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DS | Byakin Unahad

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I. General Information

Name: Byakin Unahad

Nickname: Billowing Ninja, Priest of the Holy Suture, Father Unahad, Unahad of 100 Graves

Age: 51

Birthdate: 12/12

Gender: Male

Height: 177 cm (5'10")

Weight: 62 kg (136 lbs.)


Upper Body Attire (1/2):

Lower Body Attire (2/2):

Personality: Upon first glance Unahad tends to give off a aura of a friendly seasoned old man with age's of experience and wisdom to spread out to the younger generations. This aura, and often or not his attire, presents himself as a trustworthy confidant worthy of a ear. For the most part they would be correct with this line of thought as his own years of experience as a ninja, doctor, psychologist, mercenary, priest, father, author, and most importantly his years spent traveling the world in exile have granted him somewhat unique perspective and insight among his peers that he is more than willing to speak at length about; knowing at least the footnotes on just about any topic. Having a seemingly inhuman insight to gleam bits of hidden knowledge about people that no one else knew, even themselves, or understanding the hidden meaning behind a mere conversation or reaction.

Unahad by nature is one of of level head and calm demeanor, firmly believing that one should live a life of leisure when needed or desired and as such takes full opportunity at that. Often or not he can be found in libraries, small restaurants, gardens, shrines, and many other what most would call niche locations. This demeanor is supplemented with a somewhat jovial and humerus attitude towards nearly everyone including those who wish to do him harm of which there are more that he would care to admit. While he has never said out loud it he is often seem as a sort of father or rather, especially nowadays, more of a grandfather figure in this lives he becomes raveled in as he takes personal interest in their own lives; giving drive and meaningful advice.

Often to their own misfortune most, if not all, people tend to see the Senior Ninja under a general eye of humor, clumsiness, and as somewhat of a trivial matter as though he were not to be taken seriously. Though to those that know or have fought him in battle eventually realize that much of this more akin to a guise or ruse and often or not this realization coming far beyond the point of no return or even long after the battle, granting him a significant advantage over his peers. This ruse even extends to the knowledge of his skill set as there are few left that even know that he is in fact first of all a master of illusions, this being for all outwards appearance lies in that of his medical and sealing abilities. His naturally calm attitude, as what one would expect of his experience, comes to great advantage in battle as it becomes trivial to maintain his composure to stay focused on the situation at hand, and ultimately notice everything around him. As a result, he can quickly adjust to any situation to make keen and thought-out decisions, allowing him to stay steps ahead of his opponents. This nature of his, to hide his true capabilities, mirrors the way in which he prefers to operate; from the shadows. Often using his skills and demeanor to shield his identity from other skilled individuals who might else notice him; making him seem incredibly humble.

One must remain truthful to oneself no matter the cost or damage that could deal to others, believing it to be cowardly to turn away from one's own nature - a betrayal of the self. His belief's and more pressing his teachings have come under much scrutiny, much more so in the past, as he often presents and forces his students to question the very thing they are supposed believe and protect. Even during his years as a young Jōnin teacher, Unahad's views were perceived as unorthodox, and he often put forth situations that challenged and deconstructed the traditional interpretations of both the village and the idea of the Ninja itself. Forcing them to question, break down, and recreate their own ideals and morals as he never wishes for his students to become slaves to anything whether that be power, ideals, or the village system itself.

Layered into his beliefs, under layers upon layers of consciousness, lies something somewhat sinister as it hides something that most never come to expect of him; as intended. For as he gives of his standard demeanor he has a natural knack for manipulating others into doing what he wills even if they have no desire to of which has proved to be useful when he plays the conman. Using his outward nature to maneuver and even control people to further his own agenda. Even using his teachings to instill the notion that taking on the challenges of others weakened the benefactors. Not only does Unahad find compassion to be somewhat pathetic, to him it is also ironic since it weakens the very people it is intended to help, cheapening their experiences and leaving them more ill-prepared for dealing with difficulties of their own. Generally the only people to come to understand this side of him are those who come to fully understand his teachings, the others being considered failures.

In spite of this undertone belief system Unahad does in fact possess a true softer side to his personality though this true caring nature is reserved only to those who he is mentoring; especially if he sees potential in them. He favors his students to the point where he is willing to sacrifice nearly anything, including the village, if it meant to preserve their lives. These scenarios where the lives of his own students, whether they be current or former, are at risk are the few times where his own mannerisms and appearance become truly serious. For after all at the end of everything his true nature is that of a teacher and all that he does is in some shape or form for the betterment of the next generation.

II. Strategic Information

Rank: Elite Jōnin | A-Rank

Village/Country: Kumogakure


Clan: ?Religion?

Kekkei Genkai:

Affiliation: Kumogakure

Chakra Nature: Fūton

Chakra Releases: Fūton, Raiton, Doton, Suiton, Smoke Release

Chakra Reserve: 1.0

Chakra Control: 10

III. Statistic Information


Ninjutsu: 40

Taijutsu: 35

Genjutsu: 100

Kenjutsu: 5

Doujutsu: 0

Kugutsu: 10

Fūinjutsu: 80

Iryō Ninjutsu: 80

IV. Historical Information

The Road So Far: Age section ends
Childhood | 13

Genin - Jōnin - Father | 20 (Marriage at 18 Has child at 19)

Doctor - Teacher | 28

Death of Wife/Daughter | 28

The Coup and Exile | 28

Mercenary Medical-Nin | 30

Prison Psychologist | 40

Priest | 44

Author & Meet the (Future) 5th Raikage| 49

Return to Kumo - Eclipse | 50

1 AE | 51

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Re: DS | Byakin Unahad

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Religion: Flesh Offering, God of Flesh and Bone, God of Mutation, Savior of the Unholy.
Ketsun (Literally meaning: Flesh Blood, Rebirth, Living Flesh) is the god worshiped in Ketsunism depicted as a beautiful young pregnant woman with what some would consider as a unholy abomination eating and breaking its way out of her womb. According to her followers Ketsun expects that all her followers — so named "Ketsunists" — to bring forth all of her unwanted children into this world, to take in that which is forsaken and become a womb to birth that which is unsightly and turn death into her own image. She is claimed to be the god of mutants, the disfigured, the unwanted, chimeras, and of fertility.

The followers possess the ability to absorb the flesh, blood, and bone of any deceased creature they come into contact with into their own body; seemingly limitless as there are no apparent physical changes to their body no matter how many they absorb. The Ketsunist is then capable of expelling or releasing mutated and monstrous living creations made of the very flesh and bone they absorbed. These creatures come in various shapes and sizes from four legged flesh like spiders the size of a hand to flesh Goliath's bigger than 5 men, all of which they can seemingly mentally control from a distance. If needed the user is capable of using the absorbed parts as replacements for their own whether they be a arm or organ .

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