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Post by Admin on Mon 5 Oct - 0:57

Name: Mannequin
Type: Caster
Description: Mannequin is a form of caster magic that was originally developed centuries ago as a form of necromancy though was altered over time to ward off suspicion and more importantly to not require the usage of a corpse. This magic allows the user to collect the souls of the recently deceased within their own body and furthermore infuse them not just within their own body but within their Mannequin. Once a soul has been infused inside of a mannequin the Mannequin will alter its form to match that of the souls formerly living body including its clothing. The mannequin is capable of performing any feat it was capable of during its lifetime including magic and most importantly is under the users complete and utter control despite the fact that once infused it is capable of its former independent thought and speech. As the mannequin is nothing but a blank slate the user is capable of storing more than one soul within it though only one may be infused within its body at a time.

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