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MAGIC NAME: Scarecrow Augury (Holder Type)
MAGIC DESCRIPTION: Scarecrow Augury is type of holder magic which enables the user to create and manipulate semi-sentient straw men. These straw men stand around 1ft tall in all and each of which tend to carry a variety of humerus and jovial facial expressions as if they were children playing a game. That being said the actual abilities of these straw men is anything but a game. At the most basic level these straw men possess the ability of sealing most notably damage. The straw men, possessing a link between themselves and their straw men, are capable of redirecting and sealing damage generated by physical attacks that would of effected the user into their own physical body. This leaves the user unharmed with the straw men themselves appearing to take on the damage themselves in the same fashion that would happen to the user; showing the effects of the damage on their own physical form.

It should be said that this relationship is not reciprocal at least in the case of the caster themselves if it is not desired. What this means is that the user is also able to create the same type of link between themselves and another party entirely meaning that they can damage one of their own straw men to directly damage another individual. To create this type of link the user must make physical contact with either the target's physical body or their magic.

As stated earlier the user themselves is capable of ordering the movements of these straw men in the area as if they were their own little battle constructs.which allows them to deal direct damage to a target themselves via physical contact. But their own physical attacks tend to be nothing more than a show as their real ability to deal damage to a target truly lies in their ability to latch onto any surface by merely touching it (not type of grip needed) and self-detonate.

MAGIC NAME: Doll Augury (Caster Type)
MAGIC DESCRIPTION: Doll Augury is a caster type magic which encompass the sealing capabilities of dolls. The user is capable of manifesting and controlling numerous child sized dolls which each in of themselves possess the ability to seal, within themselves, things of both the physical and ethereal realm. The user is capable of controlling the movement of these dolls via a passive mental link which requires no words spoken between them. The most notable and most often seen usage of these dolls is their ability to absorb and seal magical attacks that make physical contact with them into their physical body without harm. Once a magic is absorbed they are capable of either releasing it back onto a target in the same method in which it was originally designed or utilizing the pure magical power contained within it to self detonate.

These dolls are not just able to seal magical attacks and the like that are within the field of the battle itself but also possess a far more useful trait which utilizes their link to their caster. When their user takes direct damage onto their body, whether physical or not, the doll is capable of directly transferring this damage directly onto their own body and essentially redirect it onto themselves and effectively leaving their caster unharmed; damage which appears on their own body with a direct correlation.

When creating these dolls normally they take on the form of somewhat comedic rag dolls often or not showcasing a variety of humerus or jovial facial expressions on their button eyes and sewn mouths.

MAGIC NAME: Skeleton Key Magic (Caster Type)
MAGIC DESCRIPTION: Skeleton Key Magic is a type of caster magic which enables the user to lock and unlock anything they make physical contact with including the normally unseen or ethereal. The most notable usage of this magic is the users ability to quite literally lock an object or individual in place preventing it from moving in any sense. The user themselves categorizes their ability into two types 'Temp Lock' & 'Perm Lock'. Temp locking merely means that the target is only locked into place while the user themselves remain in physical contact with the target while the latter, Perm Locking, allows it to remain locked even after physical contact is ceased. That being said the user is capable of choosing what exactly it is or how much that they lock meaning that they can choose to lock an entire body or merely a hand.

MAGIC NAME: Karmic Augury (Caster Type)
MAGIC DESCRIPTION: Karmic Augury is a caster type magic which encompass the users ability to view and manipulate the threads of karma. Karma threads in of themselves are merely the ethereal representation of ones karma (impact or connection) to another object or individual. A person merely seeing or touching an object creates a dim almost non-existent Karma Thread connecting the two while the Karma Thread between a mother and child would be as solid and visible as yarn. The ability to not just see these threads but to interact them is the very principle of Karmic Augury. By being able to see these karma threads one is able to directly see the amount of karma between the two and by touching the threads themselves they are capable of visualizing it and even manipulate it.

The first and most basic magical ability of this form is Karmic Viewing; a passive mind technique which not just allows the caster to see the threads of karma as physical representations in the physical realm but mentally as well (requiring no sight). Merely viewing the thread says much about the karma between the two individuals or objects in of itself due to two separate factors; these being the transparency or the level of karma and the color which shows the type of karma between the two. The color of the thread itself changes depending on the relationship between the two for on a most basic level it sways between white and black each representing positive or negative karma and even grey showcasing neutral karma. With more advanced relationships comes the other colors of the spectrum these being red or murderous karma often correlated with ones direct desire to kill an individual and blue or living karma which is often seen by those in love or between a parent and child. The most advanced application of Karmic Viewing comes when one comes into direct contact with a karma thread which when this occurs the user can see a visual representation of the karma within their mind showing them how they are connected.

Karmic Severing, possibly the most versatile and ominous Karmic magic, is a simple magic in theory that which allows the user to quite literally sever a karma thread which in turn severs the karma between the objects or individuals. By severing the karma any previous connection, control, and even memory is severed along with it as though it never existed in the first place. To sever a karma thread it merely takes a blade wielded by the user themselves though the blade in of itself does not have to be of the physical. In standard battle against another mage this effectively allows the user to sever the karma between a user and their magic which in turn forces the magic to dissipate. By severing the karma between a individual and another or object the user is able to erase the relationship between the two whether it was good or bad with each of the parties having no memory of each other. The greater the karma between the two, least in terms of one of the parties involved is living, the greater the mental damage dealt to the target. It is said that if one were to sever all of the karma they have sowed any trace of their existence would in turn be erased.

