NNT - The Sovereign Flame

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NNT - The Sovereign Flame

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P1 - Of Crowns and Coups - Intro Arc
P2 - Of Jagged Truths - Crown retrieval
P3 - The Sovereignty of Flames - Information, Discover who the Sovereign Flame is.
P4 - Of Minds and Chains - Rescue Arc - Betrayal. Master revealed
P5 - Blood of the Descendent - Capture Arc
P6 - Of Act and Choice - Finial Arc


Quest Name: Of Crowns and Cou's [P1] The Jagged Truths
Quest Type: Rare
Quest Rank: Legendary
Quest Requirements: 2+ PC | Master Tier | 3k WC each
Quest Description: The Jagged Keep was once called the stone of the north as it stood to defend against the northern invasions of the long past, though now it is vacant and called home only to those who seek shelter from unwanted eyes. Recently though the Keep has been claimed under a unknown banner with the only thing being known of these men is that they all were once holy knights of Liones who have defected. With their defection they also took a prize from the royal's, a aged crown that once belonged to the king of a kingdom long destroyed by Liones and taken as one of their prizes. Rumors have spread among select groups of their plans on using the crown to take the throne for themselves though most people tend to not put much faith in rumors.

Those that wish to partake in this task must find their way into the Jagged Keep to retrieve the crown, though most importantly they must unveil the truths behind their actions as to discover whether or not they took the crown for themselves or under the guidance of another.

Quest Rewards: Xp | Unlock Of Crowns and Cou's [P2] The Sovereignty of Flames

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