Ball Lightning Trapper

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Ball Lightning Trapper

Post by Admin on Mon 30 Nov - 23:59

Flask: Doedre's Elixir

Weapon: Staff - Sire of Shards [6S-5L]
Multiple Traps + Trap + Ball Lightning + Slow Projectiles + Lightning Penetration
Assassins Mark

Armor: Chest - The Restless Ward [6S-5L]
Lightning Trap + Multiple Traps + Trap and Mine Damage + Slow Projectiles + Lightning Penetration

Armor: Gloves - Facebreaker [4S-4L]
Magma Orb + Fire Penetration + Trap + Trap and Mine Damage

Armor: Helm - [4S-4L]
Vaal Storm Call + Increased Duration + Flame Dash + Faster Casting

Armor: Boots - Atziri's Step [4S-4L]
Arctic Armor + Herald of Ice + Faster Attacks + Vigilant Strike

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