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Hajjar Aoi

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IDEA #1:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Name -
Type - Hidden Technique Clan
Clan Theme - Fungus Farmers that use bugs (Ants) as a labor force
Ability Theme - Bugs (Living Hive), Fungus (various types i.e. Explosive, Poison, Energy boosters), Hive Mind

Character Abilties - Bug Manipulation, Fungus Manipulation (Can grow on the users skin), Taijutsu
Elemental Affinities - Earth, Water

ANTS The secluded people of the Hajjar developed a symbiotic relationship with a unique breed of ants that inhabited their ancestral home. At birth each member is fed a unique concoction and placed into a giant ant mound for 17 days all in order to draw out a Queen into the child. After the Queen gorges itself upon the concoction it will makes its home within the child birthing a new generation of ants within. This new hive of ants will then use the child's chakra as a supplement for their crops allowing them to feed themselves and the child by consuming the fungus; creation a symbiotic relationship.

As the Hajjar gets older they begin to learn to command the hive, acting as a queen, to allow their hive to farm their surroundings increasing the amount of crop they can grow and harvest & in turn increase the strength and variety of crops the ants can successfully grow. In time, with practice they can both emit fungal spores from the pores in their body and even grow fungus at will upon it. Though the true success of the process is the initial and strengthening of the hive mind between the Hajjar and their hive allowing them to send sensory information within the hive increasing their overall ability.

The ants themselves can become a potent tool and weapon for the Hajjar to use as they are not just willing but quite liken the taste of meat, including that of humans,

IDEA #2:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Weapon puppetry, using chakra strings to control weapons such as swords.
Plus Bakuton?... or just explosive tags &/or fire infused chakra marks to explode. Weapon shadow clones.
If using explosive tags possibly poison? Elemental releases lighting & fire
Blacksmith character.

Puppetry (marionette technique - Marionetto no Jutsu)

  • Kenjutsu Puppetry instead of puppets, decreases skill required for advanced motion.
  • Kenjutsu Puppetry also grants chakra control as byproduct
  • No puppets = Add Kenjutsu skill to ability
  • Do not call themselves puppeteers but rather marionettist.
  • Weapon shadow clones


  • Explosive trip wires via chakra wires
  • Chakra Marks that can explode
  • Grants Earth & Lightning elements

    • Earth sonar tech to track surroundings
    • Lightning can conduct through weapons and chakra string


  • Blacksmith clan

Dangan (lit 'Bullet, Slug') Slugthrower Family
Hollow Bone clan.
IDEA #3:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Bullet technique, fires compressed earth slugs like a bullet via hardened hollow bones.
- Body has numerous openings, covered in a retractable flap, which the slugs can be fired from. I.e. Palm, finger tips, elbows, toes, soles, knees
- The longer the "barrel", i.e. the bone, the longer range it is capable of
- Uses Fire release to create explosive force behind the slugs.
- Downside is that it is loud, and shots must be reloaded before firing from the same limb again.
- Firing without a slug creates a explosion.
- Infusing fire element into the slug creates explosive bullets.
- Metal slugs are in use.
- Earth slugs can be created on the go though basic earth manipulation. Gather in the hand, compress, and load though one of the tubes in the hands which can then travel to any other part of the body.
- Other materials can be used as well such as wood, cement, bone,
Fire and earth releases... Hiden technique rather than bloodline. Make it originally a deformity.
- Hollow bones makes them lighter than the average person, allowing them to run faster, jump higher, reflexes.
- Bones are not brittler than normal, rather are stronger. Composition is altered via technique to withstand explosive forces.
- Without the alterations the Hajjar will suffer disability and symptoms akin to brittle bone disease.
- Increase senses such as sight, hearing, and smell.
Combat specialists. Short range Taijutsu and long range sniper.
Elemental Mark; instead of infusing fire into a slug it is infused into another touched target making it possible to create explosive hand prints.
Chakra Pads; chakra infused on a surface to drastically increase elasticity allowing objects to bounce off of them in crazy angles. Including slugs.

IDEA #3.1:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Same idea as above but instead use Bakuton. Auto gain Earth release and remove requirement of Fire release. Bakuton over fire increases realism of the explosions.
- Ability (Bakuton ADEPT) will be unique to family with Hollow bones. Will cover slug throwing and other elemental related abilities
- Secondary ability will cover Taijutsu and c
Same idea as above but explosion is caused by a unique chemical reaction in the body?

Ability #1: Slugthrower & Bakuton
Ability #2: Earth Release

IDEA #3.1:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Another variation, use chemical reaction inside of the body to produce explosion. Chemical reaction via 2 chemicals their body produces, which when making contact produce explosion. Created by new organ in the body.
Single reactive chemical liquid which can then be ignited via electrical signals in the body.

