"][b]HISTORY[/b][/div][table width="100%"][tbody][tr][td style="border-top:1px solid #000;padding:5px;"][font size="1"]The life of the former Marine Vice-Admiral Sir Theodore D. Augustus aka Teddy began over half of a century ago at the farthest most reaches of what is the North Blue. Augustus's father Linus, a well accomplished blacksmith on their island, was a retired Marine captain himself who would in turn engrave his own ideals into his only son; the ideals of Absolute Justice. On their island of Lock Deem Linus was also known as the unofficial sheriff of the town as he would not just hold weekly city hall meetings to solve disputes in the town but also to thwart and capture both bandits and pirates that dared to enter his domain. From these factors his fathers ideals and combat itself became the norm for him until he believed them without question.

His mother Ambrosia was a kind and gentle woman, as well as a accomplished healer, though at the same time she was a frail woman who nearly died giving birth to him. Though despite this she still continued to birth 3 more children for Linus those being Augustus' three sisters. Being his fathers son and the oldest brother of three sisters it became his duty to protect them from the neighborhood bullies and hooligans. This protection came in the form of an absolute punishment without mercy for even for his age Augustus was much taller than other boys and far larger; thus a simple task for him. Though at this age his justice was not absolute and so every so often there would be one or two hooligans he would let off easy. But eventually he learned the errors of his ways when one of the boys he had let off easy came back for revenge, revenge in the form of taking out his rage on his youngest sister. Luckily Augustus arrived in time to before the worst act could of been committed and Augustus took out his rage on the boy to the point where he nearly died. This was a lesson Augustus would hold true to his heart for nearly 50 years.

At the age of 16 Augustus received his fathers blessing to enlist in the marines, a task that he had prepared his son for his entire life, sending him off with nothing but a change of clothes and a letter of recommendation. This letter was hand crafted by his father to ensure that his son, his only son and prodigy would end up in the hands of someone that he trusted to ensure that not only that his son was properly cultivated but to ensure his safety... to a point.

The name of the man Linus entrusted his son to was to a Marine Captain by the name of Manus, a man who was known not just for his swordsmanship but also the type of sword he used; greatswords. Being entrusted with his friends son Manus immediately began to nurture the young marine in his own type of swordsmanship, military doctrine, and most of all military strategy. For years Augustus's life would consist of intense combat training in both the fighting ring and though trial by fire combat with pirates. Manus believing in a teaching strategy of throwing his students to the wolves, getting them to feel the fear of both combat and death, and accelerate their growth by leaps and bounds above the other captains prodigies. Augustus took well to this training.

It was not just this type of training however as there was a far more intense and... taxing type of training Augustus became subject to, one that would leave its mental marks and scars on him until the day he died. This training was... cleaning! Manus was a clean freak by nature where even finding the smallest speck of dust on his deck was enough to force his entire crew to re-mop and polish the deck for as he always said CLEAN FLOORS WIN WARS! Manus was not going to be outshines by any other Captains ship as his own ship reflected himself and how he wanted others to perceive him. After all what would one of his rival Captains say if they saw a dirty deck?!

Fast forward a few years and Augustus found himself as the First Mate and a Lieutenant of the ship, having accelerated through the ranks at a speed greater than any of the other chore boys who enlisted at the same time as him. It was when he received his promotion to First Mate that Augustus' first true test was presented to him. His mission was to join up forces with the First Mate of one of Manus' rivals to create a two man shock troop that would track down and either capture or kill a notorious group of pirates who's captain by this point was nearing a 100,000,000 Beli bounty. Both of the captains knew the dangers of such a task but knew that if their First Mates succeeded, their future was boundless.

It was here that Augustus met his eternal best friend and rival Caesar, who was the First Mate of the other ship, who through this mission would forge a everlasting bond of brotherhood bound by combat and blood. Though it should be said that despite how it turned out in the end the two of them... did not exactly get along at first. Well to say that they got along as well was a stretch as the first time they started speaking to each other they got into a sword fight; it ended in a draw. After searching for nearly a month out at sea the two Lieutenants eventually caught wind of their prey discovering that they had made of home on a dead island made of nothing but jagged rocks and sheer cliffs. Though they soon discovered that the only sea path into the cave system where the pirates nested was heavily guarded by both pirates and their cannon loaded ship.

It took some time and luck but eventually the two of them would sneak their way onto the island by scaling a staggeringly steep cliff side. Even when it was just climbing the cliff side the two of them saw it as a challenge and chance to get the better of the other, even to the point of attempting to knock off the other from the cliff side. But no matter what each of them did they reached the top at the same time. After the cliff the two of them faced their next challenge; how to break their way into the camp.

