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Otho Vatt'ghern

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The deepest darkness of man is that of which we have created ourselves.

[center][img]*Link To Character Image Here*[/img][/center]
[b]Name:[/b] Otho Vatt'ghern
[b]Country Affiliation:[/b] Magnostadt
[b]Race:[/b] Magician
[b]Tier:[/b] D-Tier
[b]Class:[/b] Magician [Life]
[b]Age & Birthdate:[/b] 24 | July 28nd
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Sexuality:[/b] Heterosexual
[center][i]"Curiosity is lying in wait for every secret."[/i][/center]
Otho is first and foremost a man who while looking into the unknown does not see visions of fear but rather a longing to understand its inner most workings. Fear is the expectation of the unexpected of the unknown and as such holds no place in his outlook. Stemming from this curiosity, Otho is the type of man who will be seen listening to the stories of elders, children, and even those who have clearly left their sanity behind but through this grants him a vision capable of seeing the strange interconnections of the world around him. While he does not seek out this knowledge out of any sort of bleeding heart to help and understand another life but rather out of self interest as any unknown holds the potential to becoming the key to something unknown or seemingly unrelated all to become the solution to a problem that you did not even know that existed.

This curiosity, this need to see and understand for oneself what the world around them actually is, extends far beyond the bounds of what most would consider proper or even moral for even the most horrid and immoral of tasks and ideas hold something of worth. Even the darkest of tasks, the heaviest of lies hold a sliver of truth and light within them. From this, what one would expect, Otho does not see the world around him in black and white but rather in that of one that is in shades of grey. That good and evil are mere perceptions, that what one may perceive to be good and just is evil and madness to another. As such what anyone considers to be good or evil is of no concern for it is far more interesting as to why they believe such.

While he is a man of endless curiosity he is capable of constantly moving forward for one simple and important reason... in that he is a man of grand and lofty goals. A man who is capable of setting his eyes upon a single task or idea and move towards it until its completion no matter what the costs are to either himself or those around him. He cares not of the part which he has to play in order to see these ideals to fruition which has more or less spawned a knack for deception to obtain what is required. Whatever it may be Otho has no qualms in using anything within his own or another's ability to further his goals whether they be for in some strange way he does not see them to be at their expense but rather for their own good, a good that they often or not do not even know exists yet.

Humans, Goi, or non-magicians are a peculiar existence to Otho for on one hand they are the most numerous and plentiful sentient species within their world possessing the most land, and influence but on the other merely squandering it out of both lack of ability and true will. Though unlike many other mage's he does not possess a innate hatred towards them but rather what he feels for them is pity. Pity in that despite all that they have learned and built... they have failed and doomed the world around them to their own lack of ability. He sees the Goi around him more or less as 'Incomplete Magicians' on one hand but in the other as 'Directionless Sheep' who follow a shepherd to their own slaughter, instead of seeing the ultimate truth in front of them they seek their own downfall.

Life, the inexplicable manifestation of sentience within that which is dead, is the one thing above all else that entrances him the one thing that is always capable of fascinating and encompassing his thoughts that is days on end. Capable of spending days straight with nothing but scalpel examining the skin, bones, and organs of creatures both new and old until nothing of it is unknown. A interest in not just how the body is made but how it is made, why it does what it does, and most of all what the limitations on life is. One of the greatest questions he has asked himself and others is "What constitutes as life?", a question that has even shaped the very foundation of his own magic. His magical methods of life modification, of which were manifested both by his own interests and that of his parentage, are a reflection of this fascination to levels where others would consider both to be within the realm of wonders and horrors.

The people that Otho would call a friend tend to be those of as strange peculiarity as himself preferring to befriend those who have a obsession akin to madness, to those who possess the spark of genius, and those that look beyond what they see to that which they cannot yet still strive for. In essence he only calls those similar to himself in nature as friend even if they or even himself would not actually state this out loud or even in mind. Often or not he finds himself closer to his own creations then to other people even to the point of almost being a parental figure... who just so happens to experiment and mutate them for his own curiosity.