Karmic Sewing: Instead of severing Karma this magical technique creates it allowing the user to create Karma which previous there was none. On one hand this allows the user to essential forge relationships between themselves and other objects and/or people or between anyone in general with the nature of the relationship at the users own discretion. Though due to the nature of the technique, requiring the users own imagination and planning to use, the karma that exists between the two parties tends to be somewhat simple and flimsy especially when initially generated meaning that in turn is prone to be severed on its own accord. To combat this weakness the user will, instead of forging one from scratch, view the karma that exists between two others and simply create a copy of it on the two new parties.

Karmic Plucking: Is the magical technique in which the user is able to not just simply severing or forging a Karma thread but keep it intact, preventing it from completely dissipating from the world, so that they may attach it to another individual or object. This makes it somewhat akin to Sewing but instead of forging a completely new thread this merely transfers a thread between two parties. This makes it somewhat easier than sewing as with Sewing the user must manifest every bit of karma needed between the two individuals often or not making it somewhat simple. But with Plucking it transfers every bit of karma that has already been created.

Karmic Pallet: Somewhat akin the nature of Plucking this is a magical technique which manipulates a existing karma thread though instead of transferring it this technique merely manipulates it; most notably the color. This essentially allows the user to change the type of karma that exists between two parties from say positive (white) karma to red (murderous) which normally results in one or both parties desiring the others death.

Types of Karma
- White: Positive
- Grey: Neutral
- Black: Negative
- Red: Murderous karma seen in murderers, blood feuds, and in general those that seek the death of another individual.
- Blood: (seemingly dripping blood) A evolved form of red karma, deathly karma that is often found between two parties where one is destined to take the other parties life. An omen of death.
- Blue: Living karma is found when one party has saved or granted life to another. Rarely seen in inanimate objects.

Weapon: Ethereal Blade
Type: Sword
Description: A Karmic Blade is, rather than a truly physical weapon, one of ethereal origin which essentially means that the blade in of itself is unable to effect the physical realm effectively meaning that even if the blade were to pass through an individuals neck it would be as though nothing occurred; essentially making it more akin to a spirit or ghost blade. Though that being said things that are not of the physical realm, such as spirits or ghosts, will find this blade to be more akin to their own bane as it deals much greater damage than a normal weapon would. The handle of the sword itself is the only portion of it which is actually of the physical realm and can be touched by anyone. Ji himself uses this blade most often or not for its intended use but rather to sever karma & with the application of karma the user is able to create karma between the sword itself and an individual allowing it to physically damage it as though it were a physical sword.

MAGIC NAME: Trick Ring (Holder Type)
MAGIC DESCRIPTION: Trick Ring is a type of holder magic which enables to the user to manipulate rings in 3-D space both in terms movement through a environment but also the rings physical aspects themselves. The rings themselves appear as a variety of sizes but each composes of a single band of blade thin material. When speaking of direct physical manipulation this means that the user is able to directly increase and decrease the maximum diameter of each ring at will allowing them to be the size of a mere bracelet to one larger than a house.

The second ability of these rings is their ability to link the space between each other. Meaning that when a object passes through the center of one ring instead of passing through normally it can, depending on the user desire and discretion, instead exit through and entirely separate ring.

MAGIC NAME: Flaying Magic (Holder Type)
MAGIC DESCRIPTION: Flaying Magic is a type of holder magic which, normally viewed as a a vile a dark form of magic not to be used by good folk, allows the user to both quickly skin individuals and in turn manipulate these skins themselves in a variety of ways. It should be noted that these skins do not experience any sort of rot or decrease in quality meaning that they always appear pristine as if they were fresh. The first ability demonstrated by the use of this dark magic is the ability to quite literally wear the these skins on their own body and in turn take on the physical characteristics of that individual no matter if they were human or animal, one or thirty feet tall. The skins, whether they are worn or not, appear to have a increased level

MAGIC NAME: Direct Axis (Caster Type)
MAGIC DESCRIPTION: Direct Axis is a type of caster magic which allows the user to directly control scaling of the X, Y, & Z axis of any object they come into physical contact with.

MAGIC NAME: Unseeing Eye (Caster Type)
MAGIC DESCRIPTION: Unseeing Eye is a type of caster magic that focus on the eyes and in turn the body which firstly allows the user to keep constant track of any object or individual that passes their sight.

MAGIC NAME: Surface Ricochet (Caster Type)
MAGIC DESCRIPTION: Surface Ricochet is a simple type of caster magic that focus on the users ability to create a type of magical rune which, when contact is made, will change the trajectory of said object or individual. The user is capable of spawning these runes upon surface within a certain distance of himself even without making physical contact with the spot in which it spawns.

ABILITY NAME: name of the ability
ABILITY TYPE: the ability's magic type
ABILITY RANK: the rank of the ability
ABILITY DESCRIPTION: a description of the ability

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