After a few days of searching the two of them eventually discovered the Pirates secrete escape hatch near the rear end of the island, and with their entrance discovered the two of them decided on a plan. A plan where one of them would cause a commotion on the Pirates ship to draw them out and the other would head down the escape hatch to face the Captain to obtain the best chance of beating him one on one. Though once again the two of them found themselves at a impasse, that impasse was who would fight the captain! After all the one who did would get far more recognition than the other as if it was in terms of points the rest of the crew would be worth 100pts combined at best and the captain would be worth 500pts! So the two of them arm wrestled for it where the winner got to go down the hatch and face the captain!

Though as what many would expect this arm wrestling match ended in a draw, so the two of them decided to play rock, paper, scissors for it best 2 out of 3! The result of their 2nd match was a staggering 499 to 499. It was then that they knew that they had to resort to the last ditch method, a method that would ensure that there would only be one winner and one loser, a game of chance where everything was waged A COIN FLIP...!!!!! Augustus lost....

At sunset, when they knew that most of the pirates would be starting to fall asleep, the mission began. He didn't like it but the fact was the fact he had lost the coin flip so he would do his end to give Caesar the best chance of defeating the Captain. So to set everything off right he decided to go with a bang, a bang created by sneaking onto the pirates ship and igniting their gunpowder stores aflame!

Fire, flame, and the smell of burning bodies littered the night air as the Pirates ship was torn apart by explosion and fire, leaving behind nothing but a shattered ship that continued to burn as it slowly began to sink into the cove. But his mission was not over yet as he needed to keep their attention and make sure more came to his position; so the slaughter began. Lost in a trance of iron and blood Augustus' sword sliced though what seemed at the time to be a countless number of pirates. Seconds passed into minutes until nearly twenty had passed by, and as the twentieth minute passed Augustus saw Caesar exit the cave into the cove. Though something was wrong with the picture as Caesar seemed uninjured. No matter what it was the two of them joined forces to wipe out the rest of the pirates in the cove!

As the last pirate fell Caesar told him that he in fact never found the captain, rather he seared for a bit but decided to head to the cove to cut through and push out any pirate in the cave system towards the bloodbath he knew was outside. As the two of them finished their work chunks of wood and glass shattered on the burning pirate ship behind him and out of it leaped out a slightly crispy pirate Captain. Augustus had blown up the ship with the captain on it! Apparently they were preparing to set sail the next day so the Captain slept in his quarters. Together Augustus and Caesar fought the Captain in a two on one match and after a intense battle the two of them dealt the finial blow to the pirate at the same time, slicing the pirate in two from opposite slides with their killer moves!

Before the captain even hit the floor the two of them began to tally up their kills, as they had decided on a numerical value of each rank of pirate they had fought, and after 10 minutes or so of thought the two of them presented their numbers to each other. Augustus 322pts - Caesar 322pts! Almost dumbfounded at the idea the two of them tallied up the numbers again, and then they went to every corpse to examine the blade marks to count each others kills only to end up at the same number time and time again. As they met up Augustus revealed to Caesar something that he had found in the caves loot room; 2 devil fruits! Both of them quickly agreed that who ever won got first pick. But knowing that their points always came up equal the two of them could only do one thing. Rematch!

Sunlight slowly crept into the cove revealing the bodies of two marine Lieutenants panting on the ground next to each other each with a seemingly equal amount of cuts and bruises on each other. It was only then, with both of them quite literally unable to move, that they finally both stubbornly agreed on a draw. For the devil fruits they agreed to flip another coin for it, the same Teddy had used before; Teddy won! Eventually finding that he ate the Chi-n Chi-n no Mi otherwise known as the Ding Ding Fruit which gave him the power to upgrade or level up anything he touched with his hands. He never bothered asking what Caesar got, nor did Caesar ask him.

Fast forward some time Augustus found himself in a Chapel, before him stood a lady clad in white and to the left of him housed a sea of people from his hometown. He was getting married! In font of him stood Gwen, a girl he had attempted to court during his younger years and now was taking her hand in marriage. 4 Months later their first child would be born; the first daughter of Augustus Isabel!

More time passed by, years passed by and in time a long jacket caring the symbol of justice was presented to him; Captain Augustus! As the promotion ceremony progressed out in the front of the audience stood Augustus' family; his wife Gwen, his daughters Isabel & Aella as well as all of five his sons Ford, Samson, the twins Graham & Richard, and the newborn Maximilian. But during the ceremony Augustus did not once look to his family, for the honor being bestowed upon him now was of far greater importance nor did he even meet them afterwords as he had many things to discuss with his fellow Captains in both the briefing room and the bars.