[*]Books & New Knowledge - As a man of endless curiosity it would not be fitting of him to look away from new knowledge and the books that tend to contain them. Whether it is about magic, history, archeology, biology, or anything in between discovering and learning something new is one task that never fails to instill a level of youthful vigor.
[*]Cold and Mountainous Areas - Being akin to where he grew up, Otho finds areas the most soothing and relaxing climate. It is one of the places where he could see himself settling down to the end of his days.
[*]Biology - At the deepest levels Otho is a student of life no matter where it comes from nor in what form it takes. Finding it his duty to discover and unravel its inner most workings and even improve it for his own or its own benefit.
[*]Weakness - While he does not despise it rather it puts a bad taste in his mouth, even pity, to not just see a lack of power but rather weakness in the stemmed from a flaw in their very foundation be it from teaching or heritage.
[*]The Content - Above all else Otho despises those who do not move forward, those who have decided that this is there place in the world and the highest they can reach rather than constantly clawing their way up. He believes that all creatures, of worth, should strive for better days no matter what the cost is.
[*]Other Authorities - Those that believe that they hold some sway over him, not from a place of true power, but rather one of assumed strength hold a particular distaste in his mind as what they hold is nothing but an illusion.
[*]To replace the faded world around him with one befitting its potential.
[*]To unravel all of the unknowns of this world, from the truth of life to the very foundation of this world.
[*]To reach and claim the highest echelons of mage-craft for himself.
[*]Lacking of Ability - His own weakness is something that gnaws at the innermost reaches of his mind, that he will never become that which is required to see his own goals to their fruition.
[*]Answer of Life - Strangely, despite constantly striving evermore towards it, he fears the possibility that he will find the answer to the ultimate question to life for it in itself means that there is a limitation and a end. He fears the end to any line of study, for the end means that is all that it is worth and possibly that the effort to find that answer was wasted.
[b]Face-Claim:[/b] Van Hohenheim | Full Metal Alchemist
[b]Hair Color:[/b] Blonde
[b]Eye Color:[/b] Gold
[b]Height:[/b] 6'0"
[b]Weight:[/b] 165lbs

[b]Rukh Alignment:[/b] White
[b]Special Features:[/b]
[b]History:[/b][spoiler]More akin to the mage's in the tales of old Otho was born in a secluded hovel deep in the forests at the roots of the mountains with his family consisting of nothing but himself, mother, and grandmother who were nothing more than hedge witches. His mother and grandmother had other children over the years though most of them were either dead by the point when Otho was born or had left their hovel forever. Otho's father, having once asked his mother about it ages past, was a charmingly gorgeous golden traveler... or noble she never really asked and spent a single night with the man, which may or may not of involved her drugging him, and never saw him again; Otho left it at that.

Both his mother and grandmother, as hedge mage's in the mountains, spent their days collecting and creating herbs and ointments for trade and while they could both use magic neither would be considered exceptional in raw strength but rather in cunning. They both would travel down the mountain once a month to the nearby villages in order to trade their elixirs for food and tool and their own skill in the art of magic as healers for coin and favor. As what one would most expect in a secluded village in the shadow of the mountain the villagers were a unfavorably superstitious bunch who rarely ever saw magic as anything but black even when it saved their lives countless times. It was both this, and the very nature of their true magic, that their little family secluded themselves in their little hovel up the mountains. That and if the villagers ever knew their true mage craft, being more than mere hedge mage's, they would not hesitate to burn them all at the stake if they could.

Otho learned and saw at a early age what the world around them was like, not just from the suspicious glances of the villagers below, but from merely watching the forest around his hovel. One of his earliest memories recalls the moment when he first witnessed death, after having wandered off into the forest to explore or such thing he came across a wolf clawing at the ground and after watching for a time saw that it was dragging out the bloody corpses of a count of rabbits. When he asked his grandmother about it later she told him this "Remember this boy; the world is strange and cruel so fret not on this for you can do naught of it. It does not care for or about you, only you can do that, for everything seeks to stave off its own end. Some children are destined to be snack and others to be the bloodied beast the feasts... so accept this now and be done with it"

[b]Role-Play Sample:[/b]

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