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Myers Gebert

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Name: Myers Gebert - Knight of DesBur Kingdom
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Occupation: Weapon Specialist, Dial Specialist
Affiliation: Free Agent/Undeclared
Tier: 2

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Crew Tattoo Placement: Right side of Neck.

Personality: Does not see the world in black and white, merely does what he believes he will not later regret.
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History: The tale of Myers Gebert, the exiled Knight of Desbur, originally began on the island of Foglet within the ancient isolationist Kingdom of Desbur a country residing in the cold harsh mountain tops and valleys of Foglet. Desbur, as it has since the event known as The Skyfall, had been at war with an aggressive tribal people who fell along with the sky to cover all of the lower lands of the island in an eternal fog. Gebert himself was born into a long line of Desbur knights with a family line dating back centuries long before the Skyfall and as the duty of a Desburian Knight, along with every other, was the finial eradication of their eternal foes; the tribal people of the lower cloudlands.

From the day that he was capable of holding the hilt of a sword Gebert was taught in its ways, trained to hone both his mind and body in order to become the perfect knight against their foe. As his body was tempered in the physical art of the sword his mind was shaped in the various codes of his kingdom knights and possibly even more importantly one of the greatest sources of power for their kingdom the Dials; a technology that Gebert himself found at a young age to have a natural knack for both tinkering and understanding how they worked at a level far beyond his years and experience. Before the Skyfall Dials were not a natural occurrence within Foglet though as many have told him time and time again "The Skyfall brought us many gifts, but also many foes." One of Geberts fondest memories of his early years within Desbur was the view of the lower cloudlands from the castle walls. A castle residing on the mountainside looking down upon a sea of clouds covering the valleys and plains as though their Keeps themselves resided not at the level of the sea but far above in the heavens.

Gebert learned in his early years of the savagery of the tribal people of the cloudlands, watching from both afar and near as they raided the lower keeps to pillage and slaughter anything they could as they were just as determined as they were in wiping out their enemy. His first true encounter with one of them was during his years squiring for a rather unimportant knight. As they were posted in one of the lower keeps, during the night, a small group of tribals infiltrated the keep. After a short battle the majority of the tribals were killed off with the remainder of them being captured alive. It was then that Gebert was taught in the traditional fashion of which the knights humiliated the tribals; by stripping them, branding their forehead with the Desbur Knight insignia, and cutting off their wings only to be thrown back down into the lower cloudlands to whatever end fitted their savagery.

After their victory at the lower keep or more importantly after seeing and participation in the 'humiliation' of the tribals something seemed to click within Geberts mind. He did not just see or understand the savagery of their eternal foes but also the same trait within his fellow brothers and sisters. He began to question not only the motives of both sides for their centuries long war but also his own countries isolationist policy for after the Skyfall the kingdom of Desbur broke off all ties to the outside world and a mere step upon Foglet by a outsider was punishable by death. Gebert began to dream and wonder about events outside of his own isolated island. Of grand wonders and epic adventures. Of becoming a powerful warrior that was capable of defeating the worlds greatest foes with nothing more than his blade and dial. Though at the time these fantasies where nothing but this and far from ever being something he would consider truly pursuing as they were merely interesting and fun thoughts to play with as he was stationed at various keeps with little else to do.

Around the age of 17 the catalyst required to transform Gebert finally appeared in the form of a shipwrecked pirate who became marooned on Foglet. Gebert himself meeting him during one of his patrols in the lower cloudlands though despite what one would expect of such a encounter it was not one of kindness or fascination rather it was one of a quick death to the marooned pirate at the hands of Gebert; the penalty for stepping foot upon Foglet. As Gebert tended to the body's disposal he began to see corpses being washed to the shoreline consisting of both pirates and marines. After searching through the bodies and various other rubble Gebert eventually came across a wanted poster only to recognize the face of the man he had just killed plastered upon it. Not only this but Gebert also slowly came across various books on the shorelines consisting of the tales of heroic adventurers to personal journals. After reading various of these books he eventually realized that the amount offered for the dead pirate was fairly high. Eventually the idea dawned upon him that if he left the island he could become one of these bounty hunters to not only allow him to face some of the best fighters but also pay for his expenses as he traveled.

After more than a few hours of scouring the shoreline for various interesting items of value eventually a voice spoke up. Gebert could only look up to see the image of the knight he was formerly squired to and not only this but that the Knight had been watching Gebert read the outsiders books. After a brief conversation the situation escalated and resulted in Gebert slaying the Knight. Knowing that he would be executed for this treason, before anyone else learned of it, Gebert could only retrieve what he could from his lodgings and flee the island upon a rowboat from the wreckage.

Face Claim: (Tales of Alethrion|Wilhelm)

Ice-Fire (Frostfire) Sword /or/ Eisen Dial Sword w/ Frostfire Dial
Impact Dial Shield
Anti-Gas Scarf
Impact/Jet Dial Boots. and/or/w/ Ball Dial Boots
Flash Dials
Thunder Dial

The tale of the Skyfall? Ehh I am not exactly that good at telling it though if you want to hear it.... here it goes. The story goes that there was knight of the lower lands, though a Knight by name he possessed just as much strength and power as a shepherd. One day during his patrol he came across a woman strolling through the woods, as he approached her he was struck down from his horse by her sheer beauty. After a brief conversation he quickly learned that she was of the highlands and far beyond his station, despite this he wished to have her anyways. To prove his worth to her he promised that he shall descend the very heavens and walk among them to her lofty keep. He knew this task to be beyond his means though went ahead anyways to trick the gods to give him a device to descend the heavens by pretending to wish to ascend himself to the heavens as a mortal to prove his love for her. For the next 7 months the knight pleaded to the gods for assistance with his task of ascending to the heavens as a mortal, and for 7 months his prayers went unanswered. Though on the day before the 8th month passed the Goddess took pity upon the lowly knight and gave him a hook and chain that was capable of allowing the knight to climb to the heavens. Instead of using it to climb to the heavens the Knight locked the chain onto the very island to bring down the heavens. As the Heavens descended onto the mortal plains the Gods cursed and scolded the knight to release the heavens to no avail for the love the knight felt was far to great to give up. As the heavens made contact with the earth the gods lost their immortality and became the savage tribal people of the lower cloud lands, cursed to live and die as mere mortals themselves swearing eternal vengeance upon the race of mortals that descended them from their lofty abode. After descending the heavens the Knight made his way to the highland keeps to proclaim his eternal love for the woman, though instead of met with disgust and scorn for bringing the corruption to the lower lands.... and he was executed shortly after.... Supposedly its supposed to teach people on the costs of going beyond your station or something. Probably something more drastic or romantic, honestly do not really remember.

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