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[title]Noah Gensch[/title]
[B]Race:[/B] Human
[B]Age:[/B] 23
[B]Sex:[/B] Male

[B]Sexuality:[/B] Heterosexual
[B]Relationship:[/B] Engaged

[B]Height:[/B] 5’11”
[B]Build:[/B] Toned

[CENTER][I]"Theres a very fine line between not listening and not caring. I like to think I walk that line everyday of my life"
Is the short and sweet version of Noah's general outlook to the world around him. It is a sort of mentality that constantly puts him at odds with other people, especially the naturally caring or giving types, in a sense that they frequently question the direction of his moral compass. Being the type of individual who speaks what is on his mind with little to no filter and little to no regards as to the repercussions of those spoken words. Being called a sarcastic asshole more than a few times in his life.

[I]Profiteer[/I] | In any given situation Noah always asks himself one question "What do I get out of this?" within a constant game of risk/reward and in normal circumstances if that something is not in the form of a gold payment the thought of performing that act generally leaves his mind as quickly as it entered. This being a mentality that was engraved into him from birth, being raised in a family of generational merchants, that one should never do anything for free let alone on the cheap-cheap. Though unlike the majority of his family, as a dungeoneer, Noah often or not has to think of the long term gains especially when it comes to working in groups, Familia, or gaining skills & experience though that being said his merchant mind will still try to squeeze all that he can from it; expense funds are a thing.

[I]Morality[/I] | Noah cares little of the general ideas of right or wrong with a moral compass that points in what ever direction he needs it to. Though that being said he does have some semblance of honor or at least some form of code as once he takes a job he will see to completion for as strangely as it sounds he is a man of his word and as his father always said "A merchant is only as good as his word" also because repeat business is where the money is at.

[I]Friends & Allies[/I] | To the few individuals that he would consider his friends he is willing to go out of his way to help or even risk some of his own skin and even show some loyalty towards for though again these being few. With those outside of this he treats them as he would any normal person as passerby's, customers, or even side-characters not worth the effort as he will state many many times "People suck".

[COLOR=#4da6ff][B]Positive:[/B][/COLOR] Inquisitive, Tactical, Learned
[COLOR=#b30000][B]Negative:[/B][/COLOR] Stingy, Aloof, Shameless


Noah wasn't born in any sort of town, village, or settlement rather he was quite literally born on the road well to be more specific he was born in a carriage but the idea still stands; being the second oldest in a litter of 5. Both his mother and father as well as his entire family both close and extended were all merchants traveling from one village and town to another peddling and buying goods. The only instances in which him and his family where not on the road were either when they were trading in some distant village or at their family pawn shop in Orario.

As Noah grew up both in the shop and on the road it would be sufficient to state that his life revolved around the trade though around the time Noah reached his teen's his father started to become increasingly sick and as a result could no longer travel away from Orario nor from his healer as the conditions on the roads were strenuous on his body. With his father's sickness Noah was taken off of the road in order to help out with his father in the shop and was often or not left in charge of the shop itself.

As Noah grew older and was left in charge of the shop more and more which in turn his own skills as a shrewd trader grew by the transaction. Having bought and sold nearly every sort of weapon, armor, trinket or bauble you could think of and find both in Orario and in the Tower. It was around these years that Noah learned the meaning of his fathers motto "The customer is an Idiot" which was generally personified in the form of sellers who had little to no idea what it was that they really had and quite literally paid the price for it as well as other various assorted and unsavory transactions over the years.

On his 21st birthday his father decided that it was time to think about both the families and Noah's own future, more specifically as to whom was going to marry his second eldest child and eldest of 2 son's to continue the family name and line as none of his sisters would be given the family shop and his younger brother was only 3 years old. After months of being thrown to one families party to another his father finally made a deal with the patriarch of a rich family too marry off one of the patriarch's daughters to Noah. The daughter's name was Nora who was Noah's younger by 2 years and at least by his own fathers thoughts was the best choice of the Patriarch's 3 daughters. With the choice and deal sealed the two of them were officially engaged though Noah himself was not exactly excited or even interested in the prospect. In fact it would be more prudent to say that he was quite appalled at the topic for as soon as they were engaged Nora turned from a sweet girl into... well more of a obsessive stalker who was already talking about children as well as other more mature things.

As the week's went by Noah soon discovered that only place both in and outside of the city that he could escape from Nora was in the dungeon of which she was quite afraid of. With that note in mind Noah registered himself as an adventurer and began to delve into the dungeon to escape his fate.


[B]Familia:[/B] N/A

[B]Occupation:[/B] Dungeon Delver | Profiteer | "Reformed" Pickpocket
[B]Archetype:[/B] Hybrid

[B]Floor Achieved:[/B] 1
[B]Current Level:[/B] 1

Strength: I - 040
Vitality: I - 025
Dexterity: I - 050
Agility: I - 075
Magic: I - 010

[*][B]Gleam in the Eye:[/B] [Passive | Utility] To be a great profiteer one must understand the its true worth which would be far more difficult to discern between the trash and the gems without this ability. This ability allows Noah to ascertain the rank and quality of any item or individual he comes across. While he cannot gain complete accuracy when appraising a living creature he can get a good understanding of the general direction of their stat pool and whether or not they understand magic. In turn due to this and his own interest in the subject he is one of the few mortals capable of reading persons status. This rare skill Makes Noah an extremely valuable asset to any party looking to make a real profit from the markets and help ease a side of the dungeoneering experience.

[*][B]Bottomless Box:[/B] [Arcane | Singe-target | Utility | No Chant | Caster] This is a rare form of magic that grants Noah a 5x5m space to store objects in. Within this space Noah is capable of storing any object, element, or even monster that he can fit into it. Noah has a constant mental image of what is inside of the space, knowing what and where everything is, and by touching or grabbing it and speaking the one-word chant [I]"Gain"[/I] Noah is capable of easily taking out any of these items nearly at will; to those outside of himself these items seemingly just appear in his hand with a small 'ripple' effect appearing in the air around it. By touching an object and speaking [I]"Store"[/I] he is capable of placing them in this space/pocket dimension assuming that they will fit. Objects stored within this space cannot be damaged, effected by outside sources, and do not experience time effectively meaning that the user can store things such as food or other perishables without worry of them spoiling or going bad.


[*]To be acquired

[*]To be acquired

[*]To be acquired

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