Contagion[+Wither] Trapper - Shadow

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Contagion[+Wither] Trapper - Shadow

Post by Admin on Thu 10 Dec - 0:48

Ring: Doedre's_Damning's_Damning
Boots: Deerstalker
Belt: Sunblast
Shield: Jaws of Agony
Chest: Carcass Jack
1h: Divinarius

Atziri's Foible
Shaper's Seed

[6L] Contagion + Trap + Trap and Mine Damage + Controlled Destruction + Void Manipulation + Rapid Decay
[4L] Temp.Chains + Vulnerability + Enfeeble + Blasphemy

4l.Essence Drain-Trap-Multiple Traps-Controlled Destruction
3l.Wither-Spell Echo-Faster Casting

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