Much of his families time passed by in a similar fashion during this time with Augustus nearly always on the sea jumping from one deployment from each and every blue to the Grandline making a name for himself as a stoic wielder of absolute justice! Only ever seeing his wife and children in the middle of these deployments and even then it was only for a few weeks at a time. For with every time he saw his children they grew bigger and bigger many of which, his sons, sought to do the only thing they could think of to please their father; enlist.

Ripe at the age of 50 nearly all of the Augustus family had grown up at this point, with his daughters married off starting families of their own and all of his sons following in his footsteps as marines. Though the peace that was this time could not last for the first of many tragedies began to fall upon the Augustus name. This first tragedy was the death of his daughter Isabel, who died while giving birth to her daughter Sandra; weakened by illness. This was the first and last time that Augustus was ever present for the birth of a member of his family. After watching the birth of his granddaughter some switch deep down inside of his conscious was flipped and for the first time he felt true love for a member of his family. To Sandra Augustus became a doting grandfather... well at least as much like Augustus could for he still never smiled or laughed but doting none the less. He even gave Sandra a gift, a simple teddy bear that he found at a nearby shop to remember him by when he was gone; she would eventually just call it Teddy. The passing of Sandra's first year also marked another notch in Augustus' career. Rear Admiral!

With the promotion again came more tragedy to his bloodline as his son's Graham & Richard died in the line of duty fighting 4 different crews of pirates in the Grandline. With the switch flipped within him a new rage began to fill his being, and in return for the deaths of his sons Augustus hunted down each and every pirate of those four crews. Many marines who served under Augustus still say to this day that on the night of the Blood Moon their commander slaughtered the last of the pirates who had murdered his sons. Though by the time that Augustus had returned from his rampage, his rage barley having time to subside, he learned of the death of another one of his children. His daughter Aella was found in her home murdered by her Tailor husband in a jealously fueled rage, believing that she was cheating on her unknowing that she was pregnant with his child. His son-in-law was hence sentenced to Impel Down though he would never make it there for the captain of the transport ship was once one of Augustus' students. His body was found beaten to a pulp with bare fists.

Inside of him the rage that was almost subsided came back with a more as he beat his son-in-law to death finding that the only way to relieve this rage was to unleash it upon others in battle; pirates. Without mercy he began a wave of slaughter of one crew of pirates to another no matter where they were or what their bounties were. From East blue to the new world Augustus paved a red path across the sea. Though even during this time he found time to return home to dote and spoil his Granddaughter.

The Battle of Dear, one of the biggest land battles that occurred during Augustus' career soon began; a battle waged between the World Government and the separatist island of Dear who had decided to join the Revolutionaries. Though to call it a battle would be a understatement as the Government attempted to play down the severity of it by calling it a battle instead of a war as a battle is one even and a war... well a war is a prolonged conflict. On the island of Dear Augustus was one of 3 Rear-Admirals to serve under one of the current Admirals, as they were being tasked with the assignment he noticed that one of the others who had received the same assignment was his best friend Caesar.

People would say that Augustus' life was one of conflict, struggle, and great success but the same could be said about Rear Admiral Caesar's for at every step that Augustus top Caesar took the same one. For every battle and conflict he had endured Caesar had his own to contend with. Over the years the two of them at constantly found themselves working with each other or at least near each other, and every time they would meet they would not just greet with words but with swords as they were always attempting to one up each other in both rank and commendation. But with that being said there was one major difference between the two at this point for Augustus had sired a large family and Caesar had not. It was partially due to this that Caesar had in fact finally gained the upper hand of Augustus for he was held more in favor by the Admiral; having spent more time on his career than Augustus due to his family. It was during the Battle of Dear that the extent of this favor began to show. Assigned to bigger battles, tasked with the position of vanguard over rear guard, or as a negotiator it was almost as if Caesar was flaunting to Augustus as he himself was assigned to less important positions during the war.

Nearly a year had passed into the Battle of Dear by this point as both sides were deeply entrenched with neither able to push the other any further. Stalemate! As the trench war continued Augustus received the last news he wanted to, that being that his home island was raided and burned down by pirates, and more importantly that his sons Ford and Samson as well as his wife Gwen were found dead in their family estate. Both of his sons and their sons were found dead at the gates of the estate as to protect it and their mother from harm. As if some sick consolidation prize and brought a small bit of pride for his sons was the sheer number of corpses that surrounded them as well as the coroners report of how much damage they took before they died; it was as if they were saying "If you think you can get past us without utterly destroying us... YOUR DEAD WRONG!" Augustus requested and was granted emergency leave to travel back home to retrieve his granddaughter who luckily at the time was with his father Linus.

By the time that Augustus returned to the battle front he desperately requested to be put on the front lines, to sate his rage over the loss of almost the entirety of the remainder of his family. His request was granted and as if to prove that the Admirals decision to grant him it was correct Augustus paved a path of flame and blood through the Separatist lines starting the end of the war. With the enemy trenches finally being overrun the Marines began to take one town after another until they reached the capital. Though instead of a long siege like they had expected the enemy requested diplomacy. Thus the delegation team lead by Caesar entered the capital and brokered a peace treaty. The Battle of Dear ended.

After the war Augustus returned home to rebuild his estate and to create a safe home for his granddaughter to live in. During the rebuild his father-in-law presented to him his last piece, a Greatsword designed for Augustus, a sword given to him as to remember his daughter by for in the hilt lied a single Cyan jewel; the same jewel that his daughter Gwen once wore around her neck. To honor his late wife Augustus named the sword after her; the Greatsword Gwen! After the rebuild was finished Augustus returned to Marineford to both return to duty and to receive his promotion; Vice-Admiral Augustus!

5 years pass and the world changes and grows, people rise and fall, children are born and old men die, but no matter what happens Augustus continued along his path as before. But upon the news that his granddaughter fell ill to the same illness that her mother had Augustus dropped everything to head home to take care of the last remaining member of his family. Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months though despite his hopes and the sheer amount of money he pored into doctors Sandra got worse and worse. On the last day of her both of them knew that the end was near so Augustus and Sandra talked, then they talked some more until they fell asleep, only to wake up and talk some more. They talked about their family, her hopes and dreams of which she would never see to fruition, and Augustus even for the first time began to speak of many of his battles over the years.

During the last hour of her life Sandra asked her doting grandpa-pi one last thing, one thing that she had never seen over the many years of her life, that being a smile on his face. Not caring about his strength or his pride as a marine and warrior Augustus complied and presented to his granddaughter possibly one of the worst smiles possible. At the sight of this Sandra started to laugh harder than she had ever done in her life, laughing so hard that tears began to sprout out of her eyes and her stomach began to hurt. Looking into the mirror to see his face Augustus began to laugh just as hard as his granddaughter to such a extend that he never remembered once that he had laughed that hard. After nearly a half hour had passed the two of them began to settle down and his granddaughter asked one more thing of him, to not just remember her by but for himself as well. She asked for him to keep on smiling and laughing for she thought that the sight of her stoic grandfather smiling and laughing like a giddy child was one of the most wonderful things she had ever seen in her life. So Augustus kept on smiling and even started telling some jokes that he remembers many of his men saying over the years on the high seas. Though she laughed at them it was more or less at how bad they were but she laughed anyways.

Augustus continued to smile, laugh, and hold her until the moment passed where life left his granddaughter, and like the switch that had been triggered when she was born the switch broke off and Augustus found himself not just smiling and laughing but crying for the first time ever. By the time that he had realized that the warmth had left her body most of both her and his clothing was drenched in tears. When the doctors came in to take away the body they left behind the teddy bear that was next to her and as they walked out the door all they saw behind them was a doting and smiling grandfather holding a teddy bear who despite his smile and laughter had a sad look in his eyes. At this moment Augustus knew that something inside him had changed as the eternal rage that he had once constantly felt since he was young was gone and in its place was joy, knowing that he had changed he decided that to reflect this he would go by both his first name and shorten it to remember the person who he loved most in this world. Thus Teddy was born!

When Teddy finally returned to Marineford to take back his post he was a changed man through and through and those who knew him best quite literally could not believe it. Where once they saw a hardened stoic marine with a aura crimson like blood now stood... well some smiling and laughing man. When he returned to his ship he began to speak to his soldiers, not just as a commander but as a mentor. He began by asking them where they were from, why they wanted to be marines, then he began to ask them about their dreams and aspirations, and then he began to give them life advice. As he began to advise them he almost didn't even realize what words were coming out of his mouth as it was as if it was something natural to him. He started with his own soldiers then he began with more and more until it became the norm until the Image of the eternal watcher Augustus was replaced by the loving father like figure Teddy!

At the age of 64 Teddy, over the last few years, found himself as the godfather of a countless number of children who's fathers and mothers both served under him or were simply people on random islands he traveled to and helped out the goodness of his heart. He even became Ordained and married quite a large number of couples. Many even sought him out for advice or just for a sympathetic ear who would hear them out without judgement or even punishment. To those that sought him out for help for something wrong they did, as long as he knew that they were truly sorry and remorseful, he would do everything in his power, pull every string, or call in any favor he could to help them out. It was during these years that Teddy ended up, quite by accident, rescuing a exiled queen and after a entire series of adventures with her. Their travels together ending up with her reclaiming her throne from her sister and despite the fact that she wanted to reward him Teddy asked for no such thing so as the only reward she could think of to gift him for his selfless efforts she made him a Knight of the Isle. Sir Teddy! At this time he didn't even care about the fact that he was no longer progressing along the way to becoming an Admiral. But as his climb up the ladder stopped his best-friend and rival Caesar's climb didn't. 65 marked the last year of Teddy's career as a marine, though to be more specific it was at what would be known as the Massacre of Shebeli that would mark the true end of his time as a marine.

On a boat traveling to Shebeli Teddy found himself under the direct command of his best-friend Vice-Admiral Caesar whom was placed in charge of 10 marine battleships, tasked with quelling a rebellion that had taken place on Shebeli. A rebellion that was expected to soon escalate into a full out civil war. Teddy found himself at the left hand side of Caesar though on the right side he saw a unfamiliar marine Vice-Admiral while also noticing that every marine he saw were those deeply loyal to Caesar. As they reached the island they finial began to see the smoke rise from the various villages and townships of the island showcasing that the rebellion had already become a Civil war. As they dropped anchor Teddy requested permission to begin forward rescue operations to bring as many non-combatant civilians to the ships as possible though Caesar refused. Shocked at the answer Teddy demanded that he explain his reasoning where Caesar stated that they had no idea who was apart of it or not. Teddy continued to protest asking if even the children were subject to scrutiny and eventually under much protest Caesar seemingly reluctantly agreed to it.

From one village to another Teddy and his men quelled any sign of a rebellion as best they could without causing too much damage to either side though the more he did the stranger everything seemed. For as he spoke the villagers they had all stated that the no one, not one person recognized anyone from the attacking force. Where if it were a invading force from outside of the island this would make sense but it being a civil war... things were not adding up. In fact after speaking with many of the attackers, most forcefully, they eventually squealed that they mercenaries and pirates.

Satisfied with his findings Teddy returned to the ship to report his findings to Caesar, even bring many captive mercenaries with him though as he began to explain his findings to Caesar he was almost immediately ordered to be silent and any further discussion of this would be met with punishment. As Teddy shut his lips Caesars men carried the captives away. Though he was used to Caesar being aggressive with him he had not one ever felt the kind of killing intent thrown towards him by his best friend. More so discovering more was wrong on the boat itself as instead of consulting with the various Vice and Rear Admirals he saw Caesar consulting with the strange Vice-Admiral only.

The next day Teddy couldn't take any more of it so he decided to take the captives back from the brig back onto his ship as to bring then back to a outpost to explain to someone with higher authority the situation. Though as he entered the brig he only smelled the stench of rot and all of the captives slaughtered down to the last man. This could mean nothing more than something truly wrong was going on with Caesar for this could never happen without his knowing of it; on one of his own ships no less. Thus Teddy decided to confront Caesar.

Upon stepping on the deck he heard a single command over the speakers "Commence the Purge of Shebeli!" and almost immediately the sound of cannon fire began to ring in the air as explosion after explosion began to tear the island apart. Buster Call! At the sound of the cannons ringing in the air, at the stench of sulfur stretching through the air Teddy knew what he had to do now. He had to stop the Buster Call and most importantly he had to stop Caesar!

With a single swing Teddy chopped the Battleship he was on in two and knowing that his time was limited before someone realized something was going on he took out another ship and another. By Caesar realized what Teddy was doing he had already taken out 4 battleships! Teddy fought off the other Vice-Admirals or just simply evading them as he prioritized the ships. Though as he reached the 5th ship Caesar caught up to him and the first true life or death battle between Teddy and Caesar began.

As their fight raged on other ships began to not only just get caught up in the aftereffects of their techniques but many even began to fire upon Teddy; he endured! Marine against marine, friend against friend, Teddy didn't know what Caesar had done or what he got himself caught up in but he knew that he had to be stopped for at this point it was not about pride, justice, or the damn marines but rather what was right! The fight continued on and on with neither able to get an edge on the other with each using more and more powerful sword techniques against the other until the point where even their ultimate killing moves were about to be used. Though just as Teddy was about to release his the strange Vice-Admiral suddenly appeared behind him and struck him preventing him from releasing his move though Caesars hit Teddy dead on.

Badly damaged Teddy found himself lying on the one of the decks with the strange Vice-Admirals hand atop his chest and Caesar right next to him. Looking to him as if for consent Caesar told him to do it! Almost immediately Teddy suddenly began to experience possibly the greatest amount of pain he had ever experienced. It feeling almost as if every cell in his body was being ripped apart again and again, Teddy lost track of time. By the time it was over Teddy had no idea how much time had actually passed as for all he knew it could of been hours or even days and when it was over Teddy realized that not only could no not move but after looking at his arms they were nothing but skin and bones!!! Somehow the strange Vice-Admiral had sucked out all of his muscles but that was not all that was taken as Teddy saw in his hands was a sight he had no seen for nearly 55 years; the Chi-n Chi-n no Mi!