Ability #1: Slugthrower & Clan hollow bones
Ability #2: Taijutsu

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Re: Hajjar Aoi

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[div align="center"][table][tbody][tr][td style="padding:10px;line-height:10px;width:500px;background-color:transparent;"][table style="width:200px;"][tbody][tr][td style="background-color:#246992;font-size:10px;font-family:georgia;text-transform:uppercase;color:#ffffff;padding:10px;letter-spacing:2px;"]CLAN/BLOODLIMIT NAME HERE[/td][/tr][/tbody][/table]

[table][tbody][tr][td style="padding:10px;background-color:#ffffff;line-height:14px;font-family:calibri;font-size:10px;text-align:justify;"][b]HISTORY:[/b]
[list]The history of the Hajjar is one of a nomadic life searching the world for a haven that would accept a people of physical deformities and a history of being prey. The earliest stories of the Hajjar deal with not a rival but of a predator clan who hunted them down like animals for their rare bones. Tales of family members both old and young captured only to be skinned and butchered alive as their bone crop was harvested. The same bones only to be seen in a later raid being worn by one of the invaders as ornaments, made to chime and whistle with the wind, or simply being chewed on for its mouth savoring and nearly addictive taste. This clan of invaders were simply known as the Dagher or better known for their nickname the Bone Chewers. A clan of fierce warriors who specialized in close range combat and possessed a berserker like quality.

As the years passed the Hajjar learned to never stay in one place for too long lest their Dagher pursuers catch wind of them as even if they came across a village or clan that would shelter them the Dagher would simply slaughter them first before coming for the Hajjar. Beset by such a generational threat the Hajjar became obsessed with turning their source of misery into their greatest strength. Though both the sacrifice of numerous of a generation and trial & error eventually the Hajjar came upon success the Slugthrower; a weapon designed to target their ancient foes.

In the advent of the Slugthrower the Hajjar began their first assault upon the Dagher. Using the long range capabilities of their Slugthrowers against their Taijutsu specialized opponents the Hajjar began to systematically wipe out the Dagher from the face of the earth; not even allowing the children to survive lest the seed of revenge be planted. By the end of their crusade, taking nearly a generation, the Hajjar had completely eliminated the Dagher by committing genocide upon their entire people as retribution for the centuries of misery inflicted upon them. Through their generational war the Hajjar had learned much from the Dagher not just of their inclination towards violence but also of gorilla warfare and in their combat methods which many began to utilize and discover their own style in years to come; creating the first Taijutsu specialists of the Hajjar.[/list]
[list][b]Hollow Bone (中空骨, [i]lit 'Chūkū-kotsu'[/i])[/b]
To be a Hajjar is to be one obsessed with the transformation of the human body though both the natural and synthetic modification methodologies. Hollow Bone, rather the name of the rare natural deformity found in humans, became the a prime target for the Hajjar due to its high frequency of occurrence within their family. Through both Jutsu, medical, and engineered methods the Hajjar were able to turn the hollowed out brittle bones of the afflicted into a higher form that not even an explosion can chip all without loosing its natural hollow tube like shape. Furthermore, with additional modification, the bones were created openings on the human skin at the joint areas of the body giving the appearance of holes on the body to allow buildup of cells and moisture to drain. To protect from outside contaminants the holes were given flaps of retractable muscle and skin making the surface seem almost normal aside from the circular indentations on the skin.

Seeking to further this area of study, inspired by a game played by the afflicted children where they would play long range tag by launching pebbles at each other with chakra, the Hajjar furthered their research to extend beyond the 'curing' phase and into the realm of weaponization. With further modification of the body they were able to create a new gland within the body which created a reactive liquid compound which, when activated by the users own chakra, created a violent explosive result akin to a exploding tag. Furthermore when the afflicted used this new compound as a propellant instead of chakra, secreting the compound within their hollow bones, caused the 'loaded' pebbles to travel and unimagined speeds. This created the first ever 'Slugthrower'.

Effectively a Hajjar Slugthrower is capable of firing projectiles from any joint area of their body whether that be a elbow, finger, knuckle, sole, or palm by simply loading their intended appendage with a desired slug projectile and propelling it out of the body via the explosive compound secreted from the gland in their body. These projectiles can travel at astounding speeds and distances, directly related to the amount of compound the Hajjar uses, and can easily penetrate hardened substances all without the need of hand signs. With that being said it should be noted that in order to fire from the same appendage it must be loaded again with a suitable slug. Furthermore, if so desired, the Hajjar is capable of excreting their compound to areas outside of their bone such as their skin. This allows the user to place and smear a explosive compound onto a target and with the application of a activation charge of chakra can result in a remote undirected detonation. It should be noted that, in its natural state, the compound will not explode without both the users own chakra and mental activation meaning that it is effectively a inactive component without those triggers.

At the start of it all those Hajjar who chose to use this ability in combat began their testing by bringing along a bag of already suitable pre-made slugs for their appendages to fire. Though with the advancement of the real world combat scenarios many users found that the ammo that they brought along was not enough therefore needed a way to make it in the field. The result was a simple application of shape transformation Hajjar would use it to compress dirt, rocks, wood, and even bone into a suitable shape and density. Effectively allowing them to turn whatever they could put their hands on into a potential slug. Other Hajjar, who did not learn of this technique in the early days, found that there was a use in firing their appendages even without the use of slugs as in the absence of the slug to absorb the energy it would travel outside of its intended hole and result in a directed explosion outside of the body. The range and damage of such an explosion increasing with a directly proportional amount of compound and decreased distance from the activation to release point; i.e. the shorter the appendage the greater the explosion.[/list]

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