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FT - Kagirinai Ikusa

Post by Admin on Sun 21 Jun - 4:57

Name: Golden Gate Treasury
Type: Holder
Description: Golden Gate Armory is a form of re-equip holder magic which allows the user to summon any weapon that they have collected as one of their treasures and launch them as the strongest arrows towards the opponents. Most commonly when being summoned the golden colored magic seals will appear around the user and the chosen weapons will extrude half way before they are launched towards their targets faster than most bullets. To mark something as one of their treasures the user must merely touch the said item though in the case of them being currently possessed by another individual the user must first kill the former owner; once claimed the items can be sent back to the pocket dimension. While they may can be wielded as regular weapons, this form of magic is most commonly seen by raining down an infinite amount of weapons on opponents. Once a treasure the user can recall back any treasure back into their treasury at any time even while not in physical contact this also means that the only method of stealing the treasures is to kill the owner.

While the mass numbers of this magic can be effective one of the most powerful advantages of this magic is its sheer weapon diversity as the user tends to possess a large variety of specialty weapons designed to kill specific types of individuals or opposing magic types.

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