"Theodore... Ive always known that you were a fool, but to stand between me and my goal... truly foolish. As a consolidation prize for giving me your fruit ill tell you this before you die, you were right about Shebeli. Now pass the the next world like the rest of your pathetic family... huh now that I think of it I don't even recall any of their names... no matter as for now I have things to prepare for when I take control of these seas as a Yonko. Goodbye old friend." These were the last words spoken to him before he felt Caesar's blade pierce though his chest and he felt the feeling of cold salt water rush into his wounds.

Some months later Teddy found himself still somehow alive wrapped up in bandages and multiple IV bags around him, though unlike before he found his body to be a shell of its former self where before there was muscle now he could only feel skin, bones, and veins and more so just like he saw he could not activate his Devil Fruit it being as though he never had one. All of his former power, all of his strength, everything he had obtained for 50 years was gone no taken from him leaving him as powerful as a 10 year old. Next to him on a table was a newspaper that was already a few months old and on it was a Picture of himself stating how he died with honor in battle at Shebeli, Received a Honorable Discharge, Received a Bronze Star and 13 other commendations for his acts on Shebeli. May he find peace with his family in the next world. A coverup...

Flash forward a few years walking down the street of some island in one of the blues walks a Muscular man with a huge grin on his face, a somewhat fresh scar over his left eye, and a most impressive mustache "Don't worry Old Friend, even if you don't know it yet I'll save you from yourself even if I have to work my back up to the peak from a Rookie level... or else my name isn't Teddy HAHA!"[/font]


[quote author="@domo"][font size="1"][b]RP Sample:[/b]
Covered in a innumerable number of wounds, blood dripping from his mouth and streaming down his left arm and leg he stood before his foe at the precipice of their conflict knowing full well that the results of this would spell the beginning or end of Dis! [b]"Hey Villain, even though you may of never heard of me or this blade of mine. I'm going to put everything I have into this, so make sure to remember it... REAVER'S SLASH!!"[/b] As the words left his mouth they began to echo out though the throne room, bouncing off the hard stone walls and echoing though castle walls, a massive blade made of crimson light flew through the air towards its intended target. That target being the Head Warrior Knight of the Kingdom of Dis! The Reaver's Slash leaving his sword, the last bit of air in his lungs escaping though his mouth as he yelled out those words he seemingly began to look past the armor clad knight before him as memories of his adventures with the young exiled Queen he had rescued began to bubble up towards the surface.

First a memory of a timid little girl huddled in the corner of some pirates den, malnourished, and chained to the wall, seemingly destined for slavery. Then a image of her laughing for the first time in far too long as she stuffed her face with salted pork that he had prepared [b]"Its... its... the most delicious thing I've ever tasted!"[/b] speaking as tears ran down her face. Then as the memory passed another one surfaced, this memory was in a great hall decorated with the symbol of the Gull & Justice, a memory where the image of the timid and crying girl was replaced with one of confidence and desire to save her people and kingdom. A memory of her delivering a speech to the Marine echelon to be delivered aid to take back her kingdom!

Crimson light continued to fill the hall as time seemingly slowed down for both Teddy and the Head Warrior as the massive air blade came for him. Another memory surfaced, one of himself and the little Queen standing upon the deck of his ship as they looked upon her kingdom. Though in this memory there was another group of people before them, not standing but KNEELING before her; loyalists pledging themselves to their true Queen! Eventually, as all the others had done, the memory passed into his consciousness as the next took its place. An image of the little Queen finally confronting the one who had usurped her throne in a grand hall of stone, the one who had sold her to pirates and into slavery, and most of all her sister. Though unlike any of her interactions with her sister that had occurred before this time she did not become timid or just agree with everything thing her sister said but rather this time she stood her ground commanding her sister to stand down! The little queen looked at her companion Teddy, knowing that this confidence she emitted, this commanding aura, would not be possible if it were not for both Teddy's tutelage and the fatherly like presence he gave off; a presence that had slowly seeped into her heart to replacing the image of her horrid father.

Waves of energy began to crash though the throne room as Teddy's Reaver's Slash clashed with the Head Warriors own technique. As the waves clashed they began to intertwine creating a even more chaotic atmosphere. To the Head Warrior the entire fight was one of conflicting images for on one hand there was a loving Fatherly like image of Teddy and on the other were the techniques he used in battle. All of which seemingly had no place for a man of his image as all possessed a terrifying killing intent that should of only been possessed by those who had paved their way with path of merciless bloodshed. It was as if though the man he was fighting was two different people in one!

[b]"Knightly Armor, Knight's Will, Knight's Might... Activate!"[/b] Even without seeing him directly Teddy could simply feel that the combat ability of his opponent suddenly skyrocketed, though he had already known that this opponent was no push over hence why he had to do it this way...

As his abilities activated the Head Warrior began to push back the Crimson Blade until finally with one finial push he was able to disperse it with his own sword blade technique! But as the wave of crimson energy began to disperse he finally noticed that not only was Teddy gone but rather now felt a horrifying killing intend behind him. Despite what he said, that he was giving that Reaver's Slash his all, he had left just enough power within him to perform this move. [b]"Augustus.... BURST....!!!"[/b] Instead of hitting the Head Warrior with his blade he instead used his own right fist, it smashing into his opponent with a star like aura. The Head Warrior had no time to react as he used far too much stamina just to deal with the Reaver's Slash. [i]Just how much stamina... how much willpower does this man have!?!?![/i] was the only thought that ran though is mind as his armor began to shatter. With his armor gone his body took the full force of Teddy's fist, experiencing a level of pain he had never felt before of equal parts to his body and most of all his pride. As the fist continued its impact the Head Warriors body almost seemingly began to glow as the strength and energy pored though him from the fist. As his body could take no more the Head Warrior was sent flying across the room into the eternal stone walls of Dis, as his body impacted the wall it seemingly began to morph creating water like waves that spread across the wall and leaving behind a explosion of stone, wood, and fire!

[b]"I'm Sorry Head warrior for using a incomplete technique to defeat you but... I'm just not that skilled in my Son's techniques haha..."[/b]

Some Days later...
[b]"Theodore D. Augustus... for your services to my Kingdom, for your selfless actions to save the people of Dis I hence forth name you Sir! Theodore D. Augustus so that all men shall know of your deeds... I also want to thank you... thank you... THANK YO FOR SAVING ME! WHAAA....[/b]" The little queen could barley keep it together as tears covered her face and snot pored out of her nose.

The numerous nobles in the room began to gasp and protest as Teddy embraced her with the kind of love that he never showed to his own children [b]"Jeez... Still the little crybaby... you should really work on that HAHA!... It was my pleasure..."[/b][/font][/quote]
[div align="center"][b]Face Claim:[/b] Overwatch | Reinhardt
[i]PLAYED BY [font color="FF7C00"][a href=""]DOMO[/a][/font][/i][/div]

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Re: Sir Theodore D. Augustus aka Teddy!

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Category: Blunt
Theme: Life Return
Special Effect: Fire, water, wind, explosions, slime, foam?
Bonus: +1 to Toughness

Brawn Authority, an original style created by Teddy's fourth son Richard, is one that focuses on the power, manipulation, and enhancement of the users body but most importantly the muscles. Though this style things such as accelerated muscle growth, muscle hardening, physical enhancements, bio mass fuel boosting, shock absorption, super flexing, and even elemental creation though the bodies natural processes are possible and more! Permanent physical enhancements are somewhat of a norm for this style. All in all this style truly focuses on the physical form and the enhancement of it to the eventual, what Teddy refers to, as the Ideal Build.[/blockquote]

Rookie Style: What can you do with this Style as a Rookie character? DON'T mention range or cooldowns - leave that for moves.

Junior Style: What can you do with this Style as a Junior character? Make sure to include Rokushiki techniques (Rokushiki users) or a Rokushiki-like technique (everyone else) if you want any (excluding Rankyaku). Also describe how your Style's tiny special effect effect is possible. DON'T mention range or cooldowns - leave that for moves.

Journeyman Style: What can you do with this Style as a Journeyman character? Make sure to include Rokushiki techniques (Rokushiki users) or Rokushiki-like techniques (everyone else) if you want any. Still describe how your Style's special effect is possible. DON'T mention range or cooldowns - leave that for moves.

Expert Style: What can you do with this Style as an Expert character? DON'T describe the Emotional State; the emotional state is described using the Super Talent and the move which activates the Emotional State. DON'T mention range or cooldowns - leave that for moves.

Master Style: What can you do with this Style as a Master character? Third Rokushiki-like technique if you want one. DON'T mention range or cooldowns - leave that for moves.

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Re: Sir Theodore D. Augustus aka Teddy!

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[table style="height:225px;overflow:auto;"][tbody][tr][td style="padding:3px;width:325px;height:25px;background:#313131;font:14px Crimson Text;color:#FCFAED;text-align:center;box-shadow:0 4px 8px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2), 0 6px 20px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.19);"]The Will Of D[/td][td style="padding:3px;width:325px;height:25px;background:#313131;font:24px Crimson Text;color:#FCFAED;text-align:center;box-shadow:0 4px 8px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2), 0 6px 20px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.19);" rowspan="2"][b]Sir Theodore D. Augustus
aka. Teddy
[/b][a href=""]►LINK◄[/a]
[/td][td style="padding:3px;width:325px;height:25px;background:#313131;font:14px Crimson Text;color:#FCFAED;text-align:center;box-shadow:0 4px 8px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2), 0 6px 20px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.19);"]Bears Might[/td][/tr][tr][td style="text-align:center;padding:3px;overflow:auto;border:1px solid #828282;"][div style="max-height:90px;overflow:auto;padding-left:5px;padding-right:5px;"]Characters can withstand a brutal beating no matter how hard the beating is, resulting in them being able to keep on fighting and moving even when they are supposed to be knocked out and defeated.

What this does is it allows the character to ignore the defeat or knock out phase when they reach a certain amount of HP or under. However, if the character reaches the death phase of a certain amount of HP, they are considered dead.
[b][font color="e78100"]Effect: Permanent buff of +1 to the users Endurance & Toughness.[/font][/b]
[/div][/td][td style="text-align:center;padding:3px;overflow:auto;border:1px solid #828282;height:90px;"][div style="max-height:90px;overflow:auto;padding-left:5px;padding-right:5px;"]A muscle is well.. a muscle and those that train in the art of it find that not only does their ability to lift, grip, or punch increase but also acts as a greater physical buffer against that which seeks to destroy them.
[b][font color="e78100"]Effect Permanent buff of +1 to the users Strength & Endurance[/font][/b][/div][/td][/tr][tr][td style="padding:3px;width:325px;height:25px;background:#313131;font:14px Crimson Text;color:#FCFAED;text-align:center;box-shadow:0 4px 8px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2), 0 6px 20px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.19);"]Justice Never Sleeps!
[/td][td style="padding:3px;width:325px;height:25px;background:#313131;font:14px Crimson Text;color:#FCFAED;text-align:center;box-shadow:0 4px 8px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2), 0 6px 20px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.19);"]Eternal Eye of Justice
[/td][td style="padding:3px;width:325px;height:25px;background:#313131;font:14px Crimson Text;color:#FCFAED;text-align:center;box-shadow:0 4px 8px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2), 0 6px 20px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.19);"]Bears Longevity[/td][/tr][tr][td style="text-align:center;padding:3px;overflow:auto;border:1px solid #828282;"][div style="max-height:90px;overflow:auto;padding-left:5px;padding-right:5px;"]Resting is a necessity of life whether it be after training or combat though some men seemingly possess the ability to rest their body even during conflict.
[b][font color="e78100"]Effect: 5 points of Stamina recovery during combat.[/font][/b][/div][/td][td style="text-align:center;padding:3px;overflow:auto;border:1px solid #828282;height:90px;"][div style="max-height:90px;overflow:auto;padding-left:5px;padding-right:5px;"]Whether it be though a natural born gift or intense training those with the gift of enhanced sight find it much easier to not just see farther & more clearly than their fellow man but also to see things both too quick or subtle for the average naked eye.
[b][font color="e78100"]Effect: Permanent buff of +1 to the users Sight & Accuracy[/font][/b][/div][/td][td style="text-align:center;padding:3px;overflow:auto;border:1px solid #828282;"][div style="max-height:90px;overflow:auto;padding-left:5px;padding-right:5px;"]Some men have the ability to keep moving based upon intense willpower alone but others possess it though sheer physical ability obtained though nothing more than intense training. These men can push forward with more to spare long after their fellow man is drained.
[b][font color="e78100"]Effect: +100 stamina.[/font][/b][/div][/td][/tr][/tbody][/table]

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Re: Sir Theodore D. Augustus aka Teddy!

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I am alive Caesar! Encounters a group of marines chasing them, many of who (captain and lieutenants) do not just recognize him as he was not just the man who taught them but was also their children's godfather. Reveals to the crew about his past as a marine?

A fathers love... Teddy displays his fatherly love towards his fellow crew members by defending them against against a massive attack & pushing his body over his limits to defeat the big baddie. Uses Augustus Blast for the first time since his fall.

The Mind 3 - Crew faces a group of opponents who all have mind based powers, one can read minds and deep conscious. Reads Teddy's deepest conscious only to find such a overwhelming amount of rage, sadness, and a level of killing intent that nearly breaks her mind.

Reversal Arc - At the finial battle, when the entire crew is down one of the enemies use their age reversal DF on teddy which changes him back to his time as a Vice-Admiral & more importantly at that level of power/Killing intent. Showcases a display of overwhelming force, steals a sword and cuts down everyone, until the Reversal power wore off. Damaging the main baddie enough for the crew to beat him down.

Dis Arc - Returning to the island and meeting the little queen again. New World?


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Re: Sir Theodore D. Augustus aka Teddy